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Final night at DNC PowerPoint Presentation
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Final night at DNC

Final night at DNC

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Final night at DNC

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  1. Last night at DNC

  2. A delegate in the group celebrates in the midst of confetti and inflatables. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

  3. Bill Clinton kicks ballons amid festivities in front of an audience. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  4. Hillary Clinton much love her significant other. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  5. Hillary Clinton and her significant other sit tight for the inflatable drop alongside Tim Kaine and his better half Anne. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

  6. Hillary Clinton waves as she arrives in front of an audience to acknowledge the designation. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

  7. Hillary Clinton acknowledges the designation. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  8. Hillary Clinton welcomes her little girl Chelsea. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  9. Chelsea Clinton waves as she presents her mom. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

  10. Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine. REUTERS/Jim Young

  11. A delegate cries as Hillary Clinton acknowledges the designation. REUTERS/Charles Mostoller

  12. A delegate postures. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  13. Khizr Khan, whose child, Humayun S. M. Khan was one of 14 American Muslims who kicked the bucket serving in the U.S. Armed force in the 10 years after the 9/11 assaults, offers to advance his duplicate of the Constitution to Donald Trump. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  14. Khizr Khan talks with a picture of his child Humayun. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

  15. Katy Perry performs. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  16. Retired U.S. Marine General John Allen talks. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  17. Bernie Sanders supporters wear yellow flourescent shirts to emerge when lights are darkened. REUTERS/Rick Wilking.

  18. Debbie Wasserman Schultz listens to discourses. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  19. Delegates sing together on the tradition floor. REUTERS/Jim Young

  20. Hillary Clinton celebrates among inflatables after she acknowledged the designation. REUTERS/Jim Young

  21. Reverend William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP, talks. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  22. A delegate cheers as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talks. REUTERS/Jim Young

  23. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi waves. REUTERS/Jim Young

  24. A delegate holds a Hillary Clinton publication. REUTERS/Charles Mostoller

  25. LGBT rights extremist Sarah McBride talks. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  26. California delegate Bobbie Singh-Allen cheers with a sign. REUTERS/Jim Young

  27. Family individuals from fallen law requirement officers stand in front of an audience. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  28. Delegates watch a minute of quiet for fallen cops. REUTERS/Rick Wilking.

  29. Representative Tammy Duckworth addresses the tradition. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  30. Delegates on the floor hold up USA signs. REUTERS/Jim Young

  31. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar makes that big appearance. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

  32. Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez drives a minute of quiet in tribute to fallen officers. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  33. A gathering of comrade, contradicted to every assigned hopeful and the American type of government, smolder an American banner close to the site of the tradition. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

  34. Retired USMC General John Allen is joined by veterans. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  35. Delegates hold signs. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

  36. California delegate Marko Krosnjar wears a Hillary 2016 cap and blue shines in his whiskers. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

  37. Representative Xavier Becerra talks. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  38. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm arrives in front of an audience to talk. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  39. New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo talks. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  40. Wisconsin delegates. REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich

  41. Actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen point from the platform before talking. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

  42. Delegates move on the floor. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  43. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper makes that big appearance. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  44. Senator Barbara Mikulski (C) remains with Democratic Women of the Senate. REUTERS/Mike Segar

  45. Supporters of Hillary give a shout out to the tradition floor. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

  46. Musician Carole King performs "You've Got a Friend". REUTERS/Gary Cameron

  47. Representative Joyce Beatty addresses. REUTERS/Scott Audette

  48. Delegates hold Hillary signs. REUTERS/Rick Wilking.