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Chapter 21. The Progressive Movement 1877-1920 Remember To Number Your Notes. Political Machines. Powerful organizations linked to political parties. Wards. Areas that were controlled by a Political Boss. The Political Boss. Whoever ran the political machine in that Ward. Bribes.

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chapter 21

Chapter 21

The Progressive Movement


Remember To Number Your Notes

political machines
Political Machines
  • Powerful organizations linked to political parties
  • Areas that were controlled by a Political Boss
the political boss
The Political Boss
  • Whoever ran the political machine in that Ward
  • Ways of making officials change their minds
  • Overbidding a contract and giving the extra money to the Political Boss
boss william m tweed
Boss. William M. Tweed
  • Headed New York City’s Democratic political machine
tweed ring
Tweed Ring
  • Controlled Police, Courts, and Newspapers
the spoils system patronage
The Spoils System = Patronage
  • Giving your friends jobs if they help you get elected
civil service
Civil Service
  • All non elected government workers
pendleton act
Pendleton Act
  • Established the Civil Service Commission
chain of events
Chain of Events
  • C. A. Arthur
  • Pendleton Act
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Take test to get a Job
  • Small companies that had gotten too big
sherman anti trust act
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
  • Stopped companies from becoming a monopoly
  • When a few companies control all the prices in the industry
interstate commerce act
Interstate Commerce Act
  • Made railroads charge fair prices
  • What Commission did they start
interstate commerce commission
Interstate Commerce Commission
  • Supervised the railroad companies, and soon, the trucking industry too
  • Fees added to imported goods
eugene v debbs
Eugene V. Debbs
  • Wanted a socialist form of government
lincoln steffens
Lincoln Steffens
  • Reporter for McClure’s Magazine
upton sinclair
Upton Sinclair
  • Wrote

“The Jungle”, a book about the Meat Packing Industry

meat inspection act
Meat Inspection Act
  • Was a result of Sinclair’s book
  • Allowed the states voters to vote directly for the candidate they wanted
  • Allowed citizens to put issues on the ballot so people could vote on them
  • Gives voters the choice to reject what elected officials try to do in office
  • Allows voters to remove bad elected officials from office
  • Why would we need this option?
17 th amendment
17th Amendment
  • Provides the direct election of senators
what 5 changes were made in the government
What 5 Changes were made in the Government
  • P – Primary
  • I – Initiative
  • R – Recall
  • R – Referendum
  • D.E. – Direct Election of Senators – 17th Amendment
chapter 211
Chapter 21
  • Section 2 – Women and Progressives
mother cabrini
Mother Cabrini
  • An Italian Nun who came to work with the poor
  • The right to vote
  • Why aren’t there any women in this line?
susan b anthony and elizabeth cady stanton
Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Founded the National Woman Suffrage Association

why was women s suffrage un popular
Why was women’s suffrage un-popular?
  • If women are working, who’s gonna cook and clean the house.
  • If we give them the right to vote… they’ll think they’re as good as men
woodrow wilson
Woodrow Wilson

Wilson fought against Women’s Suffrage

anna howard shaw and mary chapman catt
Anna Howard Shaw, and Mary Chapman Catt

Formed the National American Women Suffrage Association

what is the 19 th amendment
What is the 19th Amendment?
  • Gave women the right to vote
wctu and the anti saloon league
WCTU and the Anti-Saloon League
  • Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
  • Wanted men to stop drinking alcohol
the 18 th amendment
The 18th Amendment
  • The Prohibition Law
  • Prohibited anyone from having any alcohol in any form
did you know
Did you know.......
  • When liquor was outlawed, Organized Crime began making money off the sale of illegal liquor
chapter 212
Chapter 21
  • Section 3 – Progressive Presidents
william mckinley
William McKinley
  • Assassinated less than a year after being elected President
theodore roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
  • Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate in 1900
  • Was elected for two terms
  • How long is term?
trust buster
Trust Buster
  • Roosevelt's nickname
  • Someone who attempts to break up the big business monopolies
  • Agreeing to accept the decision of an impartial party
square deal
Square Deal
  • Fair and equal treatment for all
laissez fair
Laissez - Fair
  • Leh-Say-Fehr
  • Let people do as they choose
u s department of agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Inspects all crops including cows, pigs, and chickens
food and drug administrat ion
Food and Drug Administration
  • Inspect all foods and drugs before they are sold in the U.S.
  • The protection and preservation of natural resources
u s forest service
U.S. Forest Service
  • Was set up by Roosevelt in order to protect and preserve our natural resources
16 th amendment
16th Amendment
  • Gave the government the power to tax people’s income
william howard taft
William Howard Taft
  • Elected after Roosevelt
  • Defeated William Jennings Bryan
the election of 1912
The Election of 1912
  • Taft- Current president, Republican Candidate
  • Roosevelt- Progressive Party - Bull Moose
  • Woodrow Wilson – Democratic party
the progressive party bull moose party
The Progressive Party =Bull Moose Party
  • Roosevelt runs against Taft
  • Taft was the Republican Party’s candidate
  • Roosevelt was also a Republican so he ran under the “Bull Moose Party”
woodrow wilson1
Woodrow Wilson
  • Former President of Princeton University and Governor of New Jersey
  • Wilson spoiled the election and got all the democratic votes
  • Wilson wins
what 3 things did wilson accomplish
What 3 things did Wilson accomplish?
  • Federal Reserve Act
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Clayton Anti-Trust Act
  • What was going on at the end of Wilson’s term in office?
  • War
chapter 213
Chapter 21
  • Section 4 – Excluded from Reform
  • Treating someone unfairly because of their color, race, or religion ect …
springfield riot
Springfield Riot
  • Springfield, Illinois
  • False accusations led to a Riot
anti semitism
  • Disliking Jews just because they are Jews
african american discrimination
African American Discrimination
  • How were African Americans treated unfairly during the early 1900’s ?
  • They still couldn’t vote
  • They couldn’t go to the same places as whites
share croppers
Share Croppers
  • A farmer who raises a crop on someone else’s land and pays them rent with a portion of the harvest
plessy vs ferguson
Plessy vs. Ferguson
  • Said that “Separate But Equal” was good enough
ku klux klan
Ku Klux Klan
  • Was a tool used to intimidate and deter minorities from living, and working in areas all over the country
booker t washington
Booker T. Washington
  • Had been born a slave
  • Taught himself to read
  • Founded the Tuskegee Institute in 1881
george washington carver
George Washington Carver
  • Improved the economy in the south by experimenting with agriculture