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The Academy is a joint initiative of:

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The Academy is a joint initiative of: . Selection Process: In selecting students for the KAE academic potential is considered ( i.e school results). But results are not the sole criterion. Leadership potential and community involvement are also important factors for selection. .

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Selection Process:

In selecting students for the KAE academic potential is considered (i.e school results).

But results are not the sole criterion.

Leadership potential and community involvement are also important factors for selection.


Selection Process:

  • In March 2012 30 Koorie Students were selected, for the KAE program: 15 from Year 7 and 15 from

Year 10.

  • In December 2012 another 30 students (again from Years 7 and 10) were selected.

The program

All activities are selected to build confidence, instil self-belief, broaden horizons and inspire dreams. Activities include:

  • Camps
  • Work experience
  • Work related – short courses and workshops
  • Mentoring with university and corporate partners
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Arts & theatre
  • Sporting events
  • Formal social events

Coaching and support is provided by the Koorie Academy Liaison Officers (KALO) who meet with each academy member individually to capture their interests and aspirations

Koorie Academy of Excellence members are exposed to a broad range of leadership, cultural and social activities that are designed to get them thinking about what they are good at and what they aspire to be.


The need

Too many capable Koorie young people do not capitalise on their potential.

Nearly a third of Koorie students who start Year 9 are no longer within the secondary education systems for the start of the following year. This attrition rate climbs to almost 50 per cent by the end of Year 10.

We want Koorie students to know that their time in school is important.

We also want them to know that school absences add up: they undermine learning and confidence in school.

To send this message we were adamant that KAE activities take place outside of school hours. We explain to parents of KAE students that we do not want to disrupt time in the classroom.

The northern suburbs are home to one on the largest urban populations of indigenous young people.

Approximately 1200 Koorie students attend school in this region. We want to ensure that their potential is realised.


KAE Students are immersed in:

  • Cultural Activities;
  • Leadership Activities;
  • Career Pathway Activities.

KAE Cultural Activities

  • Leadership Camps
  • Elders Luncheon
  • Aboriginal History Timeline
  • Daisy Chain Play
  • Brambuk Cultural Centre
  • Framlingham Aboriginal Mission
  • Bunjilaka

KAE Leadership Activities

  • One of the essential elements to the success of the KAE is that it creates a peer support network of Koorie students.
  • KAE students are broken into small mobs, to develop team relationships.

Leadership in Action Dinners

  • Academy students participate in a series of “Leadership in Action” dinners, where Koorie community members share their story with students in an intimate setting.

KAE Career Pathways

Getting students to think about what they are interested in and exposing them to career options in that field.

In addition to exploring specific careers all KAE students acquire general job ready skills

kae successes
KAE Successes
  • Full retention of the Year 11 group to begin their Year 12 VCE/VCAL studies
  • Three KAE students recipients of Wannik scholarships (financial support for year 11/12)
  • One KAE student is now a recipient of the Kwong Lee Dow scholarship at the University of Melbourne
  • A student won the trainee of the year (LINK AWARDS)
  • One student selected to participate in the 2014 National Science & Maths Leade4rship Forum
what next for the kae
What next for the KAE
  • Continuing to expand the student intake
  • Building the academic aspects of the program, with more tutors and university visits.
  • A dedicated space at LaTrobe University has been set up. KAE students can visit any time they like to become familiar with the university environment.

KAE Quiz

What is KAE?

  • The Kew Angling Executive
  • Koorie Academy of Excellence
  • Koorie Art Extravaganza

Student Selection for the KAE:

A. Is based on results obtained through NAPLAN data for Year 6 and Year 8

B. Is based on a portfolio of school work put together by the student and their teachers

C. Neither of the above


The Koorie Academy of Excellence:

A. Runs for three months of the year

B. Follows the student through a whole year of schooling

C. Follows the student from when they enter to the completion of Year 12.


The Koorie Academy of Excellence:

A. Runs in 4 hour blocks on a rotating roster once per month

B. Runs after school, on weekends and holidays

C. Is scheduled to coincide with the Moon in Saturn, whenever that is.

Help us to nurture the next generation of Koorie leaders

Please contact:

April Pender

Koorie Academy Liaison Officer

Ralph Bamblett

Koorie Academy Liaison Officer

Lynelle Diamond

Business Development Manager

For further information