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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline

Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline. By: Katarina McGarry. April 11,1865 A few thousand people in W ashington celebrated with a torchlight parade. Lincoln gave a long speech, with out gloating the Unions victory.

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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline

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  1. Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline By: Katarina McGarry

  2. April 11,1865 A few thousand people in Washington celebrated with a torchlight parade. Lincoln gave a long speech, with out gloating the Unions victory. April 14, 1865 Lincoln was shot in the back of the head. Booth had come up behind him with a .44 Deringer pistol(39). March 4, 1865 This was the day President Abraham Lincoln gave his inauguration speech. He did it in front of the recently completed capital dome(1). April 3, 1865 The capital of the Confederates States Richmond, Virginia fell to the Union. Children ran through the streets of Washington celebrating(2). March 17,1865 Booth and his henchmen planned to ambush Lincoln. He was in his carriage on a deserted road(29). April 9, 1865 Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrender to Union General Grant. Lincoln celebrated Lee’s surrender(5). April 13, 1865 The city of Washington celebrated that night with a grand illumination of the city. Public buildings and private homes all glowed by candle light(8).

  3. April 14, 1865 Seward was attacked by Powell. Powell forced his way into the house and attacked with a knife(55). April 16, 1865 Booth arrived at Captain Cox’s House, a confederate operative. It was Black Easter, a time of mourning for the president(114). April 17,1865 Mary Surratt, her daughter and Lewis Powell were all arrested. Powell came to the boarding house and Mary denied knowing him, getting them both arrested(137). April 15,1865 The man hunt began. Stanton asked for help to find Lincoln’s assassin (89). April 15, 1865 After fighting through the night Lincoln was dead. He died at 7:22 am in the boarding house(103). April 17,1865 Booth was now hiding in a pine thicket, waiting to cross the Potomac River. The cavalry rode right by them almost ending the manhunt(127). April 18, 1865 Mudd was interviewed and he said two strangers asked for help. He then sent the cavalry in the wrong direction(139). April 14,1865 George Atzerodt didn’t kill Johnson as planned. He got drunk and got nervous(69).

  4. April 25, 1865 The reward for the killers was raised to $140,000. It was $100,00 when the hunt began(156). April 20,1865 It was finally time to cross the river. Booth and Herold got in the boat and started rowing to hard(149). April 19, 1865 Today was the presidents funeral. A team of white horses led his casket through the streets of Washington(140). April 22, 1865 This night they tried to cross again to Virginia. Finally they went the right way getting to Virginia late that night(151). April 20,1865 Atzerodt was arrested at his cousin’s house. The cavalry got a tip from the guest he joked with at diner the night before(143). April 24,1865 Booth spent the night at the Garrets Farm. They don’t yet know he’s Lincoln’s killer(155). April 26, 1865 The Cavalry found them. They caught Wille Jett and made him tell where they were(166). April 21,1865 Booth and Herold landed back in Maryland the night before. They rowed to far and almost in a circle ending up further North then before(149). April 26, 1865 Garrets locked Herold and Booth in the tobacco barn. This was after they found out who they were(164).

  5. April 26, 1865 Herold surrendered and walked out of the barn. Booth didn’t want him to leave but he gave in(168). April 26, 1865 Booth died. The shot hit him in the neck paralyzed him, the manhunt was over(177). April 26, 1865 The cavalry lit the barn on fire with Booth inside. Boston Corbett shot Booth through a peep hole, in the spinal cord(173).

  6. July 7, 1865 Mary Surratt, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Lewis Powell were hanged. They marched out to the scaffold, were hooded, then dropped(189). July 6, 1865 O’Laughlen, Arnold, Mudd, Spangler, and four henchmen got jail sentences. Some real helpers were sentenced to death(181).

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