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Part 1: Armor

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Part 1: Armor. By: Allana J. Gilbert. Mail. Mail is little rings that are linked together A shirt made from mail is called hauberk if it is knee length it is haubergeon If it is mid thigh and waist length then it is byrnie. Mail leggings are called chausses.

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part 1 armor

Part 1: Armor

By: Allana J. Gilbert

  • Mail is little rings that are linked together
  • A shirt made from mail is called hauberk if it is knee length it is haubergeon
  • If it is mid thigh and waist length then it is byrnie.
  • Mail leggings are called chausses.
  • Mail hoods are called coif and mail mittens are called mitons.
  • Mail collar hanging from the helmet is called the camail or aventail
  • Mail collar worn strapped around the neck was called pixane.
  • Gauntlet is metal gloves that are used to protect the hand if someone tries to cut of your hand or something along those lines.
  • They can vary depending on how far up the wrist and forearm they go.
  • They also could be made out of leather and flexible fabric.
  • Also so in some cases people would use them to drink out of.
  • The shield is meant to intercept attack or stop an arrow.
  • Shields could range from any size and thickness.
  • Small shield are for hand to hand combat, where large shields are to protect the whole body from arrows.
  • On their shields they painted their family crest on their shields.
plate armor
Plate Armor
  • Plate armor is used to protect the chest and the lower limbs.
  • Only rich people or nobles could have them because they were extreme expensive.
  • The first plate armor was made of bronze and was worn in Greece for elite soldiers.
  • After that iron was used in Europe and the Middle East and was rare to find back then.
  • After that steel methods were being used and the plate armor was made out of steel.
  • Then people concentrated on making steel stronger and stronger.
  • (bullets)
scale armor
Scale Armor
  • Scale armor consist small pieces of metal then attached to leather
  • Sometimes called scale mail
  • The material that was used to make armor varied from;bronze, iron, rawhide, leather, horn, and cuir bouilli
  • Herodotus had state during the Persian wars that Persians wore tunics with iron scales
  • Scale armor was used for blunt attacks
  • It as also cheaper to produce than regular plate armor
  • Mace’s could be ceremonial clubs
  • The metal head is made of iron, steel, bronze, stone, and copper
  • The head is as heavy or even heavier than the shaft
  • If you are a foot soldier used smaller maces (2 or 3 ft)
  • Calvary men used longer maces
  • Maces and flails are not the same
  • A flail is a a bar with a chain

attached (optional ball)

  • The Germanic people called it kettenmorgenstern (chain morning star)
  • Agricultural flails
  • Modified during the in the 16th century
  • Some flails would not have anything attached
  • Lances were used for Calvary men
  • They were used for jousting
  • They are based on the spear
  • Usually this type of spear was not for throwing
  • Used for fast
  • Swords are a symbol of power the bigger and prettier it is the more powerful you are
  • A sword consist of a blade and a hilt
  • Hilt is the the handle of the sword has the guard, grip and pommel
  • Swords are purely used for war
  • Swords represent war and power
  • Swords were mainly made of steel
  • Swords were more popular during the 16th and 17th century
battle ax
Battle Ax
  • Used occasionally for throwing
  • Mainly used for clubbing things or people
  • Used as melee
  • Is in between 1 to 6 pounds depends on you weight
  • 1 to 5 feet long
  • Could be used as an agricultural utensils
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