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Voices of Grassroots Innovators

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Voices of Grassroots Innovators National Innovation Foundation Fab-5 Honey Bee Network Techpedia.sristi.org www.gian.org www.sristi.org Electric Shock Proof Converter Mr. Kshetrimayum Nicholson Singh Electric Shock Proof Converter Mr. Kshetrimayum Nicholson Singh, Manipur

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Voices of Grassroots Innovators

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voices of grassroots innovators
Voices of Grassroots Innovators

National Innovation Foundation


Honey Bee Network




electric shock proof converter
Electric Shock Proof Converter

Mr.Kshetrimayum Nicholson Singh

electric shock proof converter3
Electric Shock Proof Converter

Mr.Kshetrimayum Nicholson Singh, Manipur

  • The device can be installed just after the energy meter so that each and every connection in a household/commercial establishment passes through it
  • Principle:
    • “The device has a series of relays that gets actuated when there is leakage of current while touching and relays then redirect the current to other circuit thereby preventing electric shock”.
  • Shock is prevented when single lead is touched but when both leads are touched one will get electric shock.

A – Input Voltage Controller

B – Input Voltage Electronic Control Kit

C – Output Voltage Electronic Control Kit

D – Input to Output Changer

E – Panel board for Input Voltage, Output

Voltage, Leakage from Input to

Output & Output to Input Voltage

F – Input & Output Terminal

G – Cabinet or Cover

just for the pain of the mother
Just for the pain of the mother

Asu making machine for Pochampally

sarees: C Mallesham, Nalgonda

Laxmi Asu machine by Mallesham

has relieved women from 8-9 hours

of labour everyday.

  • it just takes 90 minutes to weave a saree compared to the four hours required in the manual process.
  • This has brought a revolution among the weaver community. The Indian Patent has been filed for the Innovation. The innovator has sold more than 500 units of the same.
  • Also see Honey Bee 19(3): 4-6, 2009 for his detailed profile

Asu Machine

Mr. Chintakindi Mallesham

The process of “Asu” is essential for Pochampally silk sarees. Traditionally, women do this activity. This process involves moving hand over a space of one meter 9000 times for one saree. For each saree almost five hours was required. In a day an average woman could do asu for two sarees only.

Innovator has mechanized the tedious, time consuming manual asu process for making Pochampally silk sarees

Capable of providing six sarees worth of material in a day against one women’s output of two earlier.

No manual effort is required except in the beginning for placing thread on the machine and taking the configuration after the asu process is completed.

Better quality control is possible

Has sold over 500 machines

Asu Machine

Mr. Chintakindi Mallesham | Andhra Pradesh



Automatic watering in flower pots and others

Mr. Abdul Kaleem

Video-flower pot

Video-electric shock


Automatic watering in flower pots and others

Mr. Abdul Kaleem, Uttar Pradesh

  • Automatic watering in flower pots:  Solving the problem of flowers wilting due to inadequate moisture. Innovator has developed a system which consists of moisture sensor based controller.
  • Whenever moisture content in the flower pot goes below the preset value, the controller automatically starts the pump and water is supplied in the flower pot. Once the preset value of moisture content reaches, the pump switched off.
  • Alarm to protect from electric shock and fire: Many times due to short circuit in an appliance (like electric iron , refrigerator, fan, cooler, etc) user gets electric shock. The device innovated gives off an alarm whenever there is short circuit.
  • And many others

Video-flower pot

Video-electric shock


Electrical and mechanical devices

Mr. Sagir Khan, Uttar Pradesh

  • Remote flag hoisting device-video
  • Toilet gas and exhaust purifier-video
  • Battery terminal solution-video

Phone operated switch & others

Mr. Prem Singh Saini


Phone operated switch

Mr. Prem Singh Saini, Ambala, Haryana

  • It is phone operated on/off switch
  • No call charge applied
  • Authenticated user (preset number) needs to give miscall for switching on/off
  • Innovator has also developed multimedia poster, electronic robots, welcome kit, wireless heart bit amplifier, automatic tea boiler and many other useful innovations

Video 1 -discovery

Video 2

compressed air car propelling bicycle using gravitational force and others15
Compressed air car, propelling bicycle using gravitational force and others

Mr. Kanak Gogoi, Guwahati, Assam

  • Compressed air car: It is a 2 seater car of size 36”x 81”x 44” and having flowing specifications:
  • Weight: 210 kg , maximum speed: 90 kmph, mileage: 200 - 250 km /refill, Maximum load capacity: 15o kg, recharging time:5 min at refill station/  2-2:30 hours (220 volt.AC on board compressor) 
  • Propelling bicycle using gravitational force: It is a bicycle which has an eccentric wheel attached underneath the seat. due to the eccentric wheel the rider moves up and down, leading to generation of potential energy. The potential trapped in the mechanism gets converted to kinetic energy by the same, which propels the cycle with very less effort.
  • And many others

Video –portfolio (open fr source folder

Video –cycle


Pomegranate de-seeder, arecanut peeler and other innovations

Mr. Uddhab Kumar Bharali, Assam

Pomegranate De-seeder: It separates the granules of pomegranate from the outer cover and thin inner membrane without damaging the seeds. It has a capacity of deseeding 50-55 kg of pomegranate per hour. The machine has been exported to two countries, viz.Turkey and USA.

Arecanut Peeler: Annoyed by the injuries caused while peeling the areca nuts manually, the innovator has designed and developed an areca nut peeling machine. The machine has a capacity of peeling 100-120 nuts per minute.

Cassava peeler: It is a portable electric machine that can process up to five kg of cassava in as many minutes. One unit has even been sold to a customer based in Kenya.

Bamboo processing machines: It is an assembly of machines that can perform operations from splitting long lengths of bamboo, sizing, surface finishing and polishing etc.

Video small-pome

Video-arecanut (open fr source)


Safety Device to Prevent Damage to Motors

Mr. Bharat Kamble, Maharashtra

Excessive voltage fluctuation in electric supply is the problem that most of the rural people have to live with. Poor quality of the electric supply often leads to frequent or premature burn out of the coils of motors.

The electronic circuit designed by Kamble attempts to provide a total protection to the motor as far as possible within a limited budget.

It is specifically targeted at the motors meant for powering water pumps. The circuit switches off the motor when deviation in any of the functional parameters beyond tolerable levels may damage the motor.



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