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E-911 Services Board Meeting

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E-911 Services Board Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E-911 Services Board Meeting. General Business Meeting May 23, 2013. www.vita.virginia.gov. 1. Agenda. Call to Order Approval of Minutes from Feb 21 st FY 2015 PSAP Grant Guidelines E-911 Distribution to PSAPs Old Business New Business Public Comment Adjourn.

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Presentation Transcript
e 911 services board meeting

E-911 Services Board Meeting

General Business Meeting

May 23, 2013



  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Minutes from Feb 21st
  • FY 2015 PSAP Grant Guidelines
  • E-911 Distribution to PSAPs
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Public Comment
  • Adjourn
fy 2015 psap grant guidelines

FY 2015 PSAP Grant Guidelines



overview of presentation
Overview of Presentation
  • PSAP Grant Committee meetings
  • Wireless Education Program (WEP) Survey
  • Review of changes included in final draft of FY 2015 PSAP Grant Guidelines:
    • All Programs
    • WEP
    • Consolidations
psap grant committee meetings
PSAP Grant Committee Meetings
  • PSAP Grant Committee members began discussing the FY 2015 Guidelines at their Dec 5th meeting:
    • Staff presentation on consolidation white paper
    • Committee requests survey on WEP utilization for next meeting
  • Since then, the Committee has had two additional meetings:
    • April 11th
    • May 9th
who uses the wep
Who Uses the WEP?

In each year, there are some PSAPs that receive money but do not use it within the allotted year.

Applications have increased but usage remained flat.

Not Completed

what hinders a psap
What Hinders a PSAP?

In the recent WEP Survey, we asked for reasons a PSAP may not have applied or why they didn’t use all the funds.

Some we can help with!

we heard many suggestions
We Heard Many Suggestions
  • The survey also gave us valuable insight into how it might better serve the PSAP community!

“Provide me sub-regional programs. With budget restraints and shortage of personnel travel difficult to manage and cover PSAP requirements.”

“[Allow] for any dispatch related training to be covered.”

“I think allowing the PSAP to use it for other educational classes would be helpful. It would open the door to benefit more of the dispatchers.”

“Need to allow neighboring Jurisdictions to have a combined grant so that we can use the monies to help pay for mostly training.”

“Also an educational program for personnel new to the operation of a PSAP.”

“Provide additional funding to benefit a greater number of personnel.”

proposed changes all programs
Proposed Changes - All Programs
  • Change annual grant application deadline from October 31st to September 30th
  • Multi-year funding for same project no longer allowable
  • Clearer language for eligibility included
    • Extends to draw down requests
  • Explain appropriate use of budgetary quote
  • Clarify Programmatic and Financial Report Requirement
    • Does not apply to WEP grant awards
proposed changes wep
Proposed Changes - WEP
  • Includes both 9-1-1 and GIS specific group education/training opportunities
  • Waiver process for out of state events and vendor sponsored events
  • Can combine individual and regional grants within $2,000 limit
  • Meals included
  • Training objectives
proposed changes consolidations
Proposed Changes - Consolidations
  • Add Consolidation and Consolidation Feasibility Study to Continuity and Consolidation Program Priorities
    • 20% local match for consolidation studies
  • Essential 9-1-1 Priorities within the Continuity and Consolidation Program should be consecutively ranked for Out of Service and Non-Vendor Supported Tiers
    • CPE, Primary Mapping System, GIS: High Priority, Call Accounting Equipment, CAD, and Voice Loggers
proposed changes consolidations1
Proposed Changes - Consolidations
  • After adjustment to current Rankings made, Consolidation Projects would be ranked #13
    • Increase in funding priority based on FY 2014 grant awards data
  • Consolidation Feasibility Study would be added to Rankings as #20
e 911 distribution to psaps

E-911 Distribution to PSAPs



old business

Old Business



legislative agenda subcommittee
Legislative Agenda Subcommittee
  • Subcommittee met on April 17th to discuss NG9-1-1 decision points:
    • 9-1-1 Governance Structure for Commonwealth
    • State level functions
      • Planning and coordination
      • 9-1-1 Operations
      • Operational/Technical Standards and Requirements
      • Quality Assurance
    • 9-1-1 Funding
    • Records Confidentiality and Privacy
    • Liability
legislative agenda subcommittee1
Legislative Agenda Subcommittee
  • Staff assignments to address decision points:
    • Re-engage Standards and Guidelines IAT to address the following:
      • Ops & Tech Standards and Requirements
      • Quality Assurance
    • Look at reasonable approaches to engaging additional NG9-1-1 stakeholder groups
    • Evaluate identifying 9-1-1 as an Essential Government Service and defining “9-1-1 System” in Code
  • Next meeting June 3rd
new business

New Business



isp informational packets
ISP Informational Packets
  • Provides an overview of ISP and its products and services
  • Introduced during recent ISP regional outreach meetings
true up data documentation
True-up Data Documentation
  • New data documentation requirements for Call Load Data reported in annual True-up
  • Requirements will begin in FY 2014
    • Reporting period: July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
    • Submit as part of annual True-up: Sept 2014
  • Data must be supported by Call Accounting System reports
    • Total 9-1-1 Calls Received by PSAP
    • Total wireless 9-1-1 Calls Received by PSAP
emergency grant request
Emergency Grant Request
  • Received from Orange County
    • CPE replacement project
  • Locality has already received FY 2014 PSAP grant award in the amount of $131,000 for the same project
    • Application assigned to most critical funding priority group
  • Revised quote of $191,000
  • Locality is requesting an additional $19,000
    • Difference between current award and maximum potential individual PSAP award of $150,000
and in conclusion
And In Conclusion
  • Public Comment
  • Adjourn
  • Next meeting date is July 11th