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911 Partners in the 911 call center business “We exist to meet the needs of our customers” VEL Overview Has been serving customers for over 25 years Strategic partnership with all major switch manufacturers and predictive dialers

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partners in the 911 call center
Partners in the 911 call center


“We exist to meet the needs of our customers”

vel overview
VEL Overview
  • Has been serving customers for over 25 years
  • Strategic partnership with all major switch manufacturers and predictive dialers
  • Contributes to the success of 911 call centers around the country
  • Presents ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) statistics in real time on the LED display and other output sources
would you like to have
Would you like to have …?
  • The ability to monitor emergency inbound statistics from a single system
  • The option to show emergency personnel the same real-time information as dispatchers via a screen pop or text message
  • Single and double sided displays, as well as multi-line systems
  • Unlimited local and remote messaging capability to communicate amber alerts, weather alerts, address locations or other important information that saves time, money and lives
  • Programmable thresholds to control visual and audible alerts to your dispatchers

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then DIGITAL-FAX is for you!

digital fax
  • Provides real-time information from multiple sources to your dispatchers and emergency personnel
  • Includes three color changes (red, amber and green) that can alert dispatchers to call volumes and emergencies
  • Is capable of wireless interface with your cell phone, web page or desktop
  • Includes programmable messaging capability
  • Allows your team to monitor multiple queues
  • Is NOT switch dependent
  • Is TCP/IP, LAN or WAN communication compatible
digital fax increases your 911 call center efficiency
DIGITAL-FAX increases your 911 call center efficiency...
  • Because it becomes your team’s scoreboard instantly
  • Because it eliminates important abandoned phone calls
  • Because it frees up the supervisor’s time for training, motivating and other team-oriented tasks
  • Becomes the coaching tool to improve dispatchers’ performance
vel warranty and support
VEL Warranty and Support
  • DIGITAL-FAX is UL approved
  • VEL provides 24 x 7 Customer Service
  • VEL provides dial-in support and remote diagnostics
  • DIGITAL-FAX is covered by a one-year comprehensive warranty
  • Lifetime training and support is available after the warranty period
the custom package
The Custom Package
  • VEL team will help you design a system that is custom built for your 911 call center
  • Your DIGITAL-FAX system software is pre-loaded for an easier installation process
  • DIGITAL-FAX interfaces with any ACD and/or predictive dialer
the information highway
The Information Highway
  • Distributes the same real-time information to your dispatchers as to the supervisors
  • Your DIGITAL-FAX display network can be installed locally and at remote locations via your company TCP/IP, LAN or WAN
  • Field emergency personnel can receive the same benefits as your on-site dispatchers through the DIGITAL-FAX ScreenPOP license
eas connectivity
EAS Connectivity
  • Ability to put Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages directly to LED Displays
  • Insures immediate response from dispatchers regarding Amber Alerts and Weather Alerts
  • Saves time from inputting the messages to the displays or notifying all of the dispatchers in the call center as to the problems that can be associated with those emergencies
  • Can be connected with any EAS system
thank you for the time we shared today
Thank you for the time we shared today!

8200 E. Pacific Place, Suite 103

Denver, Colorado 80231

303.639.8450 Voice

303.369.2635 Fax