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William Gholson Car Enthusiast PowerPoint Presentation
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William Gholson Car Enthusiast

William Gholson Car Enthusiast

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William Gholson Car Enthusiast

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  1. William Gholson Car Enthusiast William Gholson is a car enthusiast from San Antonio, Texas. He has worked on cars his whole life. When he was seventeen, he restored 1963 Camaro and drove across the country with his girlfriend Julie, who he married a year after. They live in San Antonio and have two children. Gholson still works on cars, and is in the process of restoring a 1964 Thunderbird. William Gholson is an auto parts salesman working for a local auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked there for twenty years, ever since earning the job after fixing up the boss’s car. Gholson has loved cars since he was a small boy, and he says that his two children have already shown a natural ability to work on cars.

  2. William Gholson Working With Cars William Gholson is the lead salesman at a local auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas. Gholson says his love of cars came from his father, who showed him how to work on cars starting when he was eleven. Gholson still works on his own cars, and hopes he has passed down his love of cars another generation to his kids. For many car owners, fixing their vehicle’s awful sound or that clunking sensation seems completely beyond them. But the average car owner could save thousands of dollars a year on car repair bills if they could understand that they can fix many of their car’s problems themselves. Mechanics won’t show you how easily certain tasks are done because they want you to come back for more repairs and to spend more money.

  3. William Gholson Former Tour Guide William Gholson used to lead tours of the world famous Alamo, the site where Davy Crocket and the Texan army fought against the Mexican Army in the Texas Revolution. Gholson says he loves the history of his hometown of San Antonio, and his love for the place started when he began leading tours of the Alamo in the heart of downtown San Antonio. William Gholson is an auto parts salesman based in San Antonio, Texas. He has learned the art of car maintenance and restoration and hopes to continue to help people in his community learn more about their cars and find ways to take better care of them.

  4. William Gholson How to Raise Your Car’s Hood If you have never taken a look under the hood of your car, don’t beat yourself up. You’d be surprised by how many car owners don’t know this basic skill. It’s good to know how: if you ever need to jumpstart another car or look for yourself at any problem with your engine, you’ll need to raise the hood. This is also the key to changing the oil and many other more advanced repair jobs you may be learn as you become more experienced working on your car to help it run better. The first step is finding the release on the car’s interior. You’ll find it on the driver’s side near the steering wheel. Next look for the outer latch, the most important and perhaps the most difficult step. Look for a small lever in the grill of the car, or just under the hood itself. If you still can’t find the release, consult your owner’s manual.

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