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Michael T Haas - Travel Enthusiast PowerPoint Presentation
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Michael T Haas - Travel Enthusiast

Michael T Haas - Travel Enthusiast

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Michael T Haas - Travel Enthusiast

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  1. Michael T. Haas Travel Enthusiast Michael T Haas takes advantage of any opportunity that he has to travel and he believes that it is important to experience as much of other cultures as possible in order to shape your worldview and learn more about others. Travelling has opened his eyes to so many things that he may never otherwise have experienced, enriching his life greatly in the process.

  2. Michael T. Haas Tips For New Real Estate Developers Michael T Haas is an experienced real estate developer who has been in the industry for around two decades, primarily developing commercial properties for lease to other companies. He now has the benefit of all of that experience when making decisions about projects to invest in. Before you choose to invest in any commercial real estate opportunity, you should always take a little bit of time to research the price trends in the local area. Consider the things that could happen that may act as a catalyst for development in an area. At no point should you lose sight of your budget in your efforts to chase a real estate investment.

  3. Michael T. Haas Traits A Successful Investor Needs Michael T Haas is a successful real estate developer and investor who has built a reputation for making intelligent decisions during the course of a career that has spanned more than two decades. He has also had the opportunity to work alongside a number of fellow professionals during his career and has noted that those who achieve similar levels of success to his own tend to display a number of common traits. Any investors who enter the profession with the thought that they are going to get rich quickly are going to be in for a rude awakening when they realize just how much hard work goes into selecting good investment opportunities.

  4. Michael T. Haas Golf Fan Michael T Haas enjoys any opportunity that he has to play a round of golf, as he finds that the activity is both relaxing and challenging. He likes the fact that he can constantly tweak his technique in order to make improvements and his desire to practice has led him to play at least four games per week. He is a member of the Pinehurst Country Club.

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