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Christopher Prashad A Sports Enthusiast PowerPoint Presentation
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Christopher Prashad A Sports Enthusiast

Christopher Prashad A Sports Enthusiast

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Christopher Prashad A Sports Enthusiast

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  1. Christopher Prashad A Sports Enthusiast One of the biggest influencers on Christopher Prashad’s childhood was sports. While he was growing up he played soccer for a little league team. He would continue to play soccer throughout high school. Playing sports offered Mr. Prashad a good way to get exercise, interact socially with peers, and keep himself mentally sharp. Today Mr. Prashad does not spend as much time playing sports, but still enjoys watching them when he has the free time to do so.

  2. Christopher Prashad A Curious Mind Christopher Prashad is one of those curious people that is never satisfied with what is on the surface. It is that hunger and curiosity that has led him to do well academically, as well as in his career. When he was just a child, Mr. Prashad would often take apart electronic devices just to see how they work, and then reassemble them. Since then he has applied that curious mind to sales, as well as property management, being successful in both.

  3. Christopher Prashad A Big Family One of the things that makes Christopher Prashad so unique is his large family. Mr. Prashad grew up in a household with three sisters and four brothers! As a result, he learned the value of family. Though he did not always get along with his siblings while growing up, they nurtured each other’s curiosity. It was by spending time spying on his siblings with makeshift cameras that Mr. Prashad would discover his love for electronic devices, which played a big role later in life.

  4. Christopher Prashad A Music Lover Christopher Prashad is a big music enthusiast. He is a passionate person that loves to appreciate all aspects of life. That is why when he is not working hard to become a successful entrepreneur, you can find him listening to a wide array of different music genres. Mr. Prashad enjoys everything from house music to hip hop, country, to rap, and even classic rock n’ roll. He keeps an open mind to all music, as long as he can relate to it.He has the kind of insatiable curiosity that has given him many unique skills over the course of his career

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