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Kole Dogan - An Outdoor Enthusiast PowerPoint Presentation
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Kole Dogan - An Outdoor Enthusiast

Kole Dogan - An Outdoor Enthusiast

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Kole Dogan - An Outdoor Enthusiast

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  1. Kole Dogan Outdoor Enthusiast

  2. Professional Experience Kole Dogan is an active participant of a healthcare team in a productive healthcare facility. Was an Associate of Applied Science with a Concentration in Respiratory Therapy at the Sheldon State Community College in Tuscaloosa, AL from 2010-2012. A creative problem solver, he has the ability to think on his feet and find out solutions to any problems he faces in the line of his work. As a Respiratory Therapist, he ensures that patients get accurate therapy assessment and get care for the respiratory problems they’re facing.

  3. Qualifications Kole Dogan studied at Shelton State Community College, Tuscaloosa, AL from 2010-2012 to receive the qualification of Associate of Applied Science with a Concentration in respiratory Therapy. Earlier he studied at University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL for a Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Science.

  4. Outdoor Enthusiast Apart from his work responsibilities, he likes spending time in the outdoors and loves to hunt, ski and fish. He mentions that being in the outdoors makes him feel at peace as in the fast lifestyle of today, most people do not get a chance to interact with nature. He loves trekking and often takes long walks in the woods to explore new areas.Being outdoors has also filled him with a renewed appreciation for nature and the beautiful flora and fauna present in natural places.

  5. As a socially responsible person, he also takes out time to devote to various social activities and he has worked with humanitarian organizations that work for welfare of women and children. Kole Dogan believes that education and a dignified life is everyone’s right and the people who are blessed with good fortune in life should work to make life better for everyone in the world.

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