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Life is!

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Life is!. A Word game that is played by us and the Universe, which is, one big mind without boundaries, that is, able to help people to overcome their restricted vision. Word is given by God. The biggest secret in the world is, how?. We may choose to be separate.

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life is

Life is!

A Word game that is played by us and the Universe, which is, one big mind without boundaries, that is, able to help people to overcome their restricted vision.

word is given by god
Word is given by God.
  • The biggest secret in the world is, how?
we may choose to be separate
We may choose to be separate.
  • To be one is simply choosing not to be separate, that is, not dividing our Self into selves.
  • Our Self is the one God.
  • Now we are divided into many selves that Ego rules, so that we are afraid to lose our selves, and the privacy they seem to offer.
the disaster of separation
The disaster of separation.
  • You see nothing by separation of your mind from our Self, that is, God who offers us the way, the truth and the life, which is letting image form elements, except fear of the unknown, which bad theology exploits to control minds.
revealing how to hear and see god
Revealing how to hear and see God.
  • Find the happy medium between anxiety and apathy, which is an adjustment of nervous tension to allow resonance of mind and body with God.
  • Use the veritable signs of divination which are the observations of vibrations that occur in your body when you allow magnetic waves to match frequency and phase of your self to our Self.
how to get to know things
How to get to know things.
  • Just ask for answers then listen.
  • You may read the signs to begin while you learn how to let your selves go and learn to hold expression and receive, the acronym of which is, hear.
how to act
How to act.
  • Act is a dual acronym for accept correcting thought and accept connecting thought.
  • The process is a circle of basic thinking which may be learned from the Teacher with Mind Exploring Keys, available as a free E-book at
become a word translator
Become a Word translator.
  • Moses, Jesus and Muhammad were all Word translators and prophets who learned to hear the Word and see the veritable signs.
  • When Moses asked the Word what it was called it said, “I am that, I am.”
translation of i am that i am
Translation of “I am that, I am.”
  • That is The half allowing thought.
  • I is intelligence.
  • Am is Allowing magnetic (communication).
  • We can do that by being relaxed but alert.
translation of god
Translation of God.
  • God is another dual acronym for Giver of dreams and Giving oneness destiny.
vibration band
Vibration band
  • The vibration band is that part of the frequency spectrum below the voice band from 30Hz down which we use for telegraphing magnetic communication and observing veritable signs.
  • There is a word code like Morse code that enables us to translate thought vibrations into words by adding voice frequencies.
hear the word
Hear the Word?
  • Hear is hold expression and receive.
  • When we speak we listen only to what we our selves are saying, so we cannot hear the Word until we learn to ask, and then be still in transcendence into the alpha state, and hear.
  • You may choose and elect to hear our selves, them selves or the Word.
turning ideas into action
Turning ideas into action.
  • Remember an idea that is given, even as God’s image verity element now, is useless until we act on it and do it, which is to drive offering image thought.
blueprint for thought centers and thought strings
Blueprint For Thought Centers And Thought Strings.
  • Taken from Keith Masons book, Medicine For The 21st Century, THE KEY TO HEALING WITH VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE.
  • Read this in conjunction with Richard Bergland’s book, Fabric Of Mind, and seek verification from the Word and it opens a new Psychology given by God.
translation of ideas
Translation of ideas
  • Ideas are Image drawn enabling action sets. They flow freely from God if you let go of your selves and either hear the Word or see the veritable signs.
  • The Way is Word advising you.
  • Truth is the real understanding that helps.
  • Life is Letting image form elements.
thy will be done
Thy will be done.
  • Done is drive offering now expressed.
  • Now is next of Word.
  • Will is Word image love link.
  • Until we will drive the offering, the idea is useless.
  • Work is Word offering real knowing!
  • Word is World of real drama where World is Word offering real live drama.
hide in your cloak or open up
Hide in your cloak, or open up?
  • John 15:22-23 (King James Version)
  • 22If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.
  • 23He that hateth me hateth my Father also.
if you give a cloak see and feel through it
If you give a cloak, see and feel through it.
  • privacy n
  • 1. the state of being apart from other people and not seen, heard, or disturbed by them
  • 2. freedom from the observation, intrusion, or attention of others
  • 3. the state of being kept secret
the antonym of privacy is company
The antonym of privacy is company.
  • You may choose, either privacy or the company of God.
  • He gives us wellbeing in his company.
choosing to be open
Choosing to be open.
  • If you give an open and honest account of yourself, you may expect to receive the same from the Word of the Divine.
  • If not you may expect a veiled account to be given to you.
  • The cloak causes a rift in your wellbeing. Heal thyself by being open.
knowing god is our given self
Knowing God is our given Self.
  • Most people choose privacy by ignoring the way to see the truth, and that causes the rift that stops their wellbeing being given by knowing of God.
  • The Word allows seeing in spirit to be given which is called gnosis, given now of seeing in spirit.
  • I have shown you the way.