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Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life

Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life. Watch a short summary of the movie The pursuit of happiness. 1. What jobs did the Hero experience? 2. What is your dream life?. What is my dream life?. American ideals:

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Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life

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  1. Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life

  2. Watch a short summary of the movie The pursuit of happiness. • 1. What jobs did the Hero experience? • 2. What is your dream life?

  3. What is my dream life?

  4. American ideals: civil liberties, balance of powers, environmental protection, cultural diversity, equal economic opportunity and spiritual freedom Key words: self-made success, value of manual work; individuality, nature

  5. Mr. Doherty’s dream life --- to write and live on a farm

  6. Text Comprehension Part 1 Para 1 Where does the author’s contentment come from? Para 2 What kind of life is a self-reliant ? Para 3 What kind of life is satisfying ?

  7. get by过得去 • It is a little bit difficult for the old couple to get by on such a • small pension • 我父母亲靠很少的一些钱凑合着过下去 • My parents managed to get by on a small amount of money.

  8. Difficult sentences in Part I • I’m not in E. B. White’s class as a writer or in my neighbors’ league as a farmer. (line 2) E. B. White --- a famous American writer --- neither a complete writer nor a complete farmer

  9. Text Comprehension Part 2 Para 5 What does the writer do in between the chores? What does his wife do? Freelancer Demanding schedule Household routine There is, as the old saying goes, not rest for the wicked, on the place like this—and not for the virtuous either.

  10. Supplement: • 1. add to sth. in order to improve it (followed by with • Peter supplements his ordinary income by writing books • 2.n. an additional amount of sth. • She has been ill and must have supplements to her • ordinary food.

  11. spray: vt. force out liquid in small drops upon (followed by with • 汽车开过,溅了我一身水 • A car went past and sprayed me with water.

  12. Household: adj. 家庭的,普通的 • A household name:家喻户晓的人 • Household expense:家庭开支 • Household chores:家里的杂活儿 • Household goods:日用品

  13. Overflow: v. 溢出 Over + verb. 1)过多,过于 2)跨过,在…上面 Eg: Overdue Overuse Oversee Overcome Overtake Overhear Overlook Overstate 超过 忽视 夸张,夸大 偷听 监视,监督 滥用,过度使用 过期 克服

  14. Difficult sentences in Part II • “…will help me make somelong-overdue improvements on the outdoor toilet that supplements out indoor plumbing when we are working outside” (line 20) long-overdue: that has been planned for a long time , but not yet realized that supplements out indoor plumbing:that was prepared for persons working outside

  15. “ There is, as the old saying goes, no rest for the wicked on a place like this—and not much for the virtuous either.” (line 31) There is no rest for the wicked:坏人不得闲 virtuous: (with virtues) / having good qualities

  16. Text Comprehension Part 3 Para 11 Their entertainment life. – without lowering our standards of living. Dine out Attend the opera and ballet Combine vacations with story assignments

  17. get through: come successfully to the end • 当地政府已采取一些措施以确保全体人民熬过冬天 The local government has taken some measures to ensure that all the people will get through the winter. • She got through the entrance examination and was accepted • by the college.

  18. Point:具体的时间的一点 At that point At the point of :在…之前 On the point of doing sth.:刚要做某事 To the point of:几乎到了…的程度 Up to a point:部分的 Point:重要的观点(论点) Beside the point:不切题 In point of fact:事实上 Make a point of doing sth.: 重视某事 Take someone’s point:接受某人所说的话 To the point:切题,中肯 At that point:就在那时

  19. on balance: with all things considered • On balance, it’s probably not advisable to change thecompany’s name. • 我想,总的来说我更喜欢新的体制。 • I think, on balance, I prefer the new system. balance的反义词是imbalance。此外,与balance有关的其他搭配有: keep one’s balance保持平衡 lose one’s balance失去平衡 strike a balance力求折中 in the balance不确定,成败或安危未定

  20. illustrate:vt. 举例说明 • Let me use another example to illustrate this difficult point. • illustrate, exemplify & demonstrate这三个词都是动词,都有“举例说明”之意。 • illustrate表示不仅使用具体事例而且有时使用图画,目的是使说明生动、逼真或有效,从而真实地说明某一观点。例如: • The way that a pump works is used to illustrate how the heart sends blood around the body

  21. exemplify;表示使用事例说明一个笼统而抽象的陈述,或佐以揭示某一提法的真实。例如exemplify;表示使用事例说明一个笼统而抽象的陈述,或佐以揭示某一提法的真实。例如 Knights exemplified courage and courtesy demonstrate表示用足够数量及可靠的证据说明某一学术争论、结论的真实性,也可用于说明人或事。例如 • Galileo demonstrated that objects of • different weights fall at the same • speed. • 伽俐略证实了重量不同的物体以同样的速度下落

  22. aside from: except for; (more usual in American English; same as apart from) 万籁俱寂,只有从远处偶尔传来汽车喇叭声。 Everything was quiet, aside from the occasional sound of a car in the distance.

  23. cut back: reduce in size or amount • cut back sth.; cut back on sth. • The government has cut back on defense spending • We oppose any plans to cut back (on) education budget.

  24. Difficult sentences in Part III • “ thetiming was terrible” (line 48) timing: the choice of time • “ I am not making anywhere near as much as I did when I was employed full time” (line 60) What I earn now is not as much as I did when I had a full-time job.

  25. “ When it comes to …” 要说到 (line 64) as far as ... is concerned, in terms of See P20 --- structure • “extravagant Christmas are a memory, and we combine vacations with story assignments…” (line76) We no longer have extravagant Christmas. When a magazine sends me somewhere to write an article, I’ll take family along.

  26. Ivy League 8 long-established colleges and universities in the United States Harvard University Brown University Columbia University University of Pennsylvania Cornell University Princeton University Dartmouth College Yale University

  27. Brown University

  28. Columbia University

  29. Cornell University

  30. Dartmouth College

  31. Harvard University

  32. University of Pennsylvania

  33. Princeton University

  34. Yale University

  35. Text Comprehension Part 4 Para 12-13 What are the special quality required for life on a farm? a tolerance for solitude. a lot of energy. On such a tight budget. • sit tight / hold tight / sleep tight • a tight fit / a tight race / a tight smile / a tight market / a tight schedule draw up a budget submit a budget balance a budget exceed a budget cut/reduce a budget Federal /household /municipal /national budget

  36. Suspect: 怀疑 Suspect that: 怀疑发生了某事 We suspected that he was lost. Suspect sb. of sth: 怀疑某人做了某事 They suspect his of murder Suspect sth. 怀疑某事 He helped me, but I suspect his motives.

  37. scale:n. a relative level or degree (usu. used in the phrase • on a … scale) • We tested our new teaching methods on a small scale.Indeed only six classes were involved in it. • 工程以宏大的规模开始了。 The project was undertaken on a grand scale.

  38. Device :装置,设备 • 手段,诡计 A device for avoiding income tax.

  39. profit:n. • 1.money gained by business • He makes a big profit from selling waste material to textile • companies. • 他出售房子赚了钱。 • Hesold his house at a profit. • 2.advantage gained from some action • I have read this book with profit

  40. Invest:投资 • She decided to invest $10,000 in the gas industry. • 许多商人正在向农业投资。 Many businessmen are investing in farming.

  41. Difficult sentences in Part IV • “ How much longer we’ll have enough energy to stay on here is everybody’s guess…” ( Line 89 ) No one knows how long we could stay here with enough energy.

  42. Useful Expressions Search in text A 1. 过得去 get by 2. 寻觅心灵的满足 find contentment 3.自力更生的生活 a self-reliant life 4. 艰苦的生活 a tough life 5.日常的家务 household routine

  43. as the old saying goes 6. 正如老话说的那样 love / enjoy every minute of sth. 7. 温馨快乐每一分钟 get through the winter 8. 过冬 9. 常青藤联合会学校 Ivy League schools 10. 带着……的祝福 with sb.’s blessings

  44. on balance 11. 总的来说 be employed full time 12. 担任全职工作 mortgage payments 13. 贷款按揭 When it comes to … 14. 至于 …… apart from … 15. 除……以外

  45. dine out 16. 外出吃饭 17. 生活水准/水平 standard of living living standard 18. 弥补收入差额 make up the difference in income 19. 听歌剧看芭蕾演出 attend the opera and ballet 20.耐得住寂寞 a tolerance for solitude

  46. self-sufficiency 21. 自给自足 22. 抵制诱惑 resist the temptation to do sth. 23. 怆然离去 leave with a feeling of sorrow a sense of pride 24. 自豪感 25. 一旦形势好转 once economic conditions improve

  47. Exercises after Text A Key words in Translation (P23) decade quit the position of household equipment primarily run a business steady income cut back on her daily expenses pay the premiums for the insurance pick up the phone bill continue pursuing ... get through

  48. Discussion & report • What changes have you found in the way we live? (15 minutes) ( different aspects of our life )

  49. Directions: In this part, you will hear a passage three times. During the first reading, listen carefully for a general idea of the whole passage. Then listen to the passage again, and fill in the blanks with what you have just heard during the pause. Finally, when the passage is read the third time, check what you have written.

  50. After years of frustration with city life, Jim Doherty, a free-lance writer, and his wife, Sandy, were (SI)___________to put their dream of starting up their own farm into (S2)__________and went to the country, where they had a taste of the sweets and (S3)__________of country life. The sweets of country life lied partly in its (S4)____________of self-reliance, as the great (S5)______ ____________of farm products such as strawberries, (S6)_________ . peas, beans and corn turned out to be a major source of their happiness. (S7)___________________________________ _________________________. Being closer to the nature, they had access to a variety of

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