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Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Cooking Fish and Shellfish Overview Fish and shellfish have little or no connective tissue. The cooking procedures are different than for meat and poultry. Fish is naturally tender. Cooking, especially overcooking, will dry it out. Baking

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Chapter 21

Cooking Fish and Shellfish

  • Fish and shellfish have little or no connective tissue. The cooking procedures are different than for

meat and poultry.

  • Fish is naturally tender. Cooking, especially overcooking, will dry it out.
  • Whole fish and fish portions can be cooked in an oven.
  • Baked fish is often referred to as “roasted”.
combining methods
Combining Methods
  • Cooking methods can be combined, like broiling and then finishing in the oven.
moist baking or braising
Moist Baking or Braising
  • If fish is baked with moist ingredients or with liquids, strictly speaking it is not baking.
french method
French Method
  • In French cooking, baking fish with liquid is called braising, but we often call it baking.
broiling and grilling
Broiling and Grilling
  • Broiling and grilling are increasingly popular
  • Consumers perceive them as healthy
grilled eye appeal
Grilled eye appeal
  • A slightly crisped, browned or grill-marked surface is important to the appeal of the fish
adding variety
Adding Variety
  • By varying process, vegetable accompaniment, and garnishes, many selections can be offered
saut ing and pan frying
Sautéing and Pan Frying
  • A classic method of sautéing is à la meunière.
    • The fish is dredged in seasoned flour and sautéed in clarified butter.
  • Other sautéed fish preparations call for the standard breading procedure.
deep frying
  • Deep-fat frying is perhaps the most popular way to cook fish in North America
  • This method can be of high quality if the fish is fresh and the frying shortening is of high quality and it is at the right temperature
  • Fish is breaded or battered to provide a crisp, flavorful, attractive, protective coating
  • Frozen breaded fish portions are used widely
poaching and simmering
Poaching and Simmering
  • Poaching is cooking in a liquid at a very low heat
  • Shallow poaching
    • Fish is not fully submerged in a small amount of liquid (usually white wine or fumet)
    • Liquid is used to make sauce
    • Best for lean, delicate white fish such as halibut and sole
  • Poaching and simmering in Court Bouillon
    • Submersion method – fish is fully submerged in liquid
    • Court bouillon is defined as water containing seasonings, herbs, and usually an acid, or short broth in French. The liquid is not used for sauce.
    • Truit au bleu - a famous preparation-is a dish consisting of freshly killed trout cooked with vinegar, which turns the fish blue. -ORIGIN French, literally 'trout in the blue'.
  • Poached fish is sometimes glazed before serving.
    • Combine the finished sauce with
    • egg yolk, hollandaise sauce,
    • and/or whipped cream or
    • with Mornay sauce
steaming and mixed cooking techniques
Steaming and Mixed Cooking Techniques
  • Cooking En Papillote
    • cooking in paper - The fish, flavoring ingredients, and sauce are put in a sealed piece of parchment, and the fish is baked in it own juices. It is really steamed in the paper pouch.
compartment steaming
Compartment Steaming

Several cautions need to be observed if you cook fish in a steamer

  • Watch the cooking time carefully
  • Avoid pressure-steaming if possible. It tends to toughen the seafood
  • Use solid pans to retain juices
stovetop steaming
Stovetop Steaming
  • Place fish on rack above simmering liquid and steam until done
seafood served raw
Seafood Served Raw
  • Clams, oysters, and smoked salmon have been enjoyed in North America for years. Sushi has recently become popular.
if you choose to serve raw seafood please observe the following guidelines
If you choose to serve raw seafood, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Use only the freshest and highest-quality fish
  • Purchase your seafood from a reliable purveyor
  • Use only saltwater seafood from clean waters
  • Keep the fish cold and handle as little as possible
  • Observe the strictest sanitation procedures
raw fish recipes be careful
Raw Fish Recipes - Be Careful
  • Fish Tartare - chopped fish with condiments and seasonings
  • Fish Carpaccio - thin slices of fish served with garnishes and usually a piquant sauce

Seviche - raw seafood marinated in an acid mixture

  • Sushi - short grained Chinese rice that can be garnished with fish.