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Reasons to Quit the Job PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons to Quit the Job

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Reasons to Quit the Job
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Reasons to Quit the Job

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  2. Below, I provide you nine perfectly good reasons to serve your two weeks notice 1.THE JOB IS MAKING YOU SICK 2. YOU CAN NO LONGER STAND YOUR BOSS As the saying goes, ‘People don’t leave bad Sometimes, your body will start telling you that jobs, they leave bad bosses.’ If your your job is no longer good for you. relationship with your boss is fragile and tense, Your head starts aching constantly, your it will be close to impossible for you to enjoy stomach churns, you feel too lazy to get out of your job. If a harmonious working relationship bed—your body knows what you need, and it’s is truly out of reach, then it’s time to leave. telling you that you need to quit RESUMEBLE DEAD END JOB

  3. DON'T LEAVE SO SOON, TALK TO THEM 50 40 30 Keep Track of Progress 20 10 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May FIRST WEEK 50 SECOND WEEK 40 THIRD WEEK 30 FOURTH WEEK 20 FIFTH WEEK  10 0 Don't make a decision soon, calculate how much more can you accomplish. Jan Feb Mar Apr May RESUMEBLE CAREER ADVI CE

  4. 3. ENVIRONMENT IS TOXIC Aside from bosses, co-workers and a negative company culture can make your job difficult. 4. DIFFICULT SCHEDULES Scheduling issues at work can affect your health, mind, and relationships, so it’s a legitimate reason to quit your job. They changed your work schedule and you are unable to adjust. 5. YOU ARE UNDERAPPRECIATED Feeling appreciated is a great human need. When this doesn’t happen, you start to question your capacities.

  5. 6. YOU NEED TO MOVE TO A NEW LOCATION RESUMEBLE Main Factors If you want to keep your job when you move, ask about relocation or work-from-home options. 7. THE JOB DOESN’T EXCITE YOU ANYMORE Expanding the three from above, the level of commitment is influenced by Life is short and precious, so if you’re feeling external factors. ‘meh’ working in your company, that’s a sign it’s time for you to move on. 8. IT’S A DEAD-END JOB Sometimes, there’s just no path for growth in sight. Perhaps it’s a small company with no plans of expanding USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR CAREER GROWTH

  6. 9. YOU FE E L IT IN YOUR H E AR T Keep on moving forward Change is inevitable in life, and sometimes, you just feel it inside you that it’s time to move on. If your heart is telling you to quit, listen to it.  It may help to apply and confirm a job offer before letting go of your current one CANADA RESUME WRITING SERVICE