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  1. Quit!!

  2. Who let the dogs out - $100 This dog breed is known for a shiny gold coat. a. Yellow Labrador b. Golden Retriever c. Great Dane d. Lhasa Apso

  3. Who let the dogs out - $200 This muscular broad shaped dog is nicknamed the “Butchers Dog” a. Weimaraner b. Weiner c. Rottweiler d. Scotty

  4. Who let the dogs out - $300 This dog is among a hunter’s favorite choice of hunting dogs a. English Spaniel b. Toy c. Pomeranian d. Pug

  5. Who let the dogs out - $400 Name this dog A. Charcoal Lab B. Alaskan Malamute C. Siberian Husky D. Alaskan Wolf

  6. Who let the dogs out - $500 This large muscular dog was as a guide through the dangerous Alpine Pass in Europe a. Blue Heeler b. Mastiff c. Welsh Corgi d. St. Bernard

  7. Name this mass of dirt - $100 This mass of dirt is in the shape of a boot. A. Russia B. India C. Greece D. Italy

  8. Name this mass of dirt - $200 This mass of dirt’s flag is represented by a Red circle on a white background. A. Korea B. Indonesia C. Japan D. Singapore

  9. Name this mass of dirt - $300 This mass of dirt is home to the Yeti. A. South America B. Canada C. Nepal D. India

  10. Name this mass of dirt - $400 This mass of dirt was the location of the Potato Famine A. Portugal B. France C. Idaho D. Ireland

  11. Name this mass of dirt - $500 This mass of dirt is where Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. A. Rome, Italy B. Venice, Italy C. London, England D. Paris, France

  12. Songs - $100 Finish the title. “Take a little ______.” A. Drive B. Stroll C. Walk D. Ride

  13. Songs -$200 The Star Spangled Banner was written by_____ in the year ______. A. Thomas Jefferson, 1776 B. Francis Scott Key, 1812 C. Francis Scott Key, 1814 D. Frank Sinatra, 1200 B.C.

  14. Songs - $300 The song “Crawling Back to You” is sang by____ A. Nickelback B. Buck Cherry C. Life House D. Chris Daughtry

  15. Songs - $400 “I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire” appeared on this video game soundtrack. A. Epic Mickey B. COD C. Fallout D. Gun

  16. Songs - $500 Considerably one of Kansas’s more famous songs. A. Carry on Wayward Son B. Don’t Stop Believin’ C. Separate Ways D. Stayin’ Alive

  17. Big Water - $100 This the largest pond in the world. A. Pacific Ocean B. Atlantic Ocean C. Red Sea D. Indian Ocean

  18. Big Water - $200 This big water would be a giant lake if it weren’t for the Strait of Gibraltar. A. Baltic Sea B. Caspian Sea C. Mediterranean sea D. South China Sea

  19. Big Water - $300 Moses parted this big water to escape the Romans. A. Lake Superior B. Tigris River C. Euphrates River D. Red Sea

  20. Big Water - $400 The final resting place of the “Unsinkable Ship,” Titanic A. Atlantic Ocean B. Mediterranean Sea C. Indian Ocean D. Pacific Ocean

  21. Big Water - $500 How deep is the big water “Mariana’s Trench”? A. 2.3 miles B. 2,053 feet C. 6.8 miles D. 10.1 miles

  22. Famous Architecture - $100 This famous architecture is the symbol of France. A. TajMahal B. Petra C. Vatican D. Eiffel Tower

  23. Famous Architecture - $200 This building is home to the Hall of Mirrors. A. Palace of Versailles B. Duomo C. Alhambra D. Great Sphinx

  24. Famous Architecture - $300 This great structure the chief temple of the goddess Athena. A. Parthenon B. Pantheon C. Roman Colosseum D. Stonehenge

  25. Famous Architecture - $400 This great structure built in London began construction in 1050 and ended in 1065. A. Tower of London B. Westminster Abbey C. Vatican D. Duomo

  26. Famous Architecture - $500 Name this Famous Architecture. A. Borobudor Temple B. Angkor Wat C. Forbidden City D. Tikal

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