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JDF and the Business of Graphic Arts PowerPoint Presentation
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JDF and the Business of Graphic Arts

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JDF and the Business of Graphic Arts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gareth O’Brien Objective Advantage, Inc. JDF and the Business of Graphic Arts. JDF. So what does JDF do? Data Interchange Format. Components of JDF. Job Ticket (JDF) Messaging (JMF) Transport (HTTP, HTTPS) Packaging (Multipart Mime). JDF Package. JMF. JDF. PDL. TIFF. ICC.

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  • So what does JDF do?
  • Data Interchange Format
components of jdf
Components of JDF
  • Job Ticket (JDF)
  • Messaging (JMF)
    • Transport (HTTP, HTTPS)
  • Packaging (Multipart Mime)

JDF Package






UK-based client of Objective Advantage
  • Developed JDF-based print purchasing system
  • Grew GL2 (Print Management Division) from Stg£3 million annual turnover
  • To almost Stg£9 million
  • In 12 months with no increase in staff
  • Recently acquired Access Plus one of the largest Print Managers in the UK


Solutions in Graphic Arts Workflow

From Concept to Completion




supply chain
Supply Chain
  • JDF as “The Core of the Print Supply Chain”
  • From the Supplier’s Supplier to the Customer’s Customer
objective advantage
Objective Advantage
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Systems
    • From antiquated COBOL systems
    • To Great Plains, SAP, Sage, etc.
  • Print and Graphic Arts
    • Workflow and JDF
    • PDF – Generation and Manipulation
    • PPML, PPML/VDX, SVG – Variable Print
    • DISC – XMP – Photo Metadata
who can benefit
Who can benefit?
  • Graphic Arts Systems Vendors
  • Print Systems Vendors
  • Anyone that has or needs custom systems:
    • Publishers
    • Printers
    • Prepress or other niche providers
  • Anyone needing information, strategy, training or integration for Graphic Arts
steps toward integrated production15
Steps Toward Integrated Production
  • Get training for Management and IT on JDF and workflow integration
  • Get help to identify where you want to get to with integration and automation
    • Feasible today
    • Becoming feasible over the next few years
steps toward integrated production16
Steps Toward Integrated Production
  • Create a plan to get
    • From where you are to where you want to be
    • Careful consideration of work during the transition
  • Make sure every step you take is getting you further along that plan
    • If you feel a need to deviate from the plan justify the deviation
    • If you can, then the plan probably needs revision
steps toward integrated production17
Steps Toward Integrated Production
  • Change Engenders Fear!
    • If you look for reasons not to do this, you will find them
    • Look instead for opportunities that workflow integration can facilitate
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Thank you

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