Dealing with north korea
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Dealing with North Korea. America’s Options. Threats from North Korea. Direct nuclear attack on US forces or allies Sale of nuclear and missile technologies to other states or terrorist groups. US Options. Preventive Action Deterrence Containment Diplomatic.

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Dealing with North Korea

America’s Options

Threats from north korea l.jpg
Threats from North Korea

  • Direct nuclear attack on US forces or allies

  • Sale of nuclear and missile technologies to other states or terrorist groups

US Options

  • Preventive Action

  • Deterrence

  • Containment

  • Diplomatic

Current military planning for korea l.jpg
Current Military Planning for Korea

  • OPLAN 5027--Major Theater War is for defending South Korea from the North

  • OPLAN 5026--Air Strikes targets US air power against WMD and missile facilities

    • --includes Air Force heavy bombers, Air Force and Navy fighter/attack jets, and Navy cruise missiles

Problems with preventive strikes l.jpg
Problems with Preventive Strikes

  • Target sites hidden underground, numerous, and well-protected

  • North Korean retaliation

North korean retaliation l.jpg
North Korean Retaliation

  • Artillery bombardment of Seoul or other targets

  • Invasion of South Korea

  • Missile attack against South Korea, Japan, US territory?

  • Terrorism?

Deterrence and containment l.jpg
Deterrence and Containment

  • Is the North Korean leadership acting rationally?

  • US has operational plans prepared for a naval quarantine of North Korea

  • Proliferation Security Initiative with Europe could be expanded to Russia and China

What does north korea want l.jpg
What does North Korea want?

  • Recognition

  • Security

  • Economic aid