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NORTH KOREA. Location. Why has this state been accused of supporting terrorism?.

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  2. Location

  3. Why has this state been accused of supporting terrorism? • Not been associated with any acts of terrorism since 1987- though pronoun for its influences of spreading communism- 1970- North Koreans hijacked a Japanese jet in the means to foment a worldwide revolution for communism • Conducting secret nuclear weapons program in violation of the Agreed Framework of 1994 • Accused of supporting terrorism through ownership of Nuclear Weapons which US describes as being ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction.’More imminent concern is own nuclear capabilities • According to US State Department-sellingmissile technology to Libya and Syria • Also, evidence that Kim Jong-Il's regime has unknowing sold smaller weapons to separatist groups • Philippines allege North Korea did an arms deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front • Such sales suggest source of hard currency being developed in North Korea

  4. What terrorist actions have been connected to this state? • Associated with supplying Iran and Syria sold ballistic-missile technology- both countries on US State Dep. list of sponsors of terrorism -linked to many terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda forces locatedacross many states. • Missile technology also been transferred to Pakistan and Yemen • Alleged missile sales are prime concern for US- led ‘War on Terrorism’

  5. Following September 2007 Israeli air strike in Syria, some analysts speculated North Korea had sole nuclear material to Syria which Israel discovered and destroyed • Nuclear facilities violate Non-Proliferation Treaty and Agreed Framework of 1994 • Developed several missiles that can reach a target of up to 1,550 miles • Attempted assassination of South Korean President, Chun Doo Hwan, through bombing his scheduled visit to a memorial in Myanmar.- Was unsuccessful as the timing of the bombs went off before his arrival killing 17 South Korean

  6. From your research and understanding, do these actions constitute a ‘terrorist state?’ • Does constitute to a ‘terrorist state’ because:* supplying weaponry for the purpose of attacking other countries* exertion of influence, power and fear over people to promote communism ideology * attacks against South Korea in an attempt to destroy the state THEN reunify

  7. What does the state seek to achieve by utilising terrorist methods? • Reunification of the North and South- though 2 sides always been prepared to destroy each other for reunification -On several occasions, both governments taken various steps in order to discuss peaceful reunification though have failed - US supports Korean reunification under a democratic government • Further enhancing military to be a threat to countries - has one of the largest armies in the world - estimated 1.2 million active military personnel compared to 680,000 in the South - military spending estimated to be quarter of GDP -2003- $5 billion-2007- $10 billion

  8. Put forward ideological aims of spreading the word of communism to it neighbouring states-Such as the brain washing citizens in Japan • Nuclear weaponry allows North Korea to seek alliances with many countries as the state has the ability to pose a threat of war. • Influences and threats against North Korea’s own people to seek the attention of western states. -Countries such as the U.S. are then obliged to give either humanitarian aid or money to keep the country at peace.-Ultimately having a strong power of ‘influence’, could lead to the unity of North andSouth Korea once again.

  9. How successfully has the state achieved these aims? • Not been successful in achieving reunification by North and South- New tensions arising in November 2010 when North Korea emerged with details of pressing ahead with its illegal nuclear program.- resulted in bombings whichkilled 2 South Korean soldiersand a dozen injured through the firing of artillery shells onto the South Korean islandsetting more than 60 houses ablaze • Spread of ideological aims through terrorism also unsuccessful, with Japan still remaining as a democratic state.-Although communism hasn’t spread to Japan, Korea’s own people are exposed to this ideology forcing its people to comply with it, with minimum freedom of speech allowed to be expressed.

  10. Successful in entering negotiations with the U.S.- North Korea closed its only operating nuclear reactor in 2007.- Allowed the U.S. to officially drop North Korea from its list of state-sponsors of terrorism. This step forward allowed both states to an even path of normal diplomatic relations, allowing both nations to develop several agreements and negotiations to even formally end the Korean War. • By eliminating its nuclear weaponry, it has allowed the country’s aims to be successfully achieved in the near future.

  11. What has been this state’s reaction to the ‘war on Terror’? • George W. Bush named Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the ‘Axis of Evil’-called ‘rogue states’ as they do not respect international law and often have programs to develop weapons of mass destruction • Announced it was running a nuclear weapon developmentprogram, in violation of treaties, and wouldbe willing to negotiate a new position with theUS- In response, US stated North Korea is not as great danger as Iraq • Been in US State Dep. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism since 1988 though recentlyremoved.

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