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China. Cheryl McMurtry. ED 417 Winter 2008. Lesson on China . Focus on: First Grade Travel Journal: The Seven Continents (China). Objective #1. Learn that Asia is one of the seven continents and locate it on the globe. Objective #2. Learn that China is a country in Asia. Objective #3.

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    1. China

    2. Cheryl McMurtry ED 417 Winter 2008

    3. Lesson on China Focus on: First Grade Travel Journal: The Seven Continents (China)

    4. Objective #1 Learn that Asia is one of the seven continents and locate it on the globe.

    5. Objective #2 Learn that China is a country in Asia.

    6. Objective #3 Explore the culture, people, animal’s, language, and traditions of China.

    7. Related Literature: • Celebrating Chinese New Year, by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith • (ISBN 0-8234-1520-1) • The Runaway Rice Cake, by Ying Chang Compestine • (ISBN 0-689-82972-8) • This Next New Year, by Janet S. Wong • (ISBN 0-374-35503-7) • Happy New Year!, by Demi • (ISBN 0-517-88592-1) • Happy, Happy Chinese New Year!, by Demi • (ISBN 0-375-82642-4) • Huan Ching and the Golden Fish, by Michael Reeser • (ISBN 0-8172-2751-2) • The Dancing Dragon, by Marcia Vaughan • (ISBN 1-57255-134-8) • Sam and the Lucky Money, by Karen Chinn • (ISBN 1-880000-53-9)

    8. Materials Needed: • Books (see book list) • Construction paper • Scissors • Glue • Globe • Poem, Happy Chinese New Year • Tape • Tissue paper • Paint • Markers • Travel Journal: The Seven Continents (premade by teacher for each child- entries provide prompts for children to write) • Pencils • Chinese Counting books (premade by teacher) • This Powerpoint Presentation!

    9. Related Websites:

    10. Activity #1 Chinese Lanterns: Fold a piece of rectangular paper in half. Start at the fold. Make several partial cuts. Make sure each cut stops at the same place. Open the paper and join the shorter edges. Secure them with tape or glue. Decorate the lantern with colorful tissue paper, paint, and magic markers.

    11. Activity #2 • Chinese Counting Books: • This book is a premade book with numbers one through twelve. • Each page has the a number with the corresponding Chinese number. There is a picture on each page of a Chinese object or objects representing that number. There is a sentence strip on the bottom of each page for the child to write the Chinese spelling of the word. • This activity incorporates writing and math!

    12. Activity #3 • Explore Literature: • Read one or two of the stories from the book list. Place the remainder of the books in a basket for the children to explore in their free time. • Introduce the poem, Happy Chinese New Year. You could also blow the poem up onto a large sheet to hang in the room for the children to refer to on their own. • During circle time, talk about some Chinese traditions such as Chinese New Year. (The perfect time for this lesson is on or around the Chinese New Year!) • Show children a globe and point out the continent Asia. Explain to children that there are many countries in Asia, and now we are going to talk about and explore China.

    13. Activity #4 • Happy Chinese New Year Poem Fill-in (writing/reading activity): • Happy Chinese New Year • “Gung Hay Fat Choy!” • In China, every girl and boy • Celebrates the New Year • In a very special way- • With fireworks and dragons • Colored red and gold- • They welcome in the new year • And chase away the old! • Make copies of this poem with words omitted and replaced with lines. Do this as a class activity or have the children do it on their own while looking at the copy that is posted in the room. • Encourage children to learn how to say Happy New Year in Chinese (“Gung Hay Fat Choy!”).

    14. Activity #5 Circly Snake: (Materials needed: construction paper, scissors, glue, and a good imagination!) Tear out an estimated 12 pieces of construction paper and cut them into 3 cm strips. When that is complete, start to put the construction strips into rings and glue them. As you glue, link one ring into another to form a chain. When all the gluing is complete get another piece of construction paper, draw a snake head, and cut it out. When that is complete, glue the head on and enjoy!

    15. Travel Journal: The Seven Continents (China)(Activity #6)

    16. Today we visited____________. China

    17. It is in the continent of ________. Asia

    18. The people speak_________. Chinese

    19. This is how you say “Hello”, _____. NeehaOW

    20. This is what we learned about the country…(These facts are to be filled in on the journal entry-3 prompts)

    21. Asia has the largest saltwater lake.

    22. Pandas live in China.

    23. Asia is the largest continent.

    24. Picture of flag(to be glued onto journal entry)

    25. Picture of continent/country(to be glued onto journal entry)