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Arctic Explorer. Define: . Walruses. Crevasses. Foxes. Inexperienced – not an expert, new at doing something Independent – alone, without help Unfriendly – not friendly, not kind to strangers. Some other things to know about:. Caribou. Reindeer. Trivia Fact:

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Inexperienced – not an expert, new at doing something
  • Independent – alone, without help
  • Unfriendly – not friendly, not kind to strangers

Trivia Fact:

When the Vikings were exploring the world, they discovered two places. One

Place was covered in ice, the other was beautiful and green. They didn’t want

Everyone to come and take over their new discovery so they decided to trick

People by naming the countries as opposites.



How did we do?

Expedition – a journey made to accomplish something

Arctic – having to do with the North Pole

Trek – a difficult trip or journey

Peculiar – strange or unusual

Constellation – a group of fixed stars having a name

Crevasses – deep cracks in a glacier or in the earth’s surface

Insulation – a material that keeps heat from being lost

background knowledge
Background Knowledge

This is Matthew Henson. He was born in 1866. At 14 he started to work on a sailing ship, where he learned navigation, carpentry, and mechanics. He also studies books in the captain’s library. When the captain died Matthew started to work for Robert Peary. Peary asked Henson to join him on an expedition to Greenland.

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Matthew Henson

Robert Peary

Their ship.

Inuit means “real people”. Eskimos (or Inuit) ate meat raw while it was still warm or frozen, which is why they smelled like walruses, seals, and blubber (whale fat).

Eskimos did not take baths. A mother would clean her babies like a cat would clean her kittens.



Open your OCR books to page 330.

Scan the pages of this Nonfiction story. Pay attention to titles, captions, and bold words.

Anything to add to the concept/question board?

8 min


Why are reading this story?

How does it meet our goals for the unit?

How does it fit into the Survival Unit?

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