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Johnny Appleseed

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Johnny Appleseed. Keri, Jen, Jes & John ED 417-02. Johnny Appleseed. 2nd Grade Let’s celebrate Johnny Chapman’s birthday by learning about his life . Objectives. For students to have a better understanding of Johnny Appleseed’s journey across the United States

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Johnny Appleseed

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johnny appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Keri, Jen, Jes & John

ED 417-02

johnny appleseed2
Johnny Appleseed
  • 2nd Grade
  • Let’s celebrate Johnny Chapman’s birthday by learning about his life
  • For students to have a better understanding of Johnny Appleseed’s journey across the United States
  • Have students graph & compare numbers
  • Distinguish & illustrate the stages of an apple tree
  • Understand what makes plants grow
  • Learn proper letter writing technique & develop reflective thinking
materials needed
Materials Needed
  • Books on Johnny Appleseed
  • Websites on Johnny Appleseed
  • Apples (green, yellow, red)
  • Map of United States
  • Paint & Paintbrushes
  • Pots, soil, seeds
  • Writing paper, pencils
  • Cloth grid
websites about johnny appleseed
Websites about Johnny Appleseed
  • - Johnny Appleseed Home Page
  • - Appleseed Alley
  • - J Appleseed & Co
  • - Johnny Appleseed
  • - Johnny Appleseed
song about johnny thank you johnny appleseed
Song about Johnny“Thank You Johnny Appleseed”

Thank you Johnny Appleseed.

We owe you quite a lot,

For the apples that you planted

With a Bible and a cooking pot.

Your seeds were planted far and wide.

You gave a helping hand.

A friendly word you had for all,

Across our frontier land.

Thank you Johnny Appleseed.

We owe you quite a lot.

The lovely trees and apples,

And the lessons that you taught.

activity 1 math
Activity #1 - Math
  • Each child chooses which color of apple is their favorite
  • Place apple on graph
  • Compare and contrast totals
more math activities
More Math Activities
  • Sort colors of apples
  • Sort sizes of apples
  • Create patterns of colors with the apples
  • Use apples to do adding and subtracting
more math activities9
More Math Activities
  • Have children cut apples to learn about fractions
  • Sequencing the life of an apple tree
  • Tallying apples
activity 2 social studies
Activity #2 - Social Studies
  • Teacher reads Johnny Appleseed by Steven Kellogg
  • Children draw apples on map of United States as Johnny ‘walks’ throughout each state
ss activity continued
SS Activity Continued
  • Locating and naming states
  • Discuss the months that Johnny was able to plant seeds
  • Use a calendar to mark out the months during his journey
more ss activities
More SS Activities
  • Place events from Johnny Appleseed’s life on a time line
  • Listen to and discuss songs, poetry, literature and drama
  • Make a map of their neighborhood and where they could plant appleseeds
activity 3 art
Activity #3 - Art
  • From reading in book, children will paint the different stages of an apple tree
  • They will use red, white, brown, green paint
art activites continued
Art Activites Continued
  • Draw a picture of Johnny Appleseed
  • Make a diorama of Johnny Appleseed’s cabin
  • Coloring Johnny Appleseed pictures
activity 4 science
Activity #4 - Science
  • Children will learn about how plants grow through a science experiment
  • Some seeds will be watered, some will have sun, some will have neither
science activities continued
Science Activities Continued
  • Make applesauce and other apple foods
  • Tasting different kinds of apples
  • Discuss Johnny Appleseed’s health and nutrition due to living outdoors
activity 5 language arts
Activity #5 - Language Arts
  • Children will learn about proper letter writing techniques
  • They will write Happy Birthday letters to Johnny
  • They will also write to Johnny telling him about what they learned in class about his life
language arts continued
Language Arts Continued
  • Write a poem about Johnny Appleseed
  • Write & Direct a play about Johnny Appleseed
  • Predict what might of happened if Johnny lived longer
johnny appleseed poem
Johnny Appleseed Poem

In The Apple Tree

Tune: This Old Man

Away up high in the apple tree

Two red apples smiled at me.

I shook that tree

as hard as I could

Down came the apples

Mmmmm were they good!

this is done

This Is Done

How About Them Apples?