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Johnny Appleseed

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Johnny Appleseed Shari Wood ED 417-02 Johnny Appleseed Apples Unit First Grade Johnny Appleseed lessons Objective Students will learn who Johnny Appleseed was and why his contribution (planting apples) was important to our society.

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Johnny Appleseed

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johnny appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Shari Wood

ED 417-02

johnny appleseed2
Johnny Appleseed
  • Apples Unit
  • First Grade
  • Johnny Appleseed lessons
  • Students will learn who Johnny Appleseed was and why his contribution (planting apples) was important to our society.
  • Students will be able to write three facts about Johnny Appleseed.
  • Students will know important events in Johnny Appleseed’s life.
social studies activity johnny appleseed trail
Social Studies ActivityJohnny Appleseed Trail
  • Read book "Johnny Appleseed" by Steven Kellogg
  • Students will discuss what Johnny Appleseed would bring with him on his travels.
  • Students will look at the relief map and discuss what natural barriers are.
  • Students will use the relief map and will figure out the best path from Massachusetts to Ohio avoiding natural barriers.
  • With different color markers have each group plot their route on the wall map and tell why they went that way.
materials for social studies
Materials for Social Studies
  • Book “Johnny Appleseed” by Stephen Kellogg
  • relief map of the United States
  • individual blank maps
  • markers
  • crayons
social studies standards
Social Studies Standards
  • Standard: Geography
  • Benchmark:
  • Indicator: 3. Identify and use symbols to locate places of significance on maps and globes.
extras for students in social studies activities
Extras for Students in Social Studies Activities
  • Events:
    • Johnny Appleseed Museum
      • Web Site: Urbana’s Johnny Appleseed Museum
    • Johnny Appleseed Festival
      • Web Site: Johnny Appleseed Festival
writing activity
Writing Activity
  • Students will listen to the book “Johnny Appleseed” and learn some new facts about him.
  • Students will participate in discussion about Johnny Appleseed.
  • The teacher will write several different sentences about him.
writing activity continued
Writing Activity continued…
  • Students will then go to their seats and pick at least three of their favorite sentences and write them on their paper.
  • After writing their sentences they will color their paper.
materials needed for writing activity
Materials Needed for Writing Activity
  • Book “Johnny Appleseed” by Aliki
  • Large paper for teacher to write Johnny Appleseed sentences on
  • Paper with lines for students to write on
  • Students will use their own crayons to color the
  • Computers
standards for writing activity
Standards for Writing Activity
  • Standard: Writing Applications
  • Benchmark: A. Compose writings that convey a clear message and include well-chosen details.
  • Indicator: 2. Write responses to stories that include simple judgments about the text.
extras for students in writing activities
Extras for Students in Writing Activities
  • Students can go to the web site and look up more information about Johnny Appleseed.

-Web site: John Chapman- A gentle hero

  • Students will be able to go online and take a small quiz about Johnny Appleseed.

- Web site: The story of Johnny Chapman

johnny appleseed song for students
Johnny Appleseed SongFor Students
  • Read “Ten Apples up on Top” by Dr. Seuss
  • Students will sing Johnny Appleseed song.
    • Johnny Appleseed by Ron Brown

Web site: Songs for Teaching

    • Listen to this song
apple math
Apple Math
  • Since Johnny Appleseed planted apples we will taste three different types of apples (red, yellow, and green).
  • Students will be able to taste red apples, yellow apples, and green apples. After tasting they will choose their favorite.
  • Students will go to the carpet and will make a graph together. Each student will get to come up and put a cut out of their color of apple.
apple math cont
Apple Math cont…
  • After all students have up their apples on the graph students will count all of the apples on the graph.
  • After all students have up their apples on the graph students will count all of the apples on the graph.
  • Students will then identify which color was the classes favorite. They will then talk about the difference in the amounts between the favorite and the least favorite.
materials needed for math activity
Materials Needed for Math Activity
  • The teacher needs a knife to cut the apples
  • Red, yellow, and green apples
  • Large paper to make graph
  • Red, yellow, and green apple cut outs
standards for math activity
Standards for Math Activity
  • Standard: Data Analysis and Probability
  • Benchmark: B. Sort and classify objects by attributes, and organize data into categories in a simple table or graph.
  • Indicator: 7. Answer questions abut the number of objects represented in a picture graph, bar graph, or table graph; eg., category with most, how many more in a category compared to another, how many altogether in two categories.
extras for students for math activity
Extras for Students for Math Activity
  • Students can go to the web site and look for hidden items in a Johnny Appleseed picture.
  • Web Site: Johnny Appleseed Hidden Pictures
johnny appleseed science
Johnny Appleseed Science
  • Students will each bring in an apple to school.
  • The teacher will cut up the apples and place them into a crock pot.
  • Students will come up in groups and add ingredients to the apples.
  • The groups will add apples, water, sugar, and cinnamon.
apple science cont
Apple Science cont…
  • Through out the day students will get a chance to look in the crock pot to see the apples changing.
  • The teacher will mash the apples up periodically through out the day.
  • After several hours apples should be broken down into applesauce.
  • Put into cups and let students taste the applesauce they have made.
materials needed for science activity
Materials Needed for Science Activity
  • Teacher needs a knife
  • Bag of extra apples
  • Measuring cups
  • Sugar, water, cinnamon, and apples
standards for science activity
Standards for Science Activity
  • Standard: Physical Sciences
  • Benchmark: A. Discover that many objects are made of parts that have different characteristics. Describe these characteristics and recognize ways an object may change.
  • Indicator:4. Explore changes that greatly change the properties of an object (eg.,burning paper) and changes that leave the properties largely unchanged (eg., tearing paper).
extras for students in science activities
Extras for Students in Science Activities
  • Fun Activity
  • How do you make apple juice?
    • Take fresh apples and cut them up
    • Put apple pieces into blender
    • Blend up apples to make juice
    • Let students sample the fresh apple juice and compare it to some store bought apple juice.
johnny appleseed movie
Johnny Appleseed Movie
  • Students will watch Johnny Appleseed movie.
  • Other fun Johnny Appleseed websites:
    • Web site: Enchanted learning
      • Online coloring page of Johnny Appleseed