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JOHNNY APPLESEED. Courtenay Jones CI 350 April 2007. Introduction…. Johnny Appleseed’s contributions. Facts about his life and journey. Writing skills Reading Comprehension Skills Map Skills. I. Analyze Learners…. 7-8 years old 2 nd Grade Must know 1-digit addition.

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johnny appleseed


Courtenay Jones

CI 350

April 2007

  • Johnny Appleseed’s contributions.
  • Facts about his life and journey.
  • Writing skills
  • Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Map Skills
i analyze learners
I. Analyze Learners…
  • 7-8 years old
  • 2nd Grade
  • Must know 1-digit addition
ii state objectives
II. State Objectives
  • SS.2.5.3 - Explore, compare and contrast the past contributions of heroic people using sources such as stories, folk tales, pictures, poems, songs, legends, holidays and customs.
  • RLA.2.1.7 - Respond to both literal and interpretive comprehension questions after reading a short story selection that is developmentally appropriate.
  • RLA.2.1.6 - Use basic comprehension skills to understand a story (e.g., story elements; main idea; sequence; cause/effect; predicting; drawing conclusions; fact or opinion; summarizing; responding creatively to texts).
  • MA.2.1.10 - Model 2- and 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.
state objectives cont
State Objectives, cont.
  • RLA.2.2.3 - Begin to use the five step writing process (e.g., graphic organizers for pre-writing; descriptive words and details for drafting and revising; use of age appropriate dictionaries for editing and publishing; conferencing to edit: punctuation; capitalization; spelling at developmentally appropriate level).
  • SS.2.4.1 - Recognize West Virginia by shape and relative location.
  • TEC.2.3.3 - Identify and use electronic drawing/paint programs to combine graphics and text.
  • SS.2.4.2 – Demonstrate knowledge of cardinal directions, a compass rose and map legends on a map.
  • TEC.2.3.1 - Use a word processing program, to create, save, print and open existing files.
iii select media material
III. Select Media & Material…
  • The Story of Johnny Appleseed, Handouts/worksheets, Word searches, computers w/Word program, paint program, crayons/colored pencils, maps, whiteboard, apple seeds, and printer.
  • Websites used:

Educator's Reference Desk

- For the teacher, provides questions.

Success Link

- For the teacher, provides example of map activity.


- For the teacher, provides biography.

Johnny Appleseed

- For the students, online crossword puzzle.

iv utilize media materials
IV. Utilize Media & Materials…
  • Hands-on, brief lectures, activities, student oriented.
  • Day One (Monday) –
      • Read The Story of Johnny Appleseed.
      • Class discussion of his contributions.
      • Facts about his life.
      • Define folk tale & legend.
      • Crossword puzzle activity.
  • Day Two (Tuesday) –
      • Major story elements, main ideas, sequencing.
      • Use the story as an example for reading skills.
      • Matching/fill-in the blank worksheet for children.
utilize materials cont
Utilize Materials, cont.
  • Day Three (Wednesday) –
    • 2-digit addition with regrouping.
    • Pass out addition worksheet & apple seeds for counters.
    • Creating graphic organizer for letter to Johnny Appleseed.
  • Day Four (Thursday) –
    • Finish graphic organizers
    • Begin rough drafts
utilize materials cont9
Utilize Materials, cont.
  • Day Five (Friday) –
    • Finish rough drafts.
    • Assign students to a partner.
    • Edit/revise each other’s letter.
    • Work on revisions.
  • Day Six (Monday) –
    • Divide students into two groups.
    • One group will make a map of Johnny’s journey.
    • The other group will use the paint program to create a picture of Johnny Appleseed.
utilize materials cont10
Utilize Materials, cont.
  • Day Seven (Tuesday) –
    • Group one will finish maps, include title/compass rose/legend
    • Group two will finish picture and print.
    • Switch groups’ assignments.
  • Day Eight (Wednesday) –
    • Finish maps/pictures.
    • Finish revising rough drafts.
    • Students will begin typing their final drafts on Word program.
    • Coloring pages, word searches, provided for students due to number of computers.
    • Once students are finished typing, save file and let another student use the computer.
utilize materials cont11
Utilize Materials, cont.
  • Day Nine (Thursday) –
    • Students will open their files, finish letters, then print.
    • Extra time to finish all assignments.
  • Day Ten (Friday) –
    • Free day.
    • Students can show off their work to other students.
    • Talk about what they have learned.
    • Provide treats – apple cider, caramel apples, etc. for students.
iv require learner participation
IV. Require Learner Participation…
  • Hold students’ interest by involving them in activities.
  • Hands-on assignments.
  • Creativity/Imagination.
  • Computer projects.
v evaluation
V. Evaluation…
  • Class discussion.
  • Comprehension worksheets.
  • 2-digit addition worksheet.
  • Map assignment.
  • Picture assignment.
  • Graphic organizer, rough draft, and final draft of letter.