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Johnny Appleseed

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Johnny Appleseed . Amber Bertke ED 417-02. Unit: Johnny Appleseed. Grade : 2 nd Objectives : Upon completion of this unit students will be able to: locate the states where Johnny Appleseed traveled on United States map. plot travels of Johnny Appleseed on map. develop a time line.

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johnny appleseed

Johnny Appleseed

Amber Bertke

ED 417-02

unit johnny appleseed
Unit: Johnny Appleseed
  • Grade: 2nd
  • Objectives: Upon completion of this unit students will be able to:
    • locate the states where Johnny Appleseed traveled on United States map.
    • plot travels of Johnny Appleseed on map.
    • develop a time line.
    • demonstrate critical thinking skills.
    • describe human-environment interaction.
    • locate place of birth on United States map and count how many states it is away from Ohio.
  • The story of Johnny Appleseed gives students a brief view of the journey across the northern part of the United States. The information and activities will be used to develop mapping and critical thinking skills for students in order for them to understand the place, movement and human-environment interaction.

Book: Johnny Appleseed

  • Wall Map of the United States
  • Apple stickers
  • United States black line map
  • Crayons
  • Stick pins
lesson 1
Lesson #1
  • Before reading Johnny Appleseed, start a KWL chart with the students.
  • Take a picture walk and then write down what they “know” about Johnny Appleseed.
  • Next, ask the students what questions they have about him. Write what they “want” to know.
  • Make sure the students remember to think about what they want to know while the story is being read to them.
kwl continued
KWL Continued
  • Lastly, fill out what the students learned from the book.
  • Compare and contrast each column.
  • Did they answer any questions they had?
  • Did they learn anything new?
  • Are there still things to be learned?
lesson 2
Lesson #2
  • On United States map locate states where Johnny Appleseed traveled.
  • Using the black line United States map, color the states traveled by Johnny Appleseed.
  • Review each state colored on map.
  • Worksheet: The completed map of the United States will be used as an evaluation of the students' understanding of place and location of the travels of Johnny Appleseed.
lesson 3
Lesson #3
  • Using a United States map, look at the types of land Johnny Appleseed traveled. (flat, hilly, or mountains)
  • In small groups, students will decide what Johnny Appleseed carried in his nap-sack.
  • On construction paper, each student will draw items that Johnny Appleseed would need.
  • On bulletin board we will display these items.
  • Students will discuss why each item they drew would be needed.
  • Observe how the students work in small groups and how they use critical thinking skills. The final pictures of Johnny Appleseed's nap-sack will determine the students' understanding of the lesson.
lesson 4
Lesson #4
  • Discuss the different varieties of apples and which states they are grown in.
  • Have students come up to the map and place a stick-um on the correct state.
  • Compare these states to the states that Johnny Appleseed traveled.
varieties of apples
Massachusetts - Golden Delicious

Connecticut – McIntosh

Granny Smith

Pennsylvania - Jonagold, and Johnathan

Ohio - Rome Beauty

Indiana - Red Delicious, Stayman

Varieties of Apples:
charting their apples
Charting Their Apples
  • When you have the apples in class to show what each kind looks like, let the students try them.
  • Cut up each apple for everyone to have a small sliver.
  • The students should write down the apple that they liked the best.
  • Graph this on a chart.
  • Teacher observation of students placing apples on correct state will determine if students can find certain states on the map.
  • Graphs will also be turned in and kept in their Math binders under “graphing.”
lesson 5 end of unit activity
Lesson #5: End of Unit Activity
  • Make Applesauce!!!
  • Have volunteer parents come in if needed to work with children
  • A microwave nearby is essential.
  • Each child should have list of ingredients but work in groups of four for activity.
  • 6 cups chopped apples
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (if desired)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Core and chop apples into small chunks of uniform size (1/2 inch). Place apples in large microwave-safe bowl. Add 1/4 cup water to bowl. Cover and microwave on high 15 minutes. Stir apples. Continue to microwave, uncovered, until apples are very tender, about 5 minutes longer.
  • Using potato masher, coarsely mash apples. If skins are too chewy, use a food processor to promote desired texture and break up apple skin. Mix in cinnamon and sugar (if desired).
web sites
Web Sites
    • Short biography of Johnny Appleseed
    • Quick suggestions for activities in a unit.
    • Everything you need to know about Johnny Appleseed not just for teachers
web sites23
Web Sites
    • Worksheets, word scrambles, and graphs on apples