specifications of led corn bulb n.
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High CRI Led Corn Bulb – Online in USA PowerPoint Presentation
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High CRI Led Corn Bulb – Online in USA

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High CRI Led Corn Bulb – Online in USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High CRI Led Corn Bulb – Online in USA
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  1. Specifications ofLED Corn Bulb 125W 20W I 60W I 100W www.ledmyplace.com

  2. Specifications of LED Corn Bulb LEDMyplace offers high lumen output LED Corn Bulb which replaces the old traditional bulb and helps to reduce energy consumption by 75%. This corn bulb has high CRI which emits the quality light to show the true color of objects. Features High Lumen & CRI High lumen specifies the quality lighting output which spread the light from the high ceiling. This lighting bulb offers around 14000 lumens to the surface with the high CRI (Color Rendering Index) around 80. Thermal Heat Sink Aluminum heat sink dissipation helps the fixture to keep cool which improves the performance of fixture. Colour Temperature The color temperature of the fixture is 5700K which emits the day white light at the beam angle of 360°. www.ledmyplace.com

  3. Operating Duration The lifespan of this fixture is 50,000 hours which is 3 times longer than a fluorescent bulb. If you use this bulb 12 hours per day, this bulb will have your back for 5 years. Maintenance Cost As compares to other traditional bulbs, LED Corn Bulb comes with a Low maintenance cost. LED Cob Chips LED Cob chips play an important role in the illuminating light. Our corn bulb has Epistar LED chips which are known to produce maximum operating efficiency. www.ledmyplace.com

  4. Application • Retail Stores • Garden Area • Mega Store • Plant Lights • Walkways • Residential Roads • Entrance Area (Commercial and Industrial area) www.ledmyplace.com

  5. THANK YOU 888-972-6211 info@ledmyplace.com www.ledmyplace.com