Jehan ara president pakistan software houses association for it ites p@sha
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Jehan Ara President Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT&ITES (P@SHA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The state of IT innovation in Pakistan Jehan Ara President Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT&ITES (P@SHA) The only way to predict the future is to invent it – Alan Kay Mindstorm Studios: Cricket Revolution A multiplayer PC Game – APITCA Winner

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Jehan ara president pakistan software houses association for it ites p@sha l.jpg

The state of

IT innovation in Pakistan

Jehan AraPresidentPakistan Software Houses Association for IT&ITES (P@SHA)

Mindstorm studios cricket revolution a multiplayer pc game apitca winner l.jpg
Mindstorm Studios: Cricket RevolutionA multiplayer PC Game – APITCA Winner

Slide4 l.jpg
TPS Pakistan: IRISNext Generation Transaction & Channel ManagementClients: 110 banks in 28 countries (APICTA Winner)

Slide5 l.jpg

Title: Paiker Launch Party

Tags: launch paiker Olympics

Comments: Go Paiker GO!

Who are all these people?

Your photos and videos

PixSense: PixSense PSPClients: Telenor, Vodaphone,Telcos in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia – APICTA Winner

PixSense PSP enables mobile subscriber to intuitively upload & organize media from anywhere and share it with anyone – with one click

Sofcom spectrum monitors end to end manufacturing process l.jpg
Sofcom:SpectrumMonitors end-to-end manufacturing process

Lumensoft candela retail management system l.jpg
Lumensoft:CandelaRetail Management System

Chopaal pk pakistan s largest sms social network l.jpg Pakistan’s largest SMS social network

Aerocar rugged inexpensive heat dust resistant biometric atms with open source software l.jpg
Aerocar Rugged, inexpensive, heat & dust resistant biometric ATMs with Open Source software

Cr pl settleall traffic settlement system l.jpg
CR-PL: SettleAll Traffic Settlement System

Slide11 l.jpg
Netsol: LeasesoftEnd-to-end Leasing & Finance Solution – APICTA WinnerClients: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Daimler Crysler

Slide12 l.jpg
Mixit TechnologiesTrading platforms/order routing solutionsClients: Nasdaq, etc. & 250 US brokerage houses

Scrybe groundbreaking technology investment from adobe inc lmkr l.jpg
ScrybeGroundbreaking technologyInvestment from Adobe Inc & LMKR

Slide14 l.jpg
Folio 3: Secretbuilders.comVirtual World of LearningSimilar to “Second Life” – learning through playing

Tkxel technology accelerated l.jpg
TkxelTechnology Accelerated

Jaadu vnc sells for us 25 on the apple app store developed while doing his phd l.jpg
Jaadu VNCSells for US$25 on the Apple App StoreDeveloped while doing his PhD

Ikonami clients uk national health service affiliated hospitals l.jpg
IkonamiClients: UK National Health Service & affiliated hospitals

Etilize content management solutions clients walmart apple google ebay microsoft amazon l.jpg
EtilizeContent Management SolutionsClients: Walmart, Apple, Google,eBay, Microsoft, Amazon

Alchemy technologies risk management basel ii solutions clients major banks l.jpg
Alchemy TechnologiesRisk Management & Basel II SolutionsClients: Major Banks

Cambridge docs xml publishing engine xdoc view for microsoft adobe and other business documents l.jpg
Cambridge DocsXML Publishing Engine (xDoc View) for Microsoft, Adobe and other business documents

Lmkr siesmic data management workflow solutions l.jpg
LMKRSiesmic Data Management & Workflow Solutions

Slide22 l.jpg
TechlogixDelivering BPM SolutionsClients: General Electric, States of Illinois, Arkansas & New Mexico, Viisage Technology, Nestle

Slide23 l.jpg
Systems LtdInsurance, Mortgage & Loan Processing Solutions, Apparel Solutions Clients: Most of the mortgage US banks; Liz Clayborne

Sofizar from us 800 000 to us 30 million in 3 years seo sem detecting online fraud analytics l.jpg
SofizarFrom US$800,000 to US$30 million in 3 yearsSEO, SEM, Detecting Online Fraud, Analytics

Trgtech creating revolutionary technology l.jpg
TRGTechCreating Revolutionary Technology

Slide29 l.jpg
Regional recognition1 Winner at APICTA in 2006 & 20073 Winners at APICTA in 20082 Winners at APICTA in 2009

So there is no doubt l.jpg
So there is no doubt

There is a lot of


taking place in

the Pakistan IT sector

Is everything hunky dory l.jpg
Is everything hunky dory?



Some of the challenges l.jpg
Some of the challenges

Insufficient quantity of quality resource

Experimentation missing

Lack of Access to finance

Market Access

Lack of Clustering & Knowledge Sharing

More challenges l.jpg
More challenges

Lack of understanding of potential of IT sector amongst policy makers

Gaps in Regulation

Packaging & Branding

Image of Pakistan

There is 17 year old zayd enam winner at apicta 2009 in melbourne l.jpg
There is 17 year old Zayd EnamWinner at APICTA 2009 in Melbourne

Slide36 l.jpg
And many more kids like Zayd Enam out there who just need an opportunity to show us what they can do!

Thank you l.jpg
Thank you opportunity