houses in qatar n.
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  1. HOUSES IN Qatar Sara Al Thani

  2. Constance 1.What are houses 2.The first type of houses 3.Houses made from bricks and segment 4.Houses now 5.Future houses 6.Evolving houses 7.Cautation 8.Change 9.Connection 10.Good

  3. What are houses Houses are shelter for humans and some animals . HOUSES protect them and it is still important until the end of the world(But not forever because it can catch on fire.

  4. The First type of house One of the first houses were the tent. The tent was cover there heads from the rain . Tents are vary old but we still use it but not for are real house.

  5. Houses made from BRICKES AND SEGMENT Houses made out of bricks and segment is still used now but not for houses for restaurants and prayer places. But a long time ago rich people could only afford to live in it that’s how payment changed.

  6. Houses now Houses in the present has more floors and better color and became safer. But people want more than this and scientist has crazier ideas so that’s the answer to that.

  7. Future houses Future houses are much better and safer because scientists try harder to make better thing and safer thing for safety.

  8. to Evolving houses Houses evolved because scientists invent better, fancier and saferhouses because there will be less chances for a fire happening and fancier houses so people think it looks nicer and better so more chance of someone buying it.

  9. Causation Why is it the way it is. It can be a status symbol It can also be a comfortable place for you and your family. IT can be investment.

  10. Change It changed from a tent to soul house to the houses now to the houses in the future.

  11. Connection It is connected to something that protects you from the sun and from robbers.

  12. good If you are a good listener you can watch a very funny video by Charley Caplet.

  13. The endhttp://www.onekey.comhtp://