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International Investment Conference. Pakistan. Two questions from yesterday. Can you maintain or reach a service level and optimize costs? Babar B. Jhumbra I am concerned about attrition rates, shifts and women in call centers? Ms Jehan Ara. Why.

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Two questions from yesterday l.jpg
Two questions from yesterday

  • Can you maintain or reach a service level and optimize costs?

    • Babar B. Jhumbra

  • I am concerned about attrition rates, shifts and women in call centers?

    • Ms Jehan Ara

Slide3 l.jpg

  • If you cannot measure IT, you cannot manage it, either!

  • What gets manage, gets done!

  • Facts generates acts!

Slide4 l.jpg

  • 80 % of Contact Center costs are manpower costs.

  • When your technology works, as it does with 3Dnetworks, its all about having enough people at the phones when customers call.

  • You can optimize staffing between 5 – 15%, just by optimizing luncheons and breaks, and in many cases even more; and that is the difference between profit and loss in a competetive business, like this.

  • You can optimize several skills, channels and optimize front and back-office

  • And, it the agents also can work according to their preferences, they stay longer, and don´t leave!

  • That makes the pay-back witin one year even more attractive

Non optimized staffing l.jpg
Non-optimized staffing

Too high costs!

Too high costs!

Loss of revenues

Manpower costs 80 %

IT costs and other costs 20 %

Optimized staffing l.jpg
Optimized staffing!


Manpower costs 80 %

IT costs and other costs 20 %

Teleopti ab l.jpg
Teleopti AB

  • 300+ customers that IMPROVE and enable further growth

  • Over 95 % of Teleopti customers are willing to recommend Teleopti to others customers

  • 3Dnetworks is our reseller in India/Asia

  • Teleopti AB is the largest European WFM company with 60 employees and seven offices in Europe and one in New Delhi.

  • Founded in 1992. Profitable from year one!

Teleopti ccc l.jpg
Teleopti CCC

  • Customers range from 1 to 50 virtual sites

  • Customers range from 20 to 4 000 agents

  • Teleopti market share is 80% in Scandinavia

  • Approx 15-20% across Europe

  • First installations in India, Chile

  • Next Target Market – Pakistan

Why customers and competition decides required service levels l.jpg
Why? Customers and competition decides required service levels

Understaffing results in abandoned calls and lost business

Manage. Involve. Improve.

What is workforce management l.jpg

WFM your needis an operating philosophy and a business culture, not a box that sits on your desk.

It is a process – Not a Product

Every contact center practices WFM to varying degrees of success, some have a tool to help them.

What is Workforce Management?

Workforce management is a balance act l.jpg

Long term (strategic) your need

Short term (operational)

Teleopti Contact Center Coach supports all aspects of WFM


Workforce Management is a balance act

The right person

At the right place

At the right time

Manage. Involve. Improve.

A balanced approach to support your business l.jpg

Customer your needsatisfaction

A balanced approach to support your business











Manage. Involve. Improve.

Teleopti ccc key elements for wfm l.jpg
Teleopti CCC – Key Elements for WFM your need

Elements of Teleopti CCC WFM

  • Forecasting

    All activities

  • Agent Administration

    Manage agent work rules and skills

  • Manage Shift Policies

    For Agents

  • Agent Preferences

  • Automated and optimized scheduling

  • Real time Adherence versus schedules

  • Performance management in reports

    • Agents, Team-leaders, Managers, HR

Teleopti ccc overview l.jpg

Forecast your needall activities

Monitor and improve

Teleopti CCC - Overview

Manage agent work rules and skills

Optimise schedule – balance all needs

Manage shift policies

Agent preferences

Communicate with and involve agents

More accurate forecasting l.jpg
More accurate forecasting your need

  • It is a tool used for forecasting number of agents needed to achieve service level

  • Best available picture for future

  • It is based on historical data – from CTI/ACD to Teleopti DB

  • No limits in the timeframe for your forecasts

  • Manage parallel forecasts similar to your agent skills

  • Manages typical days (Mo – Su)

  • Manages non-typical typical days (holidays, day after advertising, strikes, etc)

  • Staffing forecast is calculated based on call volumes, HT, service levels

Optimised scheduling l.jpg
Optimised Scheduling your need

  • Allows for many possible combinations of schedules where manual alternative allows typically a handful

  • Balance between phone and other activities (meeting, back office, training, etc) is optimised

  • Break and lunch optimised placement

  • Enables agents to interact through Web Portal

  • Ensures fairness between agents

  • Agent involvement due to agent preferences on web portal

  • Automates the compliance with local work time legislations.

Automation of schedule management l.jpg
Automation of schedule management your need

  • Seamless integration with ACD for historical data

  • Creates optimal schedules in 1/1000th the time

  • Less shift changes since agent preferences is a vital input to the system

  • One centralised database for historical data, forecasts and schedules.

  • Daily decisions are made on accurate information

  • No more manual reporting. Information is available on the Web Portal.

Intra day management l.jpg
Intra-day Management your need

  • How can we handle the impact of the individuals who calls in sick?

  • Can we move agents from inbound to revenue positive outbound sales after lunch?

  • Can 2 agents leave earlier today?

  • Can the X team have an extra meeting at 2:00Pm

  • Is our forecast high? low?

  • Are our agents working according to schedules?

Adherence real time l.jpg
Adherence – Real Time your need

  • Adherence – Ability to compare forecasts with reality

  • Sophisticated Scheduling and monitoring is not worth with out improvements

  • Teleopti RTA alerts managers of deviations from expected activity

What if analysis l.jpg
What if analysis your need

  • Ability to determine the impact of a variety of different variables.

  • Can we take more calls with present staff?

  • What if we had more flexible work shifts?

  • What if we added more part time staff?

  • When should we use part time employees?

  • What if we changed lunches from 60 to 45 minutes?

The distributed real time tools in teleopti contact center coach l.jpg
The distributed real time tools in your needTeleopti Contact Center Coach

Early Warning / Real Time Adherence

- identfy need of changes

Web Scheduler

- schedule changes

Agent Schedule Messenger

- notify agents

Performance reporting

- historical adherence

- calls handled

Involve your organisation agent web portal l.jpg
Involve your organisation your need- Agent Web Portal

  • Schedule

  • Preferences

  • Schedule change requests

  • Self assessment

  • Always part of base package

Manage. Involve. Improve.

Evolution not revolution l.jpg
Evolution – not revolution your need

Individual schedules and Preferences for part of organisation

Vary shift start and shift end slightly within teams

Optimise off-phone activities

Break and lunch optimisation

Exactly same schedule as today, in Teleopti CCC


Step by step towards flexible scheduling l.jpg
Step by step towards flexible scheduling your need

  • Simulate effects of different policies

  • Implement for all/parts of organisation

  • Get buy in from agents

Balancing business needs with agent work time preferences l.jpg
Balancing business needs with agent your needwork time preferences

  • Everybody gets all preferences fulfilled

  • No preferences – fair distribution of unwanted shifts

  • Optimise schedule by disregarding some preferences

Result when agents have entered too many ”morning” preferences

Optimise Schedule

By violating preferences, some shifts are moved to meet the customer demand

Case study flexible wfm l.jpg

51 FTE your need

20 week rotations

Smoothness: 90,4%

Fluctuating service levels

Case Study – Flexible WFM

A case where Teleopti replaced another system and introduced flexible scheduling

  • 38 FTE to cover same need

    • Flexible start times

    • Fixed shift lengths

  • Smoothness: 99%

    • Correct service level

The bottom line l.jpg
The Bottom Line! your need

  • Employee costs account for 60% - 70% of over all expenditure in most of CC, we optimize 5 – 25 %!

  • Increase in morale of agents; less attrition, in many cases by 30% of attrition, reducing the cost of new agent training and improving the quality of service!

  • Small administration; one planner per 250 agents!

  • Excellent ROI – breakeven between 6 -12 Months

Thanks l.jpg
Thanks! your need

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