software quality in china status and progress l.
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Software Quality In China Status and Progress

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Software Quality In China Status and Progress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Quality In China Status and Progress Prof. Dehua Ju Co-Founder & Vice President of ASTI Vice President of Shanghai Software Industry Association Director of China Software Industry Association Member of Shanghai Informatization Expert Committee Advisory Board Member of IEEE Software

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software quality in china status and progress

Software Quality In ChinaStatus and Progress

Prof. Dehua Ju

Co-Founder & Vice President of ASTI

Vice President of Shanghai Software Industry Association

Director of China Software Industry Association

Member of Shanghai Informatization Expert Committee

Advisory Board Member of IEEE Software

Nov. 8, 2005

even in its infancy age to be more mature a urgent demand
Even In Its Infancy AgeTo Be More Mature – A Urgent Demand
  • China’s Software and IT Industry Is Just in Their Infancy Age
  • China’s Enterprises just Begin Their Journey to Build Up the IT Systems
  • However Requirements for Robust Development Enforce China To Be Mature More Quickly, Including Software Quality
driven forces in china
Driven Forces In China
  • Software and IT Industry Are Targeted In China To Be New Pillar Industry
  • Put Forward the State Policy “Industralization Driven By Informatization”
  • Facing With Pressure and Challenge From Economic Globalization
  • It is Recognized “Quality Is Lifeblood”
outsourcing a new opportunity to china
Outsourcing – A New Opportunity To China
  • The IT Outsourcing Market Has Reached $163bn By 2004
  • Now Overseas Clients Want a Multiple Choices
  • How China With a Big SW Population Can Smoothly Enter This Market ?
  • Indian Successful Experiences – Quality First
  • India is Our Strong Competitor, But Also a Learning Model
how to speed up the steps toward high quality
How To Speed Up The Steps Toward High Quality
  • Combination With Multiple Lines:
  • Propel from Government
  • Role of Industry Association
  • Movement For Quality/Process Improvement
  • Talents Engineering – Tackle Quality From the Root
qualification for double software
Qualification For ‘Double Software”
  • A State Regulation – Qualification For ‘Double Software’: Software Company and Products
  • Originated from a New Preferential Policy (Document Reference No.18) Announced by The State Council in 2000
  • Only Authorized Software Companies and Registered Software Products Can Enjoy the State’s Preferential Policy, e.g. Tax Exemptions and Reductions
  • So far 9968 Software Companies and 20192 Software Products have got the Certificates in China
testing centers established third party testing
Testing Centers Established-- Third Party Testing
  • As a Part of Software Qualification Program, a Number of Authorized Testing Centers Have been Established in China, Distributed Throughout the Country, to Provide Third Party Testing Services Required
  • China Software Testing Center (CSTC) is the First SW Testing Center in China Approved By China National Accreditation Board of Laboratories (CNAL). So far It Has Certified 5000+ Products, and Served for Acceptance Testing and Auditing of Hundred Information System Projects
  • At Shanghai, There Are Two Software Testing Centers (SSTC), Also Approved By the CNAL, As Branch Center of CSTC to Provide Local Services For Software Testing
  • So far there are 8 SW Testing Centers Approved By CNAL. The Total Number is Close To 30.
spin qai chapters in china
SPIN & QAI Chapters In China
  • For Promoting Software Quality/Process Improvement, the Software Industry Association Acts a Key Role As Advocator and Media For Technology Transfer
  • At Shanghai, the SSIA Built up the Shanghai Software Quality Consortium (SSQC), and The First SPIN and QAI Chapter in China. 18 Famous International Organizations sent their Congratulations to Its Establishment and Admired As ‘A Right Step Towards Right Direction At Right Time’
  • Right Now There Are Five Active SPIN Chapters, Registered at CMU, in China. They are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Nanjing.
software quality movement
Software Quality Movement
  • Chinese software enterprises rush to ISO9000 and CMM-based SPI – A new hot spot
  • Government even promised to provide subsidy to CMM certification (Up To 50%)
  • So far in Shanghai 200 SW companies got ISO9000 certificate, 32 CMM Level 3, 4 CMM Level 4, 5 CMM Level5 and 1 CMMI Level 5 – A Significant Progress
  • Number of Appraisals (Based on CMU/SEI Profile)
  • Mar.2002 Mar. 2004 Mar. 2005
  • China 18 152 243
  • India 153 330 387
  • USA 1498 1838 1947
  • Only Next To India and US, But With Quickest Growth
hrd the no 1 strategic selection
HRD – The No.1 Strategic Selection
  • Based on such essential cognition of that future economic competition is, in the end, the competence race of human resource, especially in the software professionals
  • High qualified human resource development has been listed as a national strategic task and an important measure for that
  • The CPC Political Bureau has put forward the state strategy “Strengthen The Country By Talents” in 2003
  • It calls for to better train and utilize talented professionals, and to foster a batch of high rank experts who are competent to the needs of socialist modernization And reformation and opening policy
  • Now there are common consensus in the whole country: “S&T Is The First Productive Force” and “Talents Are The First Resource”
  • In the State Next (11th) 5 years plan, a key issue listed is how to ‘Construct the IT Talents Highland’
human factor in spi
Human Factor In SPI
  • The human factor is the most influential in any successful project
  • Experiences show that nine system failures out of ten, it's the human factor
  • Software process is mastered by people with proper knowledge and skills
  • Needs right people playing right roles
  • Total System Maturity: People + Process
  • To shift the organizational paradigm from "individual knowledge is power" to "collective knowledge is a competitive advantage"
  • Employees who actively participated in the knowledge-generating community will be more valued and more visible
towards professionalism our conscious selection
Towards Professionalism -- Our Conscious Selection
  • Although China’s IT/SW industry is still in their infancy age, It is demanded to be mature more quickly
  • IT/SE professionalism has became a global trend
  • Earlier awareness for that is favorable for us to implement a jump development and aim at a high target at HRD
se code of ethics and professional practice standard
SE Code Of Ethics and Professional Practice Standard
  • We have translated the IEEE-CS/ACM SE Code of Ethics and Professional Practice version 5.2 into Chinese, which has been determined as the Chinese version of the standard after reviewed by the international committee
  • The Shanghai Software Industry Association (SSIA) has being spread it over Shanghai SE community
  • It is considered as a crucial step

towards a mature SE professionals

  • My company – ASTI Shanghai is the

first software company in China to

follow this Code of Ethics standard.

As a return, it is promised to use the standard logo on their documents released

information technologies resource center established
Information Technologies Resource Center Established
  • As a technology transfer center and bridge linking IT community, ASTI has developed a IT resource website called “IT Source”, supported by local government
  • It contains rich technology resources and provides one-stop service ( link 25,000 URLs and more than 2,560 IT resource web sites in the world), covering many hot spots such as SE technologies, e-Business, new IT technologies, outsourcing, IT professional development etc.
  • It has became one of the most attractive IT websites in China, hit rate exceeds 5.0M and has 40,000 + members
  • Mr. Steve McConnell wrote a special preface for IT Source admired it as a real demo of ‘Open Knowledge’
  • As a public service platform, it is planned to provide new consulting services like Virtual CTO/CIO
csdp a key step towards our target
CSDP – A Key Step Towards Our Target
  • IEEE-CS CSDP is a high-standard international training/certificate program for SE professionals,

which is based on SWEBOK & PMBOK and neutral to any specific company

  • It conforms totally to our target and mission. We will do our best to promote CSDP into China
  • We have a team of qualified SE experts to support the CSDP implementation in China
  • SSIA and SCS will cooperate closely with IEEE-CS for this purpose
  • Our CSDP/SWEBOK-Based Training Materials have been submitted to the International Training Committee for Review and has been recognized as a qualified training center (1st in China and 4th in the world)
  • Now, the advance is sounding like today !
guided by high standard boks
Guided By High Standard BOKs
  • To match the international high standard in training, we demand all training courseware developed will based on related Body of knowledge (BOKs)
  • They are considered as a guidance and objective criteria for high quality training to reach scientific and systematic structure & contents
development of the boks
Development Of The BOKs
  • In SE domain, we recommended to directly rely on the well-known standards, like SWEBOK and PMBOK
  • For the IT domain, there are many existing BOKs developed by different institutes. We will integrate their merits into an united version (IBOK), based on the specific needs of China’s informatization practices
  • For NPD domain, supported by Shanghai Science commission, our ASTI has finished a research project on developing the Body of Knowledge for New Product Development (NPDBOK) which integrated and expanded DRM’s and SCPD’s similar works
  • As the action plan of “Prospering City By Science & Technology and Education”, this work was merged into a more magnificent project to develop a BOK for CTO. Now the version 3 of CTO BOK has worked out by a task force. The Shanghai government has announced an official certificate program for CTO, based on that CTO BOK.
certificate programs introduced
Certificate Programs Introduced
  • Taking as a concerted action, we have introduced six certificate programs so far, three international and three domestic
  • PMI’s PMP since 2000. In 2005 It is estimated Near 10000 Chinese will get the PMP Certificates
  • Cooperating With IEEE-CS, SSIA is jointly promoting the CSDP Certificate an SWEBOK-based SE training into China
  • Another initiative is cooperate with UMTP, Japan to promote software modeling technique and UML as a future common standard between Asian SE communities
  • Three other certificate program are sponsored by Shanghai government since 2003, they are respectively: Software Quality and Testing Engineers (CSQE/CSTE BOK based), CTOs and CIOs
  • SSIA acts as a crucial and active role in developing related BOKs and training programs
  • To be introduced: QAI’s CSQA/CSTE, iSQI’s , Japan IPA’s JITEC
training materials ready
Training Materials Ready
  • CSDP- & SWEBOK-Based SE Training Materials have Passed the Review By IEEE Training Committee and Becomes a Registered CSDP Training Center60 hrs, 18M, 1751 .pptPages
  • New Technologies In SE

160 hrs, 92.5M, 4062 .pptPages

  • Best Practices In SE

525 hrs, 232M, 13608 .pptPages

  • Advanced Courses For Informatization

120 hrs,162M,5331 .pptPages

Special IT Topics60hrs, 68M, 1857.pptPages

  • New Product Development (Published)
  • CTO Training Materials

29.735M 1982.pptPages

InnovationManagement18M 1562 .pptPages

  • In Total: 622MB30045.pptPages