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It’s Time for an Upgrade! – Reasons to Upgrade to Instart Logic PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Time for an Upgrade! – Reasons to Upgrade to Instart Logic

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It’s Time for an Upgrade! – Reasons to Upgrade to Instart Logic
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It’s Time for an Upgrade! – Reasons to Upgrade to Instart Logic

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  2. In today’s day and age, customers expect a next-level experience. They want it all: dynamic and immersive, yet still blazing fast. With websites evolving to become more personalized, more dynamic, and more responsive, content delivery technology has remained the same for the last 15+ years - primarily focused on scaling with hardware and caching static assets.

  3. Built with a software-defined approach and unique architecture, Instart Logic provides web performance and security services offered with a purpose built CDN, which harnesses the power of machine learning and virtualization to speed, secure, and scale web and mobile applications. Instart Logic has broken a barrier that no other CDN has been able to infiltrate and provides the fastest web performance in the industry, guaranteed. Speed is everything in web performance and there’s no better time than now to upgrade your content delivery network to Instart Logic. FIVE REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO UPGRADE TO INSTART LOGIC: 1. RADICALLY UNIQUE SOFTWARE-DRIVEN ARCHITECTURE FOR TODAY’S CONTENT DELIVERY CHALLENGES It is imperative to not just leverage a tool that has been used for the past decades, but to explore new solutions that have taken note of the changes and adapted accordingly. With the explosion of web enabled devices, the predominance of content being accessed by the wireless last mile and applications becoming increasingly sophisticated, shifting to a software-driven application deliveryapproach is key. Instart Logic’s approach is fundamentally different from legacy content delivery providers and solves today’s application delivery challenges with a mobile first mindset.

  4. 2. IMAGE OPTIMIZATIONS LIKE NO OTHER A traditional CDN typically takes a one-size-fits-all approach to images by applying a standard algorithm across all images. The result is a perceptual loss of image quality and a degradation in the user experience. In stark contrast, Instart Logic understands and learns the visual composition of each individual image and makes intelligent decisions about the optimal compression ratiofor each specific image at scale. This enables brilliant immersive images to be delivered with fast performance without sacrifice to the user experience. With over 50 billion image requests optimized per month, Instart Logic is the only intelligent platform that accelerates delivery of the visual web at scale. 3. DYNAMIC PERSONALIZATION DRAMATICALLY ENHANCES USER EXPERIENCE Legacy CDNs have limited capabilities around personalization, as they usually don’t go beyond caching static content. Instart Logic’s technology dramatically accelerates the delivery of dynamic and personalized content by improving performance for code heavy webpages. With an architecture that extends to the last mile, combined with a machine-learning algorithm, Instart Logic is able to learn real user behavior across the entire content delivery path, optimizingJavaScriptandHTMLcodeand leading to a dramatically better user experience. 4. MULTI-LAYERED PROTECTION, END-TO-END SECURITY With malicious attacks and hackers on the rise, implementing a cloud security solution is more imperative than ever. Instart Logic provides multi-layer security protectionend-to-end, from device to cloud to origin. With DDoS mitigation services, a Web Application Firewall, and Origin Shield protection, Instart Logic’s comprehensive security suite ensures that your website is fully protected.

  5. 5. OVERWHELMING PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE, 20% FASTER GUARANTEED Performance can mean many things. In essence, any of the above categories can be considered an improvement of performance. But a CDN that can provide all of the above, and perform faster, is no ordinary CDN. Using machine-learning techniques and web application virtualization, Instart Logic redefines the standards of speed. A complete package of the fastest web performance, comprehensive web security, mobile-first, built for any network, and world class support, Instart Logic guarantees 20% faster than your current CDN, or it’s free. Visit our Blog to learn more