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Portal User Group Meeting

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Portal User Group Meeting. September 3, 2009. Agenda. Updates Accessibility Committee Work Intake USA Search Stock Photos Census 2010 Who Has Access to your Site? Connecticut Recovery Initiative. Agenda. DSF.Net Upgrade Project Update Project Schedule Upgrade Process Information

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Portal User Group Meeting

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Presentation Transcript
portal user group meeting

Portal User Group Meeting

September 3, 2009

  • Updates
    • Accessibility Committee
    • Work Intake
    • USA Search
    • Stock Photos
    • Census 2010
    • Who Has Access to your Site?
    • Connecticut Recovery Initiative
  • DSF.Net Upgrade
    • Project Update
    • Project Schedule
    • Upgrade Process Information
    • Training Plan
    • Social Networking Policies
    • DSF.Net and PMG
  • WebTrends SDC
  • Reminders
    • Exporting WebTrends Reports
    • New File Types
    • Effective Dates – Content Expiring Notifications
    • Office 2007 – Saving Versions Down
    • Upgrading to IE 8
    • System Admin Communications
state of connecticut web site accessibility committee

State of ConnecticutWeb Site Accessibility Committee

Pam Casiano




accessibility committee
Accessibility Committee
  • Listserv
  • Policy
  • Committee meeting (October)
  • Workshops
    • Basic Training
    • PDF Documents
    • Video Compliance
updates work intake
Updates – Work Intake
  • All requests should go to the Help Desk by calling or using the online forms
  • Any urgent issues should be called into the Help Desk at 622-2300
  • Online service request form
    • Incident
    • RFS
    • Consultation
  • http://www.ct.gov/doitservices/cwp/view.asp?a=1200&Q=257978

Work Intake Overview

PMG User Group


Work Intake

Improves DOIT’s ability to understand how limited resources are being allocated by achieving the following objectives:

  • Establish “work channels” for incoming work requests;
  • Establish a common DOIT work request database;
  • Close “back door” DOIT work requests which never get tracked;
  • Apply the right level of methodology “rigor” to work requests based on risk, size & complexity;
  • Provide management reports of DOIT work requests across all work channels;
  • Position DOIT for effective resource forecasting and expectation-setting with Agencies



Work Intake Project



  • Phone Calls
  • Drive By
  • Email

Black Hole





Break Fix



Back Door



DOIT Work Intake Channels



Methodology Used

  • SDM Standard
  • SDM Lite
  • RAD
  • ITSM

New IT project requests that are larger/more complex than application or infrastructure expansions. These projects are riskier, where requirements may be unclear/more challenging and business impact is significant.

  • Total calendar time > 8 weeks AND
  • Total IT Cost > $50,000 OR
  • Delivers an Enterprise Solution



  • Total calendar time 8 Weeks or less AND
  • Only impacts 1 Application AND
  • Total IT cost < $50,000

IT work requests to expand current application functionality or system infrastructure. Larger than a routine Request for Service, but is very low risk and very straight-forward.

  • SDM Checklist


  • ITSM



  • Total calendar time 2 Weeks or less AND
  • No more than 50 hours AND
  • Activates routine service offering AND
  • Introduces no new Application DB

Routine IT request to execute a

repetitive service request (e.g.

phone jack activation, IP address request,

VPN request, RFP Review)

  • ITSM



  • Introduces no new functionality
  • Corrects production defects

Break Fix

Application or system outages.

Business-impacting defects.

  • ITSM
  • Total 4 hours or less AND
  • Produces only advice or recommendations

Meetings to seek clarity or to solicit

subject matter expertise;

  • ITSM



How am I Impacted???

Impacted Business Areas

Online Forms Request Process (Impacted areas: Agencies, DOIT) – Re-designed Portal landing page to provide new look & feel; Introduction of new online form to capture Consultation request, which will route through the new Consultation work channel

Impact Assessment: Very Low.



Work Intake Project

Report Samples


Work Intake Project

Sample Reports


Work Intake Project

Sample Reports


September 2009

Confidential - Internal Use Only

Work Intake Project


Work Intake Project

Sample Reports

updates usa search
Updates – USA Search
  • Sites on USASearch – 18
  • All V3 template sites switched to USASearch
  • Global change on Classic DSF sites
  • Search Code for non-hosted portal sites
  • Convert to USASearch
    • October 16, 2009
updates stock photos
Updates – Stock Photos
  • Purchase Order expired in April 2009
  • Agencies can put in a requisition directly with the istockphoto
  • Once budget is passed we know if we have funds available to purchase more
census 2010
Census 2010
  • Governor’s Office created a state website to inform the public about what to expect next year
  • An accurate Census count ensures that Connecticut receives adequate federal funding for its residents and its fair representation in Congress
  • They are requesting that each agency assist in the State’s outreach efforts by placing a link to the Census 2010 website on their agency website until preliminary Census efforts are completed, approximately May 2010
  • An email will be going out with more information and a graphic to place on your site
  • http://www.ct.gov/census2010
who has access to your site
Who Has Access to your Site?
  • Periodic checks should be made to see who has access to your site
  • Most Portal sites are accessible from home
  • Are people who are no longer responsible for the website still able to admin it?
    • Employees who are:
      • Retired
      • Promoted
      • Transferred
      • Moved on
who has access to your site1
Who Has Access to your Site?
  • You can find out
  • Create a new eAlert
  • Select a role (ex. System Admin)
  • “Send a test e-mail message…”
    • Enter YOUR email address
  • A list of all people on your site with the System Admin role will be emailed to you


connecticut recovery initiative
Connecticut Recovery Initiative
  • If an Agency is engaged TO ANY DEGREE with Recovery Act programs, a web presence should be created
    • Help constituents better understand the Agency’s role
connecticut recovery initiative1
Connecticut Recovery Initiative
  • At the outset, Agencies were asked to use a template to provide similar information
    • Descriptions of programs
    • Central contacts
    • Planning
    • Correspondence
  • Agencies have done a very nice job
connecticut recovery initiative2
Connecticut Recovery Initiative
  • Federal Agencies have shifted away from the initial, standard look
  • State Agencies can also begin to redesign their sites
    • Effectively capture the Agency’s involvement and programs
    • Must maintain the core components required in the initial template
  • WWW.Recovery.CT.gov – State Recovery Initiative Site
    • Adding more mapping functionality
    • Moving away from Word documents to Excel spreadsheets
    • Creating a photo gallery
    • Specifying more information on projects and job/training opportunities
  • Agencies can definitely help with these areas
connecticut recovery initiative3
Connecticut Recovery Initiative
  • State Agencies are in the 3rd month of reporting to the Governor’s Office on their Recovery Act activities
  • The State has to make its first comprehensive report on October 1
  • The Governor’s Office expects break out the reporting information as much as possible to provide a clearer picture as to the State’s Recovery activities
dsf net project update
DSF.Net – Project Update
  • Completed first round of testing in June 2009
  • Cimbrian is fixing bugs that were found and they are also re-writing some features based on quality issues and our feedback
  • Schedule for implementation has been pushed back
dsf net project schedule
DSF.Net – Project Schedule
  • August 17 – Cimbrian delivered a build to CT that we can use for migration testing
  • October 30 – Cimbrian delivering build for system testing
  • Nov 5 – Nov 20 – PMG will be performing extensive system testing
  • Nov 20 – Dec 11 – Cimbrian will fix issues found during system testing
  • Dec 15 – Dec 18 – User Acceptance Testing will be performed
  • Dec 31 – Production Build delivered
  • January 6, 2010 – Start migrations to the new system
dsf net upgrade process
DSF.Net – Upgrade Process
  • To get in the upgrade queue, agencies need to fill out the online form at http://www.ct.gov/cpi/cwp/view.asp?a=1766&q=439074
  • We currently have 22 Sites in the queue
  • We will be migrating 3 pilot sites to the new system first. The sites are DMV, DSS, and OPAPD
  • Once they are complete and we’ve streamlined the process, we will be begin with the sites in the queue.
dsf net upgrade process cont
DSF.Net – Upgrade Process cont.
  • Majority of process will be automated.
  • Areas that will require input from agencies include roles and permissions, eAlert topics, Workflow groups, and folder and subfolder permissions
  • We have decided not to move public users into the new system. We’ll have to send emails out to them that they need to re-register
  • Agency url will change to www.agency.ct.gov. Old url will redirect to the new site
dsf net training plan
DSF.Net – Training Plan
  • We are working on two training options, Online Learning and Classroom Training
  • Training will not be preformed until agencies are actively working with PMG to upgrade their site to the new system
dsf net social networking policies
DSF.Net –Social Networking Policies
  • DOIT will be working on statewide policies related to the use of social networking features
dsf net and pmg
DSF.Net and PMG
  • Angela, Mario and Craig are primarily working on DSF.Net
  • Scott Hoang has take over for Rich Nucci as the primary person fielding requests and problems
  • We would like to limit any new training to only essential requests
  • We are short-staffed with two retirements this year and no ability to refill the positions
  • We will be unable to do some of the content work we have done in the past to help agencies
webtrends sdc

WebTrends – SDC

How WebTrends Will Work in DSF.Net

webtrends the way it is now
WebTrends –The Way It Is Now...
  • WebTrends is using IIS Log Files for analysis
  • WebTrends analyzes 2 days worth of data per hour (Portal sites)
    • 2 days of Portal Log files is over 4 GB of data
    • 1 year’s analysis takes approximately 9 days
iis logs background
IIS Logs – Background
  • IIS Logs are created on the server itself
  • IIS Logs were designed to troubleshoot server issues
  • IIS Logs were not envisioned as statistical visitor tracking (marketing) tools
iis logs challenges in reporting
IIS Logs –Challenges In Reporting
  • IIS Logs contain much information WebTrends does not use
  • IIS Logs do not gather some information WebTrends could use to provide more accurate and relevant reporting
  • IIS Logs are “impersonal”
iis reporting challenges visitors by ip address only
IIS Reporting Challenges –Visitors by IP Address ONLY
  • Falsely deflating Visitor Counts:
    • Everybody using the same proxy tracks as 1 visitor
      • Companies
      • Some ISP Service Providers
      • State of Connecticut
  • Falsely inflating Visitor Counts:
    • “Round Robin” proxy set-ups could greatly increase the number of visitors tracked
iis reporting challenges dynamic content information
IIS Reporting Challenges –Dynamic Content Information
  • IIS does not track dynamically-generated information
    • Portal Page Titles
    • JavaScript on page
    • Forms
      • Data
      • Submission
webtrends solution smartsource data collection sdc
WebTrends’ Solution –SmartSource Data Collection (SDC)
  • SDC is a different model of data collection
  • No IIS Logs are used
  • JavaScript and (session) cookies collect data
sdc benefits
SDC – Benefits
  • Data collected can be customized
  • Data is more accurate
  • Dynamic data can be collected
  • WebTrends performance is improved
    • Only necessary data is analyzed
    • Each site analyzes its own information only
drawbacks to using sdc
Drawbacks to Using SDC
  • JavaScript will have to be added to every page
    • Portal sites will be easier to implement due to the template
  • Historical data (pre-SDC) will still have to use IIS Logs
    • SDC reports will be separate reports from historical
  • Potentially large discrepancies between SDC and IIS Log reports
    • SDC is more accurate than IIS, but some numbers may drop or rise noticeably
sdc implementation
SDC Implementation
  • Agencies will begin using SDC when they launch their DSF.Net website(s)
  • SDC will be included in the DSF.Net Upgrade Project Plan for each agency
    • Creation of SDC Java
    • Implementation of SDC Java
    • Review of reports generated by SDC prior to site launch
reminders exporting webtrends reports
Reminders –Exporting WebTrends Reports
  • WebTrends Reports can be exported ad hoc
  • They can also be scheduled to export
  • If scheduled, the export jobs become jobs in the WebTrends process queue
    • While they do not take much time to export, they are subject to the queue
    • While they do not take much time to export, the more jobs there are, the more time is taken away from processing the data itself
  • Fill out a Work Request for assistance
reminders new file types
Reminders – New File Types
  • If a new file type is added to your site, WebTrends needs to know to accept that file type
  • This will also be important in the Upgrade, as PMG must define accepted file types for DSF.Net
  • In general, please contact PMG before adding any new file types to your website
reminders effective dates
Reminders – Effective Dates
  • Effective Dates have been reaching their expiration date
  • When the expiration date is reached, the content automatically unpublishes itself
  • Pay attention to emails you receive from the system
  • If the content should stay published, adjust the “End Date” to a further date
    • Furthest date is 12/31/2099
reminders office 2007 files
Reminders – Office 2007 Files
  • Most files created in Office 2007 products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are not backwards compatible
    • Without special converter downloads, Office 2003 and lower cannot read them
    • Many (if not most) citizens do not have Office 2007 products
  • When saving Office 2007 files for the web, save them down (to a lower version)
    • 2003 is usually acceptable
reminders upgrading to ie 8
Reminders – Upgrading to IE 8
  • Classic DSF System Admins should NOT upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8)
  • IE 8 causes some errors within the Editor
  • DOIT has not yet pushed out IE 8, and IE 8 is not standard State of Connecticut software
  • Do not use the underline
  • When linking to an external site, have it open it in a new window
  • Do not link pages to staged version (PM=1)
  • Meaningful titles should be used on pages
reminders system admin communications
Reminders –System Admin Communications
  • PMG sends out communications to System Admins
    • Portal Maintenance/Issues
    • Issues that affect State websites
    • General Webmaster information
    • Portal User Group Meetings
  • System Admins are responsible for passing necessary information along to their Content Admins
    • PMG does not know all Content Admins
    • System Admins should use their discretion as to which information should be passed along
reminders system admin communications1
Reminders –System Admin Communications
  • Content Admins should contact the System Admin with any questions, requests, or issues
  • If the System Admin cannot help the Content Admin, they should contact PMG
    • Please use the Work Intake Forms
  • Communication from Content Admins should not come directly to PMG
    • This keeps communication streamlined
    • This keeps the System Admins “in the loop” on all facets of their Agency’s website(s)
    • Ensures we do not do something that is not authorized
portal user group meetings
Portal User Group Meetings
  • December 3, 2009 9:00-12:00
  • Please Register