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Olympic Games

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Olympic Games オリンピック大会 奥林匹克运动会 Fuwa

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Olympic Games





Fuwa Beijing in 2008 is the 29th Olympic Games mascot, with its color inspiration from the Olympic five rings, from China's vast land of mountains, rivers, lakes, sea and the popular image of the animal. Fuwa all over the world to the children passing friendship, peace, and the entrepreneurial spirit of harmony between man and nature in the good wishes of the. Fuwa is a lovely five small intimate partners, and their integration into the shape of fish, giant panda, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the Olympic flame's image. Each doll has a sound of loud reading the names of the missing: "Beibei", "Jingjing", "Huanhuan" and "Ying Ying" and "Nini", in China, overlapping sound is the name of the child to express a favorite Species in the traditional way. When the names of the five child together, you will read out Beijing to the world the kind invitation of the "Beijing welcomes you." Fuwa on behalf of the Chinese dream and the desire of the people. Their prototype contains headdress and with the sea, forest, fire, earth and sky, the image of the application of traditional Chinese art of expression, to show China's splendid culture.Blessing will be taken to every corner of the globe



Beibei is the transmission of the blessings of prosperity. In traditional Chinese culture and the arts, "fish" and "Water" is the symbol of prosperity and a symbol of harvest, “carpjumpdradoor" moral career and the realization of dreams, "Fish" There are more than auspicious, year after year More than the implication.

Beibei use of ornamentation on the head of the Chinese Neolithic Yuwen patterns. Beibei gentle and pure, is the master of water sports, and the Olympic five rings of blue ring has embraced.



Jingjing is the Panda an Hantaikeju, both will go to people's happiness. As a Chinese national treasure, won the giant panda's favorite people of the world. Jingjing from the vast forest, a symbol of harmony between man and nature co-exist. His head decoration from the Song Ci lotus petals form. Jingjing optimistic about the simple and honest, full of strength, on behalf of the Olympic rings in the black.



Fuwa Huanhuan is the big brother. He is a child of fire, a symbol of the Olympic flame. Huanhuan is the embodiment of sports passion, he will spread the passion of the world, passing Faster, Higher, Stronger the Olympic spirit. Huan went, Beijing 2008 was filled with enthusiasm in the world. Huan's head decoration from the Dunhuang frescoes in the flame patterns. His outgoing personality and imaginative, the familiar ball games, on behalf of the Olympic rings in red.



Ying Ying is a smart and flexible, swift gallop of the Tibetan antelope, he came from China's vast land of the western region will be better health-blessing to the world. Ying Ying is unique to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tibetan antelope, a protected species, is to show the Olympic Green. Ying Ying integrated into the decoration of the head of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the western region of Xinjiang, and other decorative style. His agility skill is to track and field, on behalf of the Olympic rings in yellow.



Nini from the sky, is one of the swallows fly, and its creative design from Beijing's traditional kite Sand Martin. "Yan" on behalf of Yanjing (Beijing's ancient name). Nini the spring and bring the joy of people, sowing Guo Zhichu Flying "I wish you good luck" in the good wishes. Innocent, cheerful plot of the Ni-Ni in the gymnastics competitions will debut her on behalf of the Olympic rings in green.


Venue: National Stadium (Bird's Nest)

Construction sites: the stability Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 3 (Beijing Olympic Park, North Asian Games Village) Architectural area (10,000 ㎡): 25.8, the number of seats: 80,000 permanent seats and 20,000 temporary seats when the game: track and field , Football, javelin, hammer throw, discus throw after the match: domestic and international cultural and sports events, entertainment

National Stadium ( "Bird's Nest") is the 2008 Beijing Olympics main stadium. By the 2001 Pritzker Prize winner Herzog and de Meuron and China Li Xinggang, and other architects to complete the giant stadium design, patterns of life as birth to the "nest" It is more like a cradle of human sustenance Hope for the future. Designers of the National Stadium did not do anything extra to deal with, but frankly, the exposed structure, which naturally formed the appearance of the building.

Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest/Olympic Stadium)


National Aquatics Centre

National Swimming Center, also known as the "Water Cube" (Water Cube), located in the Beijing Olympic Park, is for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games construction of the main swimming pool, but also for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games one of the landmark buildings. Its design is based on the global design competition arising from the "water cube" ([H2O] 3) program. December 24, 2003 to start in January 28, 2008 completion. And the National Stadium (commonly known as bird's nest) points out in the city of Beijing in the north end ofthe axis on both sides to jointly form a relatively complete historical and cultural cities of Beijing's image. National Swimming Center plans to build 62,950 square meters of land with a total construction area of 65000-80000 square meters, of which the underground sections of the floor area of not less than 15,000 square meters, the dimensions of 177m × 177m × 30m. Up to now, from 101 countries and regions, more than 350,000 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese donated a total of 940,000,000 yuan. Cheng Yu-tung of them, Henry Cheng and his son and his business has donated 50,000,000 yuan.


Zhang Juanjuan the women's individual archery men's 50m rifle three position QIU Jian

Men's 10m air pistol PANG women's 50m rifle three position Du Li

Chen Ying women's 25m pistol women's 10m air pistol Guo Jun

Men's light heavyweight boxing (81 kilograms) Zhang Xiaoping

Men's light flyweight (48kg) Zou Shiming

Men's singles badminton women's singles Lin Dan, Zhang Ning women's doubles Du Jing and Yu Yang

Canoeing - water rowing men's double 500 Mi Meng Guanliang, Yang Wenjun

Men's 85 kg class weightlifting women's 48kg Lu Yong Chen Xia

Women's 58 kg class women's 69 kg class Chen Yanqing Liu Chunhong

Women's 75 kg class men's Cao Lei 56kg Long Qingquan

Men's 62 kg class Zhang Xiangxiang men's 69 kg class Hui

The women's windsurfing sail Yin Jian

Men's 3m springboard diving Dr Chong Guo Jingjing the women's 3m springboard

Women's 10-meter platform Chen Ruolin men's 3m springboard double Wang Feng and Qin Kai

Women's 3m springboard double Guo Jingjing, Wu Minxia

Men's 10-meter platform double Lin, fire-woman, two 10-meter platform Wang Xin and Chen Ruolin

Women's freestyle wrestling - 72 kg class, Wang Jiao

Men's individual saber fencing Chung Man

Women's swimming 200m butterfly Liu Song

Men's gymnastics individual all-around men's floor exercise ZOU Kai Yang Wei

Men's rings, men's saddle Ma Xiaoqin Chen Yibing Li Xiaopeng men's parallel bars

ZOU Kai men's horizontal bar

Men's Chen Yibing, Huang Xu, Li Xiaopeng, Xiao Qin, Yang Wei, ZOU Kai

Women's uneven bars Ho Ke

Women's groups Cheng Fei, Deng Linlin, Ho Ke Jiang Yu Yuen, Shan-Shan Li, Yang Irina

Men's trampoline women's Long Lu Wen Na Ho

Men's team table tennis Ma Lin, Wang Hao and Wang Liqin

Women's groups Guo Yue, Zhang Yining, Wang Nan, women's singles, men's singles Zhang Yining, Ma Lin

Taekwondo women's 49 kg class Wu Yu

Women's judo 52kg class Xian Dongmei the women's 78 kg class Xiu-Li Yang

Women's over 78kg class Tong Wen

Olympic gold medal


Zhang Juanjuan archery women's groups, Chen Ling, Guo Dan

Men's super-heavyweight boxing (91 kg) Zhang Zhilei

Women's beach volleyball Wang, Tian Jia

Badminton women's singles, Xie Xingfang

Men's doubles Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng

77 kg class weightlifting men's Li Hongli

Wrestling Greco-man - 74-kg regular Yongxiang

Men's 10-meter platform diving Zhou Xin

Shooting 10-meter men's air rifle Zhu Qinan

Men's 50m pistol Tan Zongliang

Women's freestyle wrestling - 55 kilograms Xu Li

The women's saber fencing groups Ni red, Tan Xue, Huang Ocean, including Ying

Swimming in the women's 200 meters butterfly Jiao Liu Yang

Women's 4x200 meters freestyle relay Yang Yu, ZHU Qian Wei, Tan Miao, Pang Jiaying, the Tang

Yang Wei gymnastics men's rings

Men's 400m freestyle swimming Zhang Lin

Rhythmic gymnastics group all-around Tong-Tong Tsai, Chou Tao, Lu ocean, Sui Shuang Jian, Sun Dan, Zhang Shuo

Women's singles table tennis Wang Nan

Women's field hockey Pan Feng-ching, Li Aili, Song Ling, Chen Zhaoxia, Ma Yi Bo, CHENG Hui, Huang Junxia, Zhou Wan Feng, Fu Baorong, Li, Tang Chunling, high-Li-hua, Meng Yi, Zhen Sun, Hong-Xia Li, Ren Ye, Chen Qiuqi, Zhao Jade

Table tennis men's singles Wang Hao

Women's single-oar rowing double You Wu, Yulan Gao

Olympic silver medal


Men's team archeryXue Haifeng, LiWenquan, Jiang Lin

Marathon women'strack and fieldZhou Chunxiu

Men's boxing atmiddleweight (69 kg class)thatHa-Ti Sila

Women's beachvolleyball Xue, Zhang

Women's Trackand FieldhammerZhang Wenxiu

Badminton men'ssingles Chen

Women'sdoubles Wei YiliandZhang Yawen

Mixeddoubles He Hanbin,Yu Yang

Women'ssingles sailing boats - Laserclass Lei Dier XuLijia

Cycling- Women'ssub-sitefirst to matchShuang Guo

Men's3mspringboarddiving Qin Kai

Women's3m springboardWu Minxia

Women's 10-meter platform Wang Xin

Manshot to morethan two-UFO Hu Binyuan

Swimming in thewomen's 200-meterfreestylePang Jiaying

Women's 4x100meters medley relay JingZhao, Sun Ye,Zhou Yafei,PangJiaying, Xu Tian-Long

Women'sgymnasticsindividualall-around Irina Yang

Cheng Feithewomen's vault

Women's unevenbars Irina Yang

Cheng Feithe women's balance beam

Men's trampolineDongdong

Synchronized swimming collectiveprojectGu Beibei, JiangTingting and Jiang Wenwen, LiuOu,Rosie,Hagi Sun Ting, Wang Na,ZhangHuan, snow-ChenHuang

Guo Yuewomen's singles tabletennis

Men'ssingles Wang Liqin

Taekwondomen's 80 kg class Zhu

Women's57 kg judo class Xu Yan

Tenniswomen's doubles and YanZiand Zheng Jie

Women's Volleyball Ma Yun-Wen,ZhangNa, Li Juan,XueMing,Zhao Ruirui, Zhou Suhong,XuYunli, Moon Wei, Liu Yanan,YANGHao, Wang Yimei, FengKun

Olympic bronze