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A Unique New Internet Business Tool Take Control of Your Website Today! PowerPoint Presentation
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A Unique New Internet Business Tool Take Control of Your Website Today!

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A Unique New Internet Business Tool Take Control of Your Website Today!
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A Unique New Internet Business Tool Take Control of Your Website Today!

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  1. Introducing… A Unique New Internet Business Tool Take Control of Your Website Today!

  2. What is it?.... A complete Internet Marketing Solution (IMS) allowing you to focus on running and growing your business, while giving you full control of your website. The IMS provides you with…. • a customised Internet marketing strategy • critical search engine research for your business • a search engine optimised website to increase visitors • the world's most user-friendly website management system • continuing advice from professional marketing consultants No web design knowledge required!

  3. How will it help me?.... The IMS will help you…. • increase your net profit • get more visitors to your website • eliminate the need to outsource your web design • improve your relationship with existing customers Eliminate the problems associated with outside designers, or training your people in web design, HTML, programming, etc.

  4. What can it do for my website?.... Internet Marketing Solution's IMS will allow you to…. • create new web pages • make changes to existing web pages • process and add images to your website • reduce website design and/or revision costs • eliminate the need to train staff in web design • keep your website current with up-to-date content In this presentation you will see how these critical tasks can be done by you and your people without any experience in web design.

  5. Creating or revising a web page by the conventional method of outsourcing design requires... • collating website content to supply to web designer • sourcing a suitable web designer • a briefing meeting with web designer • web designer presents design for comment • final meeting to approve finished web page • new web page finally gets published to your website Average time to completion by outsourcing = 1 - 7 days!

  6. The IMS way.... (creating a new page by IMS) Select your website content in MS Word, Works, Word Perfect, or any other text editing application and paste into the IMS editor. Open the IMS image wizard and browse your computer to locate any photos or images you need. Adjust image size, cropping, etc. then publish images to your website and insert into the web page. Publish your finished web page, or submit it to your company’s website administrator for final approval. Average completion time = less than 30 minutes!

  7. Key features of the IMS package • Business analysis and consultation with John Crago • An Internet marketing plan customised to your business • Professional graphic design to enhance your corporate branding • Creates a search-engine-friendly website for higher rankings • Integrated secure ecommerce shopping cart for online selling • Create online shopping pages directly from a spreadsheet • On-site training sessions available for management and staff • On-going Internet marketing assistance and advice included With prices starting at $2,500... your life could get a whole lot easier! Visitwww.internetmarketingsolution.com.aufor more details.

  8. An Overview of the IMS in Action • It is not possible to present the exhaustive list of features we have designed into the IMS in this initial introduction. However the following slides will give an insight into its user-friendly nature. • We will demonstrate... • the main control panel • the text editor functions • the foolproof, Internet-friendly image processor • examples of clients' sites developed using the IMS • The following few slides will show you how easy it is!

  9. The IMS login screen... accessible from any point on the planet with Internet access (*you do not need to be at your desktop computer to manage your website).

  10. The IMS main menu screen listing the major functions available to users and administrators

  11. 5 Simple steps to create new web page Once the new page has been saved, it can then be reviewed and/or approved by your website administrator. Changes can be made at this stage, and when approved, a single click will publish the finished page to the website. (NB: In smaller companies the content creator is frequently the administrator, webmaster and publisher)

  12. The IMS Image Processor Images for the Web require a number of treatments to ensure they look good on a web page. Digital image processing is a complex subject and poorly understood by many people. We have created a very powerful, but user-friendly image processor, and this is included in all our IMS packages The following few slides will demonstrate its ease of use, and how it forms an integral part of our unique website management system. One could even say... "It's Idiot-proof"!

  13. Processing an Image for your Website 1. Open an image from your computer, scanner or digital camera.

  14. Processing an Image for your Website 2. Cropping the image (if required)

  15. Processing an Image for your Website 3. Adjusting sharpness and automatic colour balance

  16. Processing an Image for your Website 4. Adjust image compression & quality for smallest file size(creates a faster loading web page)

  17. Processing an Image for your Website 6. Just one click publishes your finished image to the website

  18. Processing an Image for your Website Just another click publishes your finished page to the website

  19. The ‘Sky’s the Limit’ with an IMS! Our graphic designers will work with you to ensure that any current logo and corporate colours are reflected in your new website layout. We can also provide... • custom logo design • software development • full corporate branding • printed promotional media design The following slides will give you a look at a few ‘real-world’ websites that have been created with the IMS. For more information, telephone: 1800 108 122 WWW.INTERNETMARKETINGSOLUTION.COM.AU

  20. Secure online shopping site for Children's Fashion www.mintcandy.com.au

  21. Create an Online Shop from a Spreadsheet! The following slide shows how the IMS can create an online shop by simply uploading the client's product spreadsheet. The IMS shopping cart can also include... • stock control • a PayPal payment facility • real-time credit card processing • simple or complex shipping calculator Creating an entire online shop with 1,000s of products just by uploading a spreadsheet?....it can't get any easier!

  22. Creating an Online Shop from a Spreadsheet The next slide illustrates how the spreadsheet upload facility also creates the necessary HTML programming required to provide the 'large image' popup screen. A large image view is created for your visitors in a popup window when they click on any product's thumbnail image.

  23. Some other examples of IMS Websites The following slides will give you an idea of the results that can be achieved with the IMS and our talented team of creative designers and programmers. We do NOT use the standard web-template approach. Each IMS project is carefully designed to enhance your professional image. Please contact us should you have any queries on any aspect regarding using one of our IMS packages. internet marketing solution Telephone: 1800 108 122 ACN:099 776 771- a division of Ozewebhost Pty Ltd

  24. A large corporate-style website home page with JavaScript dropdown menu displayed.www.snowymountains.com.au

  25. Some IMS Key Features • An IMS working for your business can provide... • an Internet marketing plan • professional graphic design • effective e-mail marketing strategies • double opt-in email list builder & database • critical keyword research for your business • secure online credit card payments and PayPal • a search engine optimised website under your full control • 85% of business websites don't produce results. Make sure you're not one of the 'failures', call us today for your.... • ... internet marketing solution! • Telephone: 1800 108 122 • www.internetmarketingsolution.com.au • ACN:099 776 771- a division of Ozewebhost Pty Ltd