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Wish to lead a stress free life? May these yoga poses helps you out. PowerPoint Presentation
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Wish to lead a stress free life? May these yoga poses helps you out.

Wish to lead a stress free life? May these yoga poses helps you out.

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Wish to lead a stress free life? May these yoga poses helps you out.

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  2. Everyday life with its various intricacies and demands cause a lot of people to burn up quickly with all the added stress and fatigue. Since life does not stop for anyone, the only solution left is to learn a few tools to help combat all the pressure and tiredness brought on by trying to win the rat race. Yoga is an excellent stress reliever and can be picked up very easily from any simple instructional yoga video. As you pick up tips on how to focus your attention on your body and your breath, you will start feeling all your anxiety and stress ebbing away. Since anxiety is the top mental illness all over the world, learning yoga is the only way to go.

  3. Yoga Poses To Help You Alleviate Stress The yoga poses mentioned below are designed primarily for beginners. If you have already tried out yoga earlier, you can mix it up a bit by adding some standing balancing Poses. Anjali Mudra The Anjali Mudra or the Salutation Seal is a wonderful way of inducing a meditative state of mental awareness. In this pose, both hands are used in the center of the heart chakra. The balance between the physical and mental aspects of the body will help you to prepare yourself for the other yoga asanas.

  4. Sukhasana The Sukhasana or the Easy Pose offers the wonderful benefit of grounding your body and helping you achieve the much sought after inner calm. This is very different from the often seen power yoga poses for weight loss. The easy pose helps you to open up your hips as you lengthen your spine and amplify the tranquillity as the stress and anxiety leave your body as you focus on your breath. Marjaryasana The Marjaryasana or the Cat Pose offers your spine and belly a bit of a gentle massage while it performs its role as a stress buster. This pose is credited by experts to helping stimulate the digestive tract and spinal fluid as the hand wrists are placed directly below the shoulders and the knees are placed below the hips.

  5. Yoga Poses To Reduce Fatigue And Increase Energy Practicing yoga everyday can help increase the Strength and endurance of your body that will help it from getting tired quickly. Here are a few poses that are directed at reducing fatigue specifically: Bhujangasana The Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose works on your upper back, shoulders, neck and your chest. You can watch a few free yoga videos online before attempting the pose. The cobra pose opens up four chakras in your body and helps to reduce tension, fatigue and stress.

  6. Adho mukha Svanasana The Adho mukha svanasana or the Downward Dog pose has been credited by yoga experts to have a rejuvenating effect on the mind, spirit and body as it opens as well as lengthens the body that will create a tingling sensation within the body.

  7. Vrksasana The Vrksasana or the Tree pose needs to be held in place for at least thirty seconds to a minute for it to work its magic. As you finish this pose, you will feel a rush of energy flood through your body that makes all the fatigue and tiredness disappear without a trace. If you are stuck at work with no end in respite, just take a minute and hold the Tree pose for a minute. You will find yourself ready to get back to work again.