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Introduction to The Master Teacher Course (in Educational Technology) PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to The Master Teacher Course (in Educational Technology)

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Introduction to The Master Teacher Course (in Educational Technology) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Self-Paced Module. Introduction to The Master Teacher Course (in Educational Technology). Center for. A welcome … from the Director. Mannie E. Hall Jr. Welcome to The Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology (MTC-ET)!

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Presentation Transcript
a welcome from the director

A welcome…from the Director

Mannie E. Hall Jr.

  • Welcome to The Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology (MTC-ET)!
  • This introductory module provides a brief overview of the course and specifies online enrollment procedures.
  • Please contact me via e-mail ( or if I can answer questions, assist with course enrollment, and/orprovide guidance.
course goal and intent
Course Goal and Intent
  • The goal of the Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology is to provide contemporary, dynamic, cost-effective, and easily accessible professional development training designed to improve the educational technology skills and teaching or training capabilities of Texas Community and Technical College educators, education majors, and future workforce leaders.
  • The intent of the course is to ensure that the educators of today and tomorrow have the educational technology knowledge, skills, awareness, and resources to be able to “connect with” the computer savvy generation of students and workers who must be able to effectively operate within this 21st century technological age.
purpose of the course
Purpose of the Course
  • The purpose of the Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology is to expose educators and students to new and emerging educational and instructional technologies, such as electronic communications, search engines, streaming media, digital audio and video, WebCam technologies, desktop videoconferencing, web course tools, etc.
  • Exposing educators to these new and emerging educational and instructional technologies will better prepare and equip them to (a) excite and actively engage learners by infusing multi-media into instruction, (b) electronically communicate more effectively, (c) design/deliver dynamic instruction and training in various modalities, (d) integrate web-based information into an electronic curriculum, and (e) manage courses and training using web course tools.
problem statement
Problem Statement?
  • According to higher education surveys, 72% of faculty claim that they do not possess adequate knowledge, skills, and/or experience to effectively employ advanced educational technologies within an educational setting.
  • Some faculty acknowledge that they never received adequate technology training during their graduate studies or at work and they are often somewhat intimidated by their technology savvy students.
  • Furthermore, faculty surveyed often point out that they don’t have the time, motivation, and/or flexibility in their diverse schedules to attend f2f technology-oriented professional development training, which they often describe as boring, inadequate, and not very applicable to their discipline/job.

Big Challenge!

  • Texas Community and Technical Colleges are challenged to “close the gaps” in higher education, but recent budget cuts have caused institutions to seek out PD training opportunities that are both cost-effective and delivered via electronic media.
  • In some cases, collaborative efforts are necessary to combine resources and develop innovative professional development training opportunities.
solution via distance education
Solution via Distance Education
  • Given the time constraints of faculty and understanding their busy schedules, electronic distance education has emerged as a viable and cost-effective means of providing educators with ongoing professional development and continuing education training.
  • The Center for Technology in the Classroom is a virtual center that recognizes this evolving situation and has “stepped up to the plate” to develop, deliver, and facilitate flexible self-paced electronically delivered professional development training in the form of the Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology.
course configuration
Course Configuration
  • The Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology consists of 5 multi-media enhanced modules, each configured as a “stand-alone” PowerPoint presentation. The individual modules are designed to be engaged by participants in a self-paced manner.
  • Individual “modules of interest” can be “worked” separately for purely professional development purposes or modules can be completed as an entire course.
  • Initially, participants are expected to review this introductory module and successfully engage/complete the first course-specific module (i.e., Introduction to Educational Technology) as a “primer” to other modules.
the mtc et modules
The MTC-ET Modules

Module #1: Introduction to Educational Technology

Module #2: WebCam Technologies

Module #3: Advanced PowerPoint Applications

Module #4: Desktop Videoconferencing (DVC)

Module #5: Web Enhancing Courses Using WebCT

course sponsorship and funding
Course Sponsorship and Funding
  • The Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology is sponsored by the Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence and is facilitated by the Center for Technology in the Classroom, which has a virtual center at STCC.
  • The project is funded as a Carl Perkins Grant through the management of THECB and the leadership of the Texas State Leadership Consortium for Professional Development, which has its main office at EPCC.
  • Additionally, the course receives clearinghouse support from CORD, server and WebCT support from TJC (via the Internet Teachers at Every Colleges project), and curriculum development support from the National Center for Educational Technology and Distance Education (NCET-DE).
organizational structure and support
Organizational Structure and Support

Internet Teachers at Every College

Center for Online Technology

Center for


free pd opportunity
Free PD Opportunity
  • The Master Teacher Course in Educational technology is “free of charge” to Texas Community and Technical College educators, future educators and workforce leaders.
  • This project is managed in an austere and Spartan manner, essentially facilitated by a part-time Director and an STCC Administrator who serves as the grant manager (essentially in-kind).
  • The vast majority of this project is managed, facilitated, and delivered electronically directly to the desktop of course participants, which is extremely cost-effective.
course participants educators versus students
Course Participants: Educators versus Students

Educators (i.e., professors) can elect to engage the entire course and consequently earn the distinction of being a Master Teacher Course graduate, upon successful completion of all the course standards.

College Students can elect to engage individual modules to prepare them to be future educators or workforce leaders, but are limited to continuing education training opportunities (only).

Note – the Master Teacher Course in Ed. Technology is primarily designed to educate, train, and credential TX-CC/TC educators.

why engage the course
Why engage the course?
  • Besides the obvious reasons (i.e., to improve educational technology skills, teaching capabilities, etc.), it is essential for educators to enhance their qualifications in order to qualify and compete for new positions and higher paying jobs requiring technology-oriented qualifications/skills.
  • Completing the nationally recognized Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology (MTC-ET) will definitely serve educators well by substantially improving their credentials and distinguishing themselves as uniquely capable subject matter experts in the areas of educational technology and distance education.
  • Furthermore, graduates of the course qualify to participate in national certification process and the advanced course.
course learning strategy
Course Learning Strategy
  • It is true that faculty don’t have a good track record successfully engaging and/or completing professional development training via distance education, especially when the training includes challenging time constraints and rigorousacademic standards.
  • With this fact in-mind, the Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology is uniquely designed to facilitate faculty success by avoiding past course design mistakes.
  • In particular the course is designed to be self-paced, enabling faculty to choose the time and place to engage the modules. Also, the course does not set any pressing time constraints or weekly due dates. Essentially, participants have up to a year to finalize the course. Additionally, the course curriculum is strategically crafted from the enormous resources of the www, whereas faculty engage online materials via active learning.
module delivery options
Module Delivery Options
  • Each course participant probably has different technology resources, limitations, and learning styles, thus it is important that electronic professional development training provide a variety of ways to deliver training & information.
  • The MTC-ET can be delivered (or made available) to participants four different ways, as follows:
      • Delivered to the desktop via e-mail as a link, whereas the modules have been FTPed to accessible web-based files.
      • Delivered to the desktop as a compressed and streamed file using Impatica® for PowerPoint.
      • Accessed via WebCT (from any location).
      • Mailed as a CD-R (to participants home or work site).
desired outcome
Desired Outcome

Course completion!

…and Graduation


To successfully complete the MasterTeacherCourse in Educational Technology, participants must “come out fighting” and have a focused determination!

warning warning warning
  • Remembering the infamous “warning-warning-warning” cry from the 1960’s ROBOT of the TV series Lost in Space Fame, I too (albeit less dramatically) issue the same warning to new course participants.
  • It is essential that serious course participants “stay on top of things” and don’t “fall by the way side,” while trying to systematically engage the course.
  • Establish a routine and devote some dedicated time to work on the modules. Stay motivated and work hard to “get things done.”
educational technology self analysis
Educational Technology Self-Analysis

On a scale of one to ten (with the higher number correlating to greater knowledge, experience, confidence, and capability), conduct a self analysis by rating your “Ed Tech” knowledge, skills, and experience.

  • Can effectively use a variety of Internet search engines to find data…
  • Have a decent understanding of Internet intellectual property laws…
  • Often use streaming media resources for continuing education…
  • Can easily download and use the (free) main multi-media players…
  • Can develop and send video e-mail messages to students…
  • Possess the ability to effectively use WebCam technology…
  • Can easily infuse digital video into a PowerPoint presentation…
  • Can effectively use the Pack & Go feature of PowerPoint…
  • Have periodically conducted desktop video-conferences (DVCs)…
  • Can routinely web-enhance courses using a variety of WebCT tools…
course enrollment procedures
Course Enrollment Procedures
  • Complete the Course Prerequisites -
    • Review “Intro. to the MTC-ET” Module
    • Complete “Ed. Tech. Self-Analysis” Responses
  • Submit Enrollment Request -
    • Complete Enrollment Data
    • Include Answers to Ed. Tech. Self-Analysis
    • Include Self-Digital or Scanned Picture
    • Forward e-mail message to
  • Enrollment Confirmation -
    • Receive e-mail Confirming Enrollment
    • Receive Module #1 – “Intro to Ed. Tech.”
enrollment data
Enrollment Data
  • To enroll in the Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology, send an e-mail message to mehalljr@att.netincluding the following enrollment data:
    • 1. Name (and relevant academic credentials, etc.).
    • 2. E-Mail Addresses (Work and Personal Accounts).
    • 3. Telephone Number (Work, Home, & Cell).
    • 4. Mailing Address (Including Zip Code).
    • 5. Status (i.e., faculty, administrator, student, etc.).
    • 6. Institution (Place of work or attendance, etc.).
    • 7. Position Title (if applicable).
    • 8. Reason Wanting to Take the Course/Comments.
    • Subject Line = MTC-ET Enrollment Data for…(participant’s name)
enrollment data cont
Enrollment Data – cont.
  • Remember (when sending the data) include (a) a self (digital or scanned) picture and (b) the responses (answers) to the “Educational Technology Self-Analysis”, which is contained in this introductory module. Also, indicate if “you” want to engage the entire course or just a few modules.
  • Finally, upon receipt of an e-mail message (from the course candidate), a reply e-mail will be sent confirming enrollment and receipt of the digital self-picture and “Ed. Tech. Self-Analysis” responses. Additionally, a welcome message will be included along with the first course module.
important resource reminder
Important resource reminder…

Remember to acquire a WebCam in preparation for the 2nd course module (WebCam Technology).

See next


QuickCam® Messenger

webcam recommendation
WebCam Recommendation

any questions
Any Questions?

…about the Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology?

If so, contact me at -

Mannie E. Hall Jr.

the future is in our hands

The future is in our hands…

Keep the ball bouncing!

addendum a graphic glance
Addendum: A Graphic Glance

…at the Course Modules

  • The key aspect to education is a strong curriculum.
  • A “cutting edge” and dynamic curriculum is one of the most important aspects of professional development training or continuing education for educators.
  • The Master Teacher Course in Educational Technology has a strong curriculum, which should excite educators about learning educational technology.
  • As a recap, glance through the next 5 slides and get familiar with the module topics.
last word or drip


Last word or drip…

Everyone must tackle the first module as a course primer…prior to engaging any other module.

Introduction to Educational Technology