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Introduction to eLearning PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to eLearning

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Introduction to eLearning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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eLearning Applying Information Technology to Enhance Learning in Schools and Communities Presentation by Matthew Mitchell WSU Center to Bridge the Digital Divide Introduction to eLearning eLearning can enhance the quality of the educational experience

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eLearningApplying Information Technology to Enhance Learning in Schools and CommunitiesPresentation byMatthew MitchellWSU Center to Bridge the Digital Divide

introduction to elearning
Introduction to eLearning
  • eLearning can enhance the quality of the educational experience
  • Importance of on-line technologies and multiple media connectivity
  • Success story example
  • Opportunities for eLearning in a connected rural Idaho
principles of elearning
Principles of eLearning

Definition of eLearning

eLearning is the effective teaching and learning process created by combining  digital content with local community and tutor support along with community engagement.

principles of elearning4
Principles of eLearning

Important Aspects of Definition

  • effective - learning that succeeds
  • digitally delivered content - content delivered electronically by CDs, cell phones, the computer, and the Internet
  • support -  support provided by tutors, facilitators or course coordinators
  • engagement – relevant and meaningful interaction between people
principles of elearning5
Principles of eLearning

Similar Terms

eEducation, Connected education,  distance, online, distributed learning, Internet education, computer-based training,  virtual education, cyber-learning

principles of elearning6
Principles of eLearning

Myths and Realities

Myth: eLearning is a second best alternative to face-to-face teaching

Reality: Properly implemented, eLearning can enhance both traditional classroom teaching and provide quality educational opportunities not otherwise available

principles of elearning7
Principles of eLearning

Active Learning

  • Curriculum must make sense and to learners and be meaningful to their lives.
  • Learners use technology to interact with the curriculum in multiple contexts.
  • While technologies supplement/enhance the quality of instruction they do not replace teachers.
elearning essentials
eLearning Essentials

eLearning Activities

  • Read (web-based access)
  • Search (web searches)
  • Use of electronic forums for:
    • Discussion
    • Brainstorming
    • Sharing of learning
  • Create new content utilizing multiple media
why elearning is important
Why eLearning is Important


Real time


Speed of delivery



Global reach

case example washington virtual classroom
Case ExampleWashington Virtual Classroom
  • 12 rural interconnected rural school districts linked through interactive video and web-based technology:
    • (population 225 – 3000)
  • Qualified teaching expertise teaching expertise shared across all districts
  • Joint development of community based projects as a component of learning
wvc water quality project
WVC Water Quality Project
  • Meaningful active learning activities for students of all levels: Nature exploration, Scientific measurement, Web research, Analysis and report writing
  • Opportunity for sharing knowledge and teaching others via interactive video and web based technologies
  • Gains in science and analytical skills
  • Connecting kids with the communities in which they live
opportunities for elearning in a connected rural idaho
Opportunities for eLearning in a Connected Rural Idaho

eLearning is not just for kids!

  • Lifelong learning
  • Skill building for effective community governance and leadership
  • Training opportunities for public safety, public health, small business owners and others
  • Building community connections to the global world