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Wedding Preparation and Tips!

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Wedding Preparation and Tips! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some important and helpful tips on wedding preparations. View suggestions regarding face look on Dentzz Review.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Wedding Preparation and Tips!' - AndySharma

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Wedding Bells- Be Ready from top to toe!

Winter is coming, and so is the wedding season. This season comes on with a lot of festivals, 100’s of

scheduled weddings and vacations. When these occasions are on the list, how can you not be ready

for it? Right from your feet to your face, you want to be the glowing girl everywhere. If you got to

stand out, you got to work for it. You can take a few steps in mind to look great, well-dressed and

beautiful from top to toe.

The major things that you cannot avoid during your wedding preps are: Face, Hair, and Clothing &

Footwear. So taking one thing at a time, start with your face. Your face is a powerful attraction that

you have. Your face can cover for all the other things to some extent. Make sure you are taking

enough sleep a month before your occasions start. Enough sleep makes your face look fresh. Drink a

lot water to avoid acne. Don’t avoid your teeth cleanliness. Clean white teeth can do wonders for

your smile making your face look even prettier. You can go for a teeth cleaning and whitening

treatment, if you wonder where, you can go to Dentzz Dental Clinic, or to get some more

suggestions, check Dentzz review blog wherein people have shared their review on dental cosmetry.

As its said, smile is the best thing you can wear. For hair, make sure you buy specialised product for

your hair type and then use. If you are not very good with designs and colours, go for Blues, Yellows

and Reds in clothing this winter. Don’t try to go for body fitted traditional wear. Try to be

comfortable in what you wear. Coming to the last point, because there is going to be a lot dancing,

wearing stilettos can look good but pain a lot. So try to go for wedges for a classy look and

comfortable wear.

To get some more suggestions, you can check various blogs for fashion and cosmetic dose. For

fashion, check blogger Juhi Godambe’s style for wedding season, read her Dentzz Review for

cosmetic advice. For more such articles, watch this space.