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Latest indian wedding trends 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Latest indian wedding trends 2015

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Latest indian wedding trends 2015
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Latest indian wedding trends 2015

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  1. Latest wedding trends 2015 in India

  2. In India, every linguistic community has their unique marriage practices that vary according to their tradition and beliefs. Marriages in the North are many times a display of bold colors, heavily-worked costumes and jewelry and profoundly decorated marriage halls, that is accompanied by loud music and dance, which is considered an essential part of the ceremony; whereas in the South of India, it is always a silent and sober arrangement, with focus on keeping the ceremony simple. Wedding, till now, have always been planned and organized by the parents and relatives of the couple, however, nowadays it is the couple that takes absolute responsibility of how the wedding would be conducted, which many a times depends on their individual tastes and interests. “Keep it small and simple” is the mantra for most couples now.

  3. Unique Wedding Styles: Saying ‘I do’ amidst scenic background and serene and beautiful nature is becoming a popular choice for most couples these days. Typical AC wedding halls or backyard marriages seem a dull concept. Destination weddings, adventure weddings, or an innovative theme of the couple’s choice, etc. are given priority in most marriages.

  4. Wedding Procedure: Today, not many couples believe in old-school rituals and traditions of marriage. Nowadays, the affair is kept small and simple, with only the essential procedures to follow. A small wedding that involves close family members and friends is then followed by a lavish reception that witnesses the rest from the guest lists. Budget Wedding: Couples these days appreciate less expenditure on wedding and reception and spending the money on honeymoon or other post marriage expenses. The concept of budget wedding is quite popular in the western countries, and slowly being accepted by Indians too.

  5. Theme weddings: In the age of constant innovations, original wedding ideas are gaining popularity among youth. Be it a superhero theme, or a fairytale wedding, think of a theme that is of interest to you and your spouse and ask the wedding planner to make the arrangements as per.

  6. Wedding dress: The traditional dhoti-Kurta and Lehenga-Choli or saree purchased from a shop is slowly becoming a rare sight in Indian weddings. And even if the couple plans these styles as their wedding attire, and then many times, if the couple belongs to an elite family, then the dresses are designed by fashion designers to keep the exclusivity intact.

  7. Marriage trends in India keep evolving and changing, with mostly the couple and their interests playing an essential role in the ideation. The changes are evident in every aspect whether it style of marriage to choice of wedding invitation cardsor the wedding vows.

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