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Welcome to a Russian Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to a Russian Wedding

Welcome to a Russian Wedding

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Welcome to a Russian Wedding

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  1. Welcome to a Russian Wedding

  2. How does a Russian engagement look like ? • In America, when two people are being engaged, the ring would automatically be given because it is a tradition. • The wedding occurs at a church, or either there could be a civil wedding. • In Russia, two people are engaged, and they are surrounded by their love ones: family. • After the engagement, the couple has the right to be called the bride and the groom. • The couple would go to the ZAGS Office where they elect their wedding date. • The wedding is planned within 1-3 months • Everything is being planned for the big day. • A Russian wedding lasts for TWO DAYS (or it could be longer!)

  3. Before the marriage registration, • So the big day is here ! • VYKUP NEVESTY is one of Russians wedding traditions. • A lot of you might be asking… “What is VYKUP NEVESTY?” • So the groom and his friends are on their way to the bride's house. • In order for the groom to get the bride, he has to pay some ransom, which is money. The money would be given to the people of the bride side. He has to complete task even if there is humiliating tasks. He has to prove his love to the bride. • When the groom gets the bride, the couple heads to the marriage registration • As the couple head to the car, the friends and relatives have to manage with the neighbors and kids who want coins, candies, and drinks. In return, the neighbors throw coins and rice to the couple. • This event is lighthearted because it is an event that makes people laugh; it brings joy to the family and friends.

  4. What type of ceremonies does Russians have? • The couple has the choice to have the ceremony at the Russian Orthodox Church or have a Civil Ceremony. • If the couple decides to have the ceremony at the Russian Orthodox Church, it would be 30 up to 120 minutes long. It is one of the beautiful churches at Russia. This is also the place where the couple gets crown.

  5. Civil Ceremony • It is taken place at a department of service • The couple is being greeted by the guest with bread and salt. • When the couple is being settled, they go inside of the receptionist hall. The ceremony last about fifteen minutes. When the ceremony is about to end, the couple exchanges rings and say “ I do”. When the price pronounced “man and wife”, the couple walks together with Mendelssohn music being played by the Russian wedding orchestra.

  6. After the ceremony, what happens? • The couple and their families and closest friends take a tour of the historic sits in the city. They are taking pictures and drinking champagne. In Moscow, the popular places are Red Square, and Sparrow Hills near Moscow State University. Everyone is having a good time: dancing and singing.

  7. The Reception • At the reception, a lot of people are dancing and singing; they are enjoying the moment. The important thing about the reception is the abundance of food and drinks. • When people shout ‘’ GORKO!”, that means that they want to see the marry couple kiss again and if they are not pleased with the kiss the people would continue to shout ‘gorko’. • When a close friend or a relative makes a toast for the bride and groom, when the person is done talking, everyone throws their champagne glasses on the floor; it brings good luck.

  8. During the reception, • The groom should keep his eye on the bride. If he loses sight of her, she could be stolen from friends or relatives. If she does get stolen, then, the groom has to pay ransom to get her back. • The mood of the reception is lighthearted because two single people came together as one.

  9. Wedding Feast • Custom are used for the reception. There are many different elements and traditions, both Russian and borrowed from the west • The Toastmaster(tamada) has an important role in the reception. Sometimes it is a relative of close friend who is famous for his or her talent. • It is important for the Toastmaster to introduce the guests, toasts the newlyweds and to make sure everyone is having fun!

  10. Does a Russian wedding have bridesmaids and groomsmen ? • In a Russian Wedding, there is no bridesmaids and groomsmen nor neither flower girls. • The best man and the maid of honor are the witnesses of the couple. In Russia, the witnesses are called “svideteli” . • They have witnesses in their religious ceremony.

  11. Interesting Facts • Before a wedding ceremony, the bride is with her friends, and then the bride and her friends would get napkins and they would print their lips on the napkin. When the groom is ready to pick up the bride, he will see napkins, and he has to guess which lips belong to his future wife. If the groom guesses the wrong lips, then he has to pay a fine in order to get the bride.

  12. Waltz • A couple decides to dance a waltz

  13. what does bread and salt mean? • It is for the newlyweds by both parents as a symbol of health for a long run. • Both bride and groom bite the bread. • The one with the bigger bite is the head of the family!

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