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Top 6 Wedding Decor Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 6 Wedding Decor Ideas

Top 6 Wedding Decor Ideas

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Top 6 Wedding Decor Ideas

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  1. TOP 6 WEDDING DECOR IDEAS While you are planning for a wedding ceremony, you would never want to be caught in a rut of disappointment and unhappiness. A decorative nuptial venue surely enhances the grandeur and the magnificence of the occasion and garners numerous thumbs up of guests even till they are returning back home after attending the ceremony. As you are racing ahead to check off all the tasks in your checklist, like wedding initiation card, wedding trousseaus, etc you hardly have the time to invest in and think about wedding décor ideas. Ahead, are top 6 ideas which are certainly viable enough to complement the theme that you would wish to present to the invitees.

  2. Flowers: • Whether it’s sunny summers or stone cold winters, the backdrop of the wedding ceremony would surely brim with vivacity and liveliness with bunches of colorful flowers tucked into sides of the entrance and stashed towards the top of the canopy in which the ceremony is due to be solemnized. As it is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression, it is also applicable to the splendor of occasion. For those who are seeking towards to add a mesmerizing effect all day long, you could decorate the ceiling too with the widest range of assorted, beautiful flowers.

  3. 2. Drapes: Interestingly, the warmth of a welcome to your guests can permeate through deep shaded, long silky drapes which surround the location in which the rituals and customs are carried out. Additionally, these draperies can be festooned with long colored wires that bear small low voltage bulbs to make the event glow with vibrancy.

  4. 3. Decorative Vases: If you want to put your creativity into action, then during meals, you could place flower vases on every table where the guests could get a better feel of the theme as they are smacking their lips with cuisines. Moreover, you could purchase slender vases of intricate shapes or of a uniform size without disturbing the budget.

  5. Arrangement of Chair: After the marriage, you could revamp the entire layout of the venue. Chairs which were once aligned in rows can then be rearranged and placed near tables all set at random positions. This idea would speak better about your style in the ceremony with a fabulous effect.

  6. Flowerpots: As you spice up the occasion to your best, you could bring in a unique essence by placing flower pots at places where you think could be decorated in a much better fashion. Besides, this thought would take the guest back to a marriage held in a lush green cropped garden.

  7. Food Décor: While your guests are relishing meals, you could request the caterers to carve out fruits like watermelons, and musk melons into the shapes of birds or any other artifact and place it in the center on a large table. This thought would surely be picturesque and be the next surprise to admire. Finally, the above are just ideas that would not make that day appear bland. However, you could make up your mind what’s best to suite your taste of a perfect special day.

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