Field staff monitoring and task management with software
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9am, Field staff monitoring software is the best technique to monitor field staff. \nIt is a real time location tracking software to manage the field staff by which you have the exact location of your field staff.

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Field staff monitoring and task management with software

Businesses working with field staff can take advantage of field staff monitoring

software that can enhance performance of staff and profit of business in the long


Service providers like AC mechanics and plumbers have to work with a large field

staff to provide satisfactory service to their clients. These businesses have to manage

large teams of field executives and also they have to manage tasks and ensure quick

resolution of jobs.

Let’s how these businesses can take advantage of field staff monitoring software

and manage their teams and clients in a hassle free manner

Live Tracking: The software provides live tracking with GPS and also with cell

tower triangulation where GPS isn’t available. And the software not only tracks field

staff but the clients as well. Managers can see their field executives on the platform

created by software and the executives can see location of clients on a map. The

managers can determine location and position of their field executives and the

executives can check location of clients.

Task Assignment: It is an added advantage of the software. When managers can see

geographical location of the field executives, they can assign the executives tasks

according to the geographical location of the field staff. For instance an executive A

that is in a place B can be assigned a task in the place where he is.

Timesheet Management: Field executives can maintain their timesheets on the

field staff management software. An executive A starts a job but he first enters the

job details including starting time of the job on the software. Similarly he enters the

closing time of the job on the software. His boss can see his timesheet and determine

his availability for new jobs from his timesheet.

Quick Resolution of Tasks: The managers can prioritize jobs according to needs.

Since the managers can see location and position of the field executives, they can

easily choose the executives for jobs that are on high priority.

Attendance Marking: There is no need to rush to office for marking attendance

when executives can show their availability for jobs on the software. The managers

can see the executives online and assign the executives tasks.

Invoice Making: The field staff management software not only manages staff but

bills as well. The software can quickly calculate service charges by adding taxes to

the base charges. Also the software can add overdue payments, if any, to the present

bills. The bills can be presented to clients and also the clients can sign the bills after

making payments.

Advantages of the software

Time Saving: Use of software will save time of managers and executives. The team

that includes managers and field staff can do more jobs in a business day. Also there

will be no hassle in the customer service, once the software is in operation.

Money Saving: The field staff monitoring software costs only INR 149 a month

and also it can help in making more profit. Since the use of mobiles for

communication will be zero after using the software, businesses can save their

mobile bills. But the biggest advantage is that the team can do more job and earn

more profit for the business.