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field staff management software PowerPoint Presentation
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field staff management software

field staff management software

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field staff management software

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  1. November 2020 Chase App Attendance Management App Sales Employee Tracking App

  2. A manager with a remote or on field employee When a supervisor has field workers,bio-metric time and attendance management system hardly assist them in marking their presence at their place in time. Chase app offers native programs for both Android & iOS apparatus and is among the safest and most secure methods of indicating presence. 001

  3. A supervisor tracking his/her sales staff on their daily field visits Chase app monitors a company visit of this area work force by capturing the Geo-information place together with their check-in /check-out records. 002

  4. Manager reviews attendance  workflows A Chase app has established the presence workflows in which the supervisor gets to confirm the time sheets of the teams and assess their everyday attendance Considering that the whole sign-in / sign-out documents are recorded , the supervisor can review the worker's presence and approve it. On the flip side, workers also access their own presence log with information such as time, date, place, and opinions in their Chase app mobile program. A 003

  5. Switching to Remote Working Attendance scheme level customization by Manager A Manager can now configure GPS based attendance management app for all employees or only a group of employees at attendance scheme level. 004

  6. Geo Swipe reports for due diligence by Manager Together with Chase app, daily/monthly reports are offered at admin & manager level to assist perform due diligence to evaluate productivity and performance of area workforce. Why wait? Start implementing Chase appattendance management app with its own new Chase app attribute. 005

  7. Thank you! Chase App