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Online Quality Learning Community Dr. John W. Sinn, Professor Quality Systems Specialization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Quality Learning Community Dr. John W. Sinn, Professor Quality Systems Specialization Summer, 2002 Topics 1. Recent QS Changes, Evolving OQLC 2. Online Quality Learning Community 3. Current Status, New Courses, More 4. OQLC Next Phases .

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Online Quality Learning Community

Dr. John W. Sinn, Professor

Quality Systems Specialization

Summer, 2002


1. Recent QS Changes, Evolving OQLC

2. Online Quality Learning Community

3. Current Status, New Courses, More

4. OQLC Next Phases

Recent qs changes evolving oqlc
Recent QS Changes, Evolving OQLC

  • Quality Systems Specialization (QS) Created Spring, 2002

  • Primarily for associate degree holders, “3 + 1”

  • QS 326, 327, 426, 427, core knowledge

  • Based on, around, ISO 9000 rubrics, values

  • American Society for Quality (ASQ) professionally integrated

  • Articulated custom courseware for delivery, robustness

  • Emphases: Quality Engineering, Quality Services

  • Quality Services Emphasis highly flexible

  • QS minor around core, all electronically delivered

Recent QS Changes, Evolving OQLC

  • QS, basis, Online Quality Learning Community (OQLC)

  • QS 326: Data-based Improvement

  • QS 327: Process Documentation Systems

  • QS 426: Quality Change Services

  • QS 427: Synchronous Quality Planning

  • Three lean courses built into OQLC

  • MFG 3XX: Geneology of Lean

  • MFG 3XX: Time-based Management

  • MFG 4XX: Foundations of Lean Manufacturing

  • At least two additional courses needed…….

  • QS 316: Quality e-commerce Culture

  • QS 437: Quality Systems Assessment Seminar

  • TS 495: Technical Research Project

Online quality learning community
Online Quality Learning Community

ASQ Student Branch maturing, defining itself

  • Section, national, education role redefined?

  • All functions increasingly electronic, seamless

  • Core values of College, University, integrated

  • Student positioned for professional certification

    Non-traditional students, recruitment, retention

  • 3+1, associate degree at two year institution

  • Need for increased flexibility, transportability

  • Portfolio developed to assess, assure core knowledge

  • ISO/QS core knowledge, quality functions, applied then research, learning communities

Online quality learning community1
Online Quality Learning Community

What does this mean instructionally?

  • All students take two courses per year, minimum

  • Applied research projects, engaged practitioners, teams

  • Technical leaders, individuals, collaborating, improving

  • Service environment emerging, non-manufacturing

    Infrastructure for assessment, quality, major emphasis

  • Custom courseware to match QS functions, emerging

  • Portfolio criteria, systems emerging

  • Electronic infrastructure, Blackboard delivery system

  • Linking with others to provide BS, eventually MS then research, learning communities

Current status new courses more
Current Status, New Courses, More

QS 316. Quality e-commerce culture. “Bridge” course oriented toward defining quality systems and e-commerce relationships. Emphasis is on exploring and developing principles, values and methods associated with quality systems culture and assessment. Electronic portfolio is developed as a key part of quality learning community.

Three specific course outcomes assessed In QS 316:Outcome 1. Quality culture values. Outcome 2. Broad quality systems knowledge.Outcome 3. Quality systems values portfolioed. Contextually, facilitates initial broad-based self assessment.

Current status new courses more1
Current Status, New Courses, More

QS 437. Quality systems assessment seminar. Electronic capstone course in quality systems sequence to finalize and assess electronic portfolio assembled over time, including systematic exploration of various aspects of quality systems assessment. Topics will vary based on current issues and subjects important for discussion or need of information.

Several specific course outcomes are assessed in QS 437:Outcome 1. E-portfolio knowledge growth. Outcome 2. Research, presentation leadership. Outcome 3. Critiquing, questioning, critical thinking.Contextually, facilitates final broad-based self assessment.

Current status new courses more2
Current Status, New Courses, More

TS 495. Technical Research Project. (4 credits, all terms). Faculty approved and supervised industrial or technical applied research project with a written multi-chapter technical report. Research findings may be presented in various formats, including verbally or electronically in seminar or other venues. Graded S/U.

At least two course outcomes will be assessed in TS 495:Outcome 1. Management and conduct of research project. Outcome 2. Presentation of findings in multi-chapter format. TS 495 is not proposed at the current time, but is being discussed at the departmental level, and in the Integrated Manufacturing Systems Advisory Committee (IMSAC).

Oqlc next phases
OQLC Next Phases

Build infrastructure, relationships with two year schools, and various industrial partners, to further define and initiate OQLC, as a larger statewide entity, and beyond.Broad relationships provide a conceptual OQLC assessment system model, with several key elements:

  • Self assessment by student at start, finish of program

  • Course assessments

  • Programmatic assessments

  • Professional assessments (certification, mentoring)

  • Graduation, matriculation assessments

Oqlc next phases1
OQLC Next Phases

Three objectives define long term work of OQLC

Objective 1: Develop electronic portfolio assessment as foundational to learning community

Objective 2: Operationalize ASQ core knowledge, BS degree completion, professionally

Objective 3: Broaden, enhance OQLC network, engaging key partners to build community

Oqlc next phases2
OQLC Next Phases

Project set to begin officially fall, 2003, based on proposal through Technology Systems Department.

Student fees are proposed to assist with:

  • PC laptop as key infrastructure, same hard and software

  • Annual conference to showcase “best practices” knowledge

Several key measurables, based on data collected, documented, will show progress.