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WELCOME BACK. RAPID CITY AREA SCHOOLS RETURNING SUBSTITUTE ORIENTATION. 2012-2013. Your Substitute Handbook is Available on-line this year. You can select pages to print...or print the whole handbook. SUBSTITUTE HANDBOOK. At your convenience, stop by Human Resources

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Welcome back







Welcome back

Your Substitute Handbook is

Available on-line this year.

You can select pages to print...or print the whole handbook.


Welcome back

At your convenience,

stop by Human Resources

to pick up a time card

to start the year.

If you need a new parking

pass, we will

be happy to

give you one.


Welcome back

One month per time card

Turn your time card in to the sub office in a timely manner, so that payroll can be processed efficiently.

By 4:30 the last working day of EACH month worked.

You are required to turn in your time card each working month, EVEN IF YOU ONLY WORKED A HALF DAY. Your attention to this detail is very important. The auditors require a signed time card.

Pay is withheld if the time card is not received. If your time card is not turned in, you MAY also be restricted from accepting further sub jobs. In addition, already assigned jobs MAY be removed until the time card is received.


Welcome back

Please total your time card. When calculating your time please remember that full days are added as one (1) and half days are added as one half (0.5).


Welcome back

You will submit the Profile sheet electronically as part of this process.

As always, you can make adjustments as you wish.

If you want to make changes during the school year, just stop by to let me know.


Welcome back

Promethean Board Training will be offered again this year. If you have already taken this training you do not need to take it again—unless you opt too.

When the trainer schedules classes, this will be announce via e-mail to your K12 email account.

If other training opportunities become available, these will also be announced via K12 e-mail.


Welcome back

A new feature in WebConnect this year is that staff are now able to request subs from a preferred list they create. Should you receive a request as part of a request list, please know that a small number of subs (up to 4) may have also received that request. By the time you check your email or WebConnect, another sub MAY have already accepted it and the job will no longer be available.

Individual requests are still available and that process has not changed.

Reminder: If you are not able to accept a job that you have been REQUESTED for, please “Decline” the offer as soon as possible. Once you decline it, it will become available for another sub to accept, increasing the odds of it filling for that staff person.


Welcome back

Make every effort to report on time (according to SubFinder). If you are running late (even 10 minutes) or receive a late call, let the Sub Office or school know.

Communication makes for an easier arrival transition to the start of the day.

Chronic lateness, MAY result in being excluded from a building.

Punctuality increases the chances of being called back for another job.


Welcome back

Pay attention to the length of the job, the beginning and end dates and times. This example is for 4.5 days. All day: Wed-Fri Sept 19, 20 & 21, then a Half day on Mon Sept 24 (morning only).

Only accept jobs that you are able to work completely. If something changes (preventing you from working all the days), please call the sub office for direction.

Remember, the staff person called the absence in as one assignment, as they would like ONE sub to cover their classes.


Welcome back

Pay special attention to the ending time for the job. Schools DO require subs to be present up to the end of the duty day, even if there are no students in your care. Ask if you can be of assistance to a staff member or in the office.

IF there is no help needed and the administrator releases you for the day, then feel free to leave at that point.


Welcome back

The District schedule includes early release on MOST Wednesdays for the 2012-2013 school year.

Student days end anywhere between 1:00 pm and 1:40 pm, depending on the school.

If you are scheduled for more than 4.5 hours, you will receive a full day of pay.

The administrator may ask for you to remain on site to help in various ways at the end of the early release, to the end of the normal day.

The student calendar is posted on the District Website

www.rcas.org >Parents & Students > Student Calendar

Early release Wednesdays are listed here.


Welcome back

If you received your South Dakota

Teaching certificate this summer, or

renewed your certificate, please be

sure I have it.

If you submitted it electronically with an employment application, it wouldn’t be normally routed to me.

Email or call me and I can go to your application to print it, otherwise, just bring it to the office.

If you are still waiting for your certificate, be sure I get it as soon as you receive it. Receiving certified pay is dependant on our office having a current copy.


Welcome back

Sub pay has been reviewed and it has been determined, at this time, that the budget does not allow an increase in sub pay.

Rates are: $80.00/day for certified subs and those teachers that retired from RCAS.

$65.00/for non-certified teacher subs.

$9.90/hour for clerical subs

$9.80/hour for paraprofessional subs

5-day in a row bonus for teachers subs stands at $75.00 for each 5-day cycle

50 day bonus once you have subbed 50 days for the 2013-2013 school year. This increases your rate of pay $10.00/day for the remainder of the school year.

Long-term teacher pay : Certified $125.00/day starting the 21st day

Non-certified $105.00/day starting the 21st day


Welcome back

Building Check In

  • Punctuality is important.

    • -Please arrive on time (teacher duty day).

    • -Check in with building secretary.

  • Proceed to classroom as soon as possible.

    • -Roll taking should be done on-line. Technology training will be provided to gain your computer log-in.

    • -Locate and review lesson plans, seating charts, and duty schedules.

    • -Locate phone/intercom connection to office.

    • -Put schedule/learning objectives on board/overhead.


Welcome back

Classroom Rapport

  • Greet students at the door.

    • -Introduce yourself to the class.

    • -Establish a positive relationship.

    • -Verify seating charts and use names when communicating with students.

  • Establish expectations for the day.

    • -Review schedule/learning objectives on the board or the overhead.


Welcome back

Student Management

  • Familiarize yourself and adhere to the

    teacher’s protocol as established in lesson


    Students will question and attempt to


    you from the established routine.

  • Please don’t veer into tangent stories,

    experiences, and personal agendas-

    political or otherwise.

  • Use common sense regarding proximity.

  • -Corporal punishment is never an option.

  • (Reference page 16 and 28 of handbook.)


Welcome back


  • Introduce yourself to fellow staff

    members- especially next door and

    across the hall. Don’t be afraid to ask


  • Maintain control with a balance of

    flexibility and a sense of humor.

  • Please do not use cell phones during class


  • Use time productively.

    • If students are working independently or testing, circulate, rather than staying behind the desk reading a book or the newspaper.


Welcome back

Daily Procedures

  • Please implement lesson plans as

    established by the teacher.

  • Use appropriate wait time for student

    questions and processing.

  • Allow time at the end of the class/day for


    • -Review highlights of the lesson and next

    • steps by having students

    • paraphrase/summarize instructions.

    • -Re-clarify homework assignments.


Welcome back

The Unexpected

  • Identify/Locate emergency procedures.

    • -Emergency procedures should be in the sub plans.

  • Extremely Disruptive Situations

    • -Know whom to contact for help.

  • Medical Emergencies

    • -Know whom to contact for help.

    • -Depending on the nature of the medical emergency, please do not send a student to the office inappropriately unattended. Call the office first and ask for instructions.

    • -In the case of accidents, ask the secretary for appropriate paperwork (accident reports).


Welcome back

End of the Day Procedures

  • Please leave a clean room.

  • Write a detailed note to teacher.

  • Correct daily work if directed to do so.

  • Check out with the secretary to

  • return the classroom key, if given

  • one, and make sure you have

  • completed required paperwork.


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