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BM2 ADMINISTRATION. What kind of info is reported on a PLR for ammo and pyro?. NSN, lot number, condition code and quantity of each. Who is required to submit a PLR?. All CAIMS reporting units. When do you submit a PLR?. Monthly between the 1 st and 8th. Who is required to submit a ATR?.

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  • What kind of info is reported on a PLR for ammo and pyro?

NSN, lot number, condition code and quantity of each

Who is required to submit a PLR?

All CAIMS reporting units

When do you submit a PLR?

Monthly between the 1st and 8th

Who is required to submit a ATR?

All CAIMS reporting units

When do you submit an ATR?

Within 48 hours of change in inventory

Who is required to submit a boat inspection report?

Boats less than 65 feet, except for non-powered boats and those powered by outboard motors and all barges

How often is the report to be submitted?

Not to exceed one year between inspections

When is a special Boat Inspection Report done?

When a boat is transferred or disposed of

How many copies of the Boat Inspection are made?

2 Copies: original to MLC, the unit keeps a copy and the second is forwarded to the area/district managers

How long after a boat inspection do you submit a report?

10 Days

The Boat Inspection Report is what form number?

CG 3022

What comments does the CO/OINC make on the Boat Inspection Report?

All unsat items, lists and other items deemed necessary, especially those requiring assistance from a higher authority

Which form is used to provide for Government Supplies?


Which form is used to provide info for commercial supplies?

DOT F 4200.1.2CG

Who is the last person to oversee goods being purchased?

Approving Official

What are the three methods used to acquire supplies and services?

DRMO- from CG or other Gov. agenciesMILSTRIP- standard requisition and issue procedureDirect Purchase from a commercial source

When using FEDLOG what do you need to enter to begin your search?

Item name, NSN and Part number

What are the three parts of an official CG Class B message?

Heading, Text and Ending

List in order the five elements contained within the text of a class B message?

1) Classification Designator 2) SSIC 3) Subject Line 4) Reference Line 5) Text of Message

What does the prosign NNNN mean, and where is it used?

End Of Function(EOM), after final BT

How many separators are used in a Class B Message, and what is the prosign?

2, BT

How many classes of messages are used throughout the military?


What class is the official message originated by Gov. and agencies?

Class B

How many precedence categories are there?

Four: (R) Routine, (P) Priority, (O) Immediate and (Z) Flash

How fast should you respond to each category?

(R) 6 hours or less, (P) 3 hours or less, (O) 30 min or less and (Z) 10 min or less

What element identifies the level of protection for message information?

Classification Designator

How many characters are in a DTG?


How many Classification Designators are there?

Four: Unclassified, Confidential, Secret and Top Secret

Who is responsible for determining the classification?

The originating unit

What element identifies the subject matter of the message?

SSIC- Standard Subject Identification Code

What are the three types of LE SITREPS?

Initial, Subsequent and Final

What are the five paragraphs within a LE SITREP?

Situation, Action Taken, Future Plans, Disposition and Intelligence

What are the five paragraphs within a SAR SITREP?

Situation, Action Taken, Future Plans and Recommendations, Amplifying Info and Case Status

What units are required to use AOPS?

Cutters and Small Boats

What is the form number for a Procurement Request?

DOT F 4200.1

How many types of messages does the CG use?


What is the COMDINST number of the manual that contains LE SITREPS?


What does TMT stand for?

Training Management Tool

When are you required to fill out an AOPS report?

Within 72 hours of activity

A cutter with 2 small boats are required to submit how many activity logs?

Three activity logs

Piloting and Navigation

The method that requires you to determine what course to steer for intercept is called?

Given Speed

The method of intercept that requires you to determine what true speed own ship must maintain to complete the maneuver is?

Given Course

The method that requires you to determine the course and speed that will give you the required relative speed necessary to intercept a contact is called?

Given Time

What is the period between the time you decide to execute an intercept maneuver and the time you actually begin the maneuver?

Dead Time

What is MX?

Point of Execution

What is e-r?

Reference ship vector designator

What is e-tw?

Vector- true wind direction and speed

What is r-aw?

Vector- true wind speed

What is e-aw?

Apparent wind direction and speed

The velocity and true direction from which the wind is blowing is known as?

True wind

Wind is always expressed in terms of the direction it is?

Coming from

The velocity and true direction from which the relative wind is blowing is known as?

Apparent wind

In what COMDTINST would you find a sample underway check-off list in?


How many hours before getting underway do you start the check-offs?

48 hrs

According to the pre-underway checklist, at what time do you energize the gyrocompass?

24 hrs

How do you label the initial mark of a contact on a maneuvering board?


How many methods are there to solve an Intercept Moboard Problem?


The DR position is marked with a?


In a wind vector diagram, relative wind is always on the same and forward of the?

True wind

Where do you record all bearings, ranges and soundings used in navigation?

Standard Bearing Book OPNAV FORM 3520/3

What is the maximum time between fixes?

1 hour

An estimated position is labeled with?

Small Square

What symbol indicates a fix using radar ranges and visual bearings?


When shooting radar fixes what should be shot first?

Fixes that are abeam of you

When 3 LOP’s and 2 LOP’s are used what is the optimum angle between objects?

120 and 60


Can Unit Commanders change the location of equipment carried on board?


How often should Unit Commanders conduct material inspections of the unit boats?


What are the two basic types of unit material inspections?

Formal- annually, Informal- monthly

A thorough material inspection requires how many personnel?

2: 1 BM, 1 Engineer

To find out where to stow the anchor and how long the anchor line should be, you should check what?

Outfit List

Who is responsible for regulating, outfitting and stowage on non-standard boats?

District Commanders

What book would you look in to find the color of a specific item to be painted on your boat?

Boat Operators Handbook

When a discrepancy is noted during an inspection, it must be_______ and _________ upon.

Classified, acted

A boat with one or more disabling casualties or unwaived restrictive discrepancies would have a readiness rating of?


A boat with fully mission-capable rating, would have no_______ casualties or________ discrepancies noted.

Disabling, Restrictive

What are the seven required elements of a unit’s Respirator Protection Program?

Respirator Protection Coordinator, Written unit protection plan, respirator fit test, training, evaluation and monitoring, required respirator cleaning/ maintenance procedures and medical documentation

List three resources you would use to determine if your unit is required to have a respiratory protection program?

The most recent safety and environmental health audit or inspection, Commandant, MLC or district instructions

Who has the responsibility for maintaining the unit’s respiratory protection program?

Unit respirator protection coordinator

Who is required to have a respirator fit-test?

All personnel wearing air purified respirators

At a minimal, how often is respiratory protection training required?


When are respirators to be cleaned?

After each use

Who trains personnel and performs maintenance and repair of respirators?

Only thoroughly trained personnel

How often should personnel who use air purified respirators undergo a fit-test?


Who should you request assistance from in completing a respirator fit-test?

Commander(k), MLC, District Commander(m)

Who is required to have a hearing conservation program?

All CG units

What is the decibel level at which noise levels are considered to be hazardous?

84 decibels

At what noise level is double hearing protection required?

104 decibels

Who is required to maintain a Hull History Card?

All cutters 65ft or larger

What types of units are required to maintain a Boat Record file?

All units having attached small boats

Who responsible for maintaining the Hull History Cards?

First Lieutenant

On a cutter, where should the Boat Record be kept?

Machinery History File

On a shore unit, how many parts are in the folder in a Boat Record File?


What information is required to be entered in Part 1 of a Boat Record File?

Boat Record Book(CG-2580)

What information is required to be entered in Part 2 of a Boat Record File?

Boat Inspection Report(CG-3022)

What information is required to be entered in Part 3 of a Boat Record File?


What information is required to be entered into Part 4 of a Boat Inspection File?

Engineering changes pending

What information is required to be entered in Part 5 of a Boat Record File?

Engineering changes complete

What information is required to be entered in Part 6 of a Boat Record File?

Pending CSMP’s

A liquid with a flash point below 141 degrees F has a flammability of which category?

Category I

Liquids with a flash point above 141 degrees F and below 200 degrees F have a flammability of which category?

Category II

Aerosols and materials having a flash point below 200 degrees F have a flammability of which category?

Category I

Flammable storage cabinets are to conform to National Fire Protection Association, Nation Fire Code?


Wall construction on all sides is to be at least how thick?

18 gauge steel

Doors are secured at_______points when latched?



What color must a flammable locker be?


The words_____ are to be conspicuously stenciled or painted in a contrasting color, such as____or____.

Flammable-Keep Fire Away, Red, Black

To reduce the risk of fire or explosion, lockers shall contain no more than?

60 gallons of flammable products or 120 gallons of paint of combustible material in any one cabinet

What is the easiest way to dispose of paint?

Use it up

To dispose of paint related materials, you should go through your unit’s?

Hazardous Waste Manager

Where are paint records kept?

Cutter- hull history, Small Boats- boat record and Shore Unit’s- paint log

What is the primary means of communicating the hazards of the workplace?

Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS)

When engaged in painting operations, your Personal Protective Equipment should cover what?

Eyes, hands, head, face and other exposed body parts

Personal Protective Equipment shall be?

Readily available, stored in a clearly labeled container and kept in good working order

Who would you ask about Personal Protective Equipment at your unit?

Your supervisor, unit safety officer and unit hazardous waste manager

Units that generate more than 100 kilograms of hazardous waste in one calendar year shall conduct inspections how often?


What is the COMDTINST for the Color and Coatings Manual?

COMDTINST M10360.3(series)


The weapons petty officer has to be what rank?

E-5 or higher

Small arms are defined as what caliber or less?

50 caliber and shotguns

The person responsible for ordnance at unit’s without a Gunner’s Mate is called?

Weapons Petty Officer

The purpose of the daily count and inspection is to verify?

That the recorded quantities of assigned small arms is accounted for

When shall the monthly inventories be conducted?

As close to the first of the month as possible

The interval between monthly ordnance inventories shall not be less than____ or more than_____ calendar days.

23, 35

What is the monthly ordnance inventory to be compared to?

Unit’s R-865 report

The monthly ordnance inventory must include a physical comparison of the weapons_____ for all small arms.

Serial Numbers

Results of the monthly ordnance inspection are to be reported to?

Commanding Officer/ Officer in Charge

How many persons must be present to conduct a monthly ordnance inventory?


How often is the Ready Service Pyro inspected?


What is issued annually and is a listing of all the small arms under the unit’s cognizance?


What are the arms security risk category for the 9mm pistol?


Category III and IV arms shall be stored in?

An approved armory or a class V GSA approved weapons container

How often shall small arms storage rack inspections be?


Where should pyrotechnics be stored?

In a cool, dry and well ventilated space

Who shall authorize unaccompanied personnel to the armory?

Commanding Officer/ Officer in Charge

Who must sign the log when small arms and ammunition is issued?

The person issuing and the person receiving

How many days is a temporary transfer of small arms normally limited to?

30 days

Who may authorize the temporary transfer of small arms?

Area and District Commanders

What is the document for the temporary transfer of small arms?


Shore unit’s are required to maintain what logs?

Small arms log, Privately owned log and Magazine log. These three logs are combined to make the Ordinance log

Ordnance logs shall be retained on board for a minimum of?

Three Years

How many required sections are there in the small arms log ?


The small arms log shall be in a_______ book.


What is the first section of the small arms and what does it contain?

The inventory, Model, Serial number and storage location

Where is the accountability check logged?

Daily check sheet

Where is all maintenance and inspections performed logged?

List of satisfactory completed PMS section

Whenever a casualty occurs to small arms it is recorded in the________ section.

Casualties and Correction

What is the only round count that must be kept?

Each .50 barrel

What are the three sections of a magazine log?

Location, Inspection and Log Temp

What unit’s are authorized to use sonic cleaners?

District/ Group armories, TRACEN Cape May, TRACEN Yorktown, and CG Academy

When is it acceptable to cannibalize weapons?

In an emergency or by a Small Arms Repair Facility(SARF)

What maintenance is permissible on match weapons at the organizational level?

Field stripping

At the organizational level, what are the allowed maintenance procedure?

Field stripping only, cleaning, lubrication and function check

What Navy manual is used for the primary support for the management of ordnance maintenance?

3-M Manual OPNAVINST 4970.4

Where there is the difference between the PMS and the technical manual, which publication shall be used?


Three copies are made of the R-865 and sent to who?

Commanding Officer, Headquarters Unit’s and District Commanders

Directive Publications and Reports Index (DPRI) are divided into how many sections?


The Standard Distribution List (SDL) is a list of what?

Coast Guard Units by type

Chapters 2 and 3 of the DPRI are important for what reason?

CH.2 provides distribution info and is in Numerical format, CH. 3 is Quick and in alphabetical order

What three things can you use to find your distribution symbol?

Standard Distribution List (SDL), Directives Publications and Reports Index (DPRI) and Ordnance Publications Index (OPI)

Which manual is the Ordnance Manual?


If a repair requires a tool that is not in the PMS return it to?


Who is authorized to perform intermediate maintenance when deployed ?

Port Security Units (PSU)

What are the three maintenance levels?

Organizational- ship, shore stations and small boat stationsIntermediate- district/area armories and certain headquarters unitsDepots- small arms repair facilities

The maintenance material management manual provides?

PMS changes, Ordnance forms, maintenance requirement cards, maintenance policy and procedures

When PMS is completed on a weapon it is logged in what?

Small arms log or ordnance log

Body armor must provide what type of protection?

Full front, back and side protection from the base of the neck to the belt line

How buoyant must body armor be?

Must be neutrally buoyant

Body armor is certified by who?

National Institute of Justice

What are the law enforcement belt, holster, keepers and storage pouches made of?

Black leather or black ballistic nylon

The holster and 9mm pistol shall be placed on which side of the individual?

The strong side

The holster shall be?

Standard ride, thumb break and hangs no lower than 4 inches below the belt

Flashlights carried on the law enforcement belt shall be no larger than those designed to hold?

Three C-cell or Two D-cell batteries

Chemical irritant aerosol must contain no greater than____ and no less than_____ oleoresin capsicum concentrate.

10%, 5%

The OC pepper spray canister shall be approximately____ net weight.

3 oz.

What are the requirements of the expandable baton?

Must have a steel, silver in color, foam non-slip handle, be no less than 15 inches and no longer than 22 inches.

CG law enforcement personnel armed with the 9mm pistol shall it with a____- round magazine inserted , a round____, and the____ lever up and off, and at least____ additional____- round magazines.

15, chambered, decocking, 1, 15

How many rounds of ammunition shall the riot shotgun be loaded with?


At what distance do you use the 12 gauge sting ball rounds?

5 to 15 yds

At what distance do you use the rubber fin stabilizer rounds?

15 to 30 yds

What are the law enforcement badges authorized for the CG?

CG special agent, CG security police badge

How many persons are required to conduct a R-865?


What category is the shoulder line throwing gun?

Category 4

Who shall be custodian of the keys to all spaces containing ammo and explosives?


Who may authorize or direct the transfer of small arms?

Area and District Commanders

Who is the approving authority for any permanent changes to any units small arms allowances and authorizes for weapons to be modified?

Commandant (G-OCU)

Any magazine reading above what temp is recorded in red in the NAVSEA OP 4 Ch. 7 and NAVSEA OP 5 Ch. 11 for shore units?

100 degrees F and recorded in the Record and Mag Log

How are the individual NAR numbered?

By each physical year

How many hours do you have to forward applicable portions of the NAR to those units within your AOR?

24 Hours

How many hours do you have to respond via an ATR with application changes?

72 Hours

How many people shall conduct the annual inventory and verification?

3 and 1 shall be associated in the weapons dept

Any weapons container with an empty weight of less than 500 lbs shall be secured to the premises unless?

It is protected by an intrusion detection system located within an armory or vault

The National Stock Number is a _____ digit code?



Should ships underway be dressed or full-dressed?

Ships not underway shall be dressed or full-dressed?

From 0800 to sunset

Where would you fly the national ensign(s) on a cutter not underway on the 4th of July?

Holiday ensign on the flagstaff, Normal ensign the masthead

In what publication would you find the order in which the rainbow of colors is flown for full dress ship?

NTP 13(B)

The mast with a spar running athwart ship is called the what?


What is the small cap on the top of the pole mast or flagstaff?


What is the slender vertical extension above the truck?


Extending abaft the mainmast of the vessel is a small spar known as what?


When Independence Day falls on a Sunday, what day would you conduct the ceremonies?

The following Monday

What is the interval between salutes for a gun salute fired on Memorial Day?

1 minute

On Memorial Day, at what time do you start firing the gun salute?


On President’s Day, at what time do you start firing the gun salute?


What is the interval between salutes for a gun salute fired on President’s Day?

5 seconds

On Independence Day, at what time do you start firing the gun salute?


What is the interval between salutes for a gun salute fired on Independence Day?

5 seconds

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