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School Council. Music Project for St Alban’s. Mr Keay said his music lessons build up…. Confidence Concentration Memory Quality of singing. He also said…. The expectation of where pupils get to by the end of Year 6 is much higher this year than last year.

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school council

School Council

Music Project for St Alban’s

mr keay said his music lessons build up
Mr Keay said his music lessons build up…
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Quality of singing
he also said
He also said…
  • The expectation of where pupils get to by the end of Year 6 is much higher this year than last year.
  • You don’t need instruments to enjoy music!
  • As a school, we are on the way to achieve a Platinum award!
the younger children have said that they have learned about
The younger children have said that they have learned about…

Volume – how loud or quiet the sound

Pitch – how high or low the sound

Tempo – the speed of the sound

as we get older we learn about
As we get older, we learn about…
  • Structure
  • Timbre
  • Texture
  • Silence
  • Duration
upper key stage 2
Upper Key Stage 2
  • Have begun to use instruments such as bell plates in class.
  • Have begun to learn to read music.
  • Have been working on harmony and calypso.
  • Are learning about the pentatonic scale.
the teachers we asked said
The teachers we asked said …
  • Mr Keay has made music easier to teach.
  • The teachers have learned to sign as well.
  • The children are much more confident in singing and signing in class.
  • Being involved in the Big Sing in Y3 and Y4 has been very enjoyable.
what does mr keay do in his lessons
What does Mr Keay do in his lessons?
  • He makes children confident in their singing.
  • He has taught us how to sign the notes that we sing and play.
He has brought fun and enjoyment into his lessons.
  • The children feel they have learned a lot from him.
foundation 2
Foundation 2
  • The children have enjoyed their lessons with Mr Keay and were disappointed when he had to stop.
year 1
Year 1
  • Have said they enjoy Mr. Keays music lessons. Their favourite song is Coca Cola, they like it because they get to do different movements and it also rhymed!
year 2
Year 2
  • They have enjoyed the songs because they are funny and like doing hand signs as well.
  • They also like performing in front of their class!
year 3
Year 3

About half of the class is confident singing on their own because they know everyone and they are not scared to sing and do the hand signs in front of their class.

year 4 said
Year 4 said…
  • They have really enjoyed working with Mr Keay and are happy work with him again next year as Year5.
year 5 said
Year 5 said…

Over half of year 5 were confident about singing solo, but they said they couldn\'t have made it to be confident without Mr Keays hard work.

We are proud to announce that we are working at Year 8 standard. That’s 3 years above our age!!

year 6 have said
Year 6 have said…
  • They have enjoyed using the bell plates and feel they have learned a lot from Mr Keay.
  • They are very proud about being able to read music as some of them have not been able to do this before.
in conclusion we have decided as school council that
In conclusion we have decided as school council that…
  • Music is fun and enjoyable.
  • We are working at a higher standard compared to other schools.
  • The showcase has shown us all how we are progressing through school.
  • We have lots of new skills and abilities.

We would personally like to thank Mr Keay, Mrs Lever and Mrs Brotherton for all their hard work!

We, as the school council feel that it has been money well spent!

and another
And another…

Thank you from the school council!