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IR-CAP. Condition Assessment Program Indian Register of Shipping. IR-CAP Service. Independent assessment carried out at the request of ship owner. . One or more aspects, viz. Ship’s Structure, Machinery & Cargo Systems can be assessed – as desired. .

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ir cap


Condition Assessment Program

Indian Register of Shipping

ir cap service
IR-CAP Service

Independent assessment carried out at the request of ship owner.

One or more aspects, viz. Ship’s Structure, Machinery & Cargo Systems can be assessed – as desired.

The extent of survey is larger than that carried out at ESP or CAS survey and the Report is very detailed.

ir cap service3

Ship Charters


Terminal Operators

Cargo Shippers

IR-CAP Service

Assessment is carried out on as-is-basis, considering all repairs & renewals that have been carried out during the CAP survey

Detailed documentary evidence is now available to all interested parties.

They can now judge the condition of vessel better & have better confidence on her ability to provide good service without any repairs in the near future.

benefits to ship owner
Benefits to Ship Owner…

The Ship owner can obtain better charters by demonstrating better quality of his ships.

The CAP survey also provides the ship owner, a basis to plan the maintenance that ensures continued asset utilization.

what is special about ir cap
What is Special about IR-CAP ?

Each “ System” is rated based on the ratings of various sub-systems/components.

Each component is rated considering all its relevant attributes, together.

IRS surveyors are required to examine and rate each such attribute, separately, for all components.

Specially designed software enables quick analysis and identifies the repairs that are required to secure the desired CAP Rating.

cap rating process hull7

Anchor, Cable, Windlass, Rudder & Steering Gear, Weather-tightness, Shipside valves

CAP Rating Process - Hull

Local Strength Rating

Total Hull Rating

Longitudinal Strength Rating

Satisfactory survey of Hull Fittings


Tank Testing is a pre-requisite !

local strength rating process
Local Strength Rating Process

Compartments in Cargo region + APT & FPT


A Compartment

Rating process starts at Panel Level

The Compartment Boundaries

Structural Panels

Plating + Secondary Stiffeners + Primary Girders

local strength rating process10

Overall survey

Close-up survey

Local Strength Rating Process

Dry-dock External Examination

Local Strength Rating of Each Panel

Internal Examination

Thickness Measurements

attributes that are reported from external and internal examinations

General condition

Buckling, Indentations, Cracks

Pitting, Localized thinning


Coating condition

Good, Fair or Poor

Anode condition

Good, Adequate, In-adequate

Attributes that are reported from External and Internal Examinations

These attributes are considered together with the Thickness Measurement to rate each panel

typical job card for input from surveyors
Typical Job card for input from Surveyors

Our software enables us to quickly prepare the required “Job-Cards” which are sent to the attending surveyors.

longitudinal strength rating
Longitudinal Strength Rating

The software enables quick assessment of the available Longitudinal Strength, at various sections in the cargo region

Available Strength is then compared with that required at the location.

Longitudinal Strength Rating for the Vessel = the poorest rating obtained.

longitudinal strength rating14
Longitudinal Strength Rating

The software also helps evaluation of various repair options to improve the longitudinal strength, where required, in an optimum way.


CAP Rating

Machinery / Cargo Systems

cap rating machinery cargo systems
CAP Rating – Machinery / Cargo Systems

Overall Survey

Machinery Rating

Total Machinery Rating

Functional Test

Predictive Test

Maintenance Rating

Audit of Maintenance Practices

overall survey function test
Overall Survey / Function Test

Each machine is examined as per the items identified on the Job- cards

Function test of each machinery is witnessed and it’s current capability assessed


Overall Survey / Function Test

Overall Survey

  • Examination of each machine component for any deterioration, corrosion, wear etc.
  • Verify the condition of instrumentation, and
  • Note presence of any leakages, etc.

Overall Survey / Function Test

Functional Testing

  • To verify that the intended function of the machinery is being performed satisfactorily
  • Verify the Operational Parameters / Measure the output and
  • Verify the functioning of safety devices
machinery job cards
Machinery job cards

Note the detailed list of components for each machinery unit, for which information is reported

These job cards prepared by H.O. for each ship, and are filled up by the surveyor performing the survey

Job Cards are prepared by grouping the machinery into well defined systems - Propulsion System etc.

predictive testing
Predictive Testing

All machinery is subjected to predictive testing, as applicable, to ensure no hidden defects exist

  • Depending on the machinery one or more of the following tests employed:
    • Vibration measurements
    • Used oil analysis
    • IR ( Insulation Resistance) Measurement
vibration measurements
Vibration Measurements :

Locations for Reciprocating Machinery

L – Left hand when facing the coupling flange

R –Right hand when facing the coupling flange

1 – Machine end of mounting

2 – Crankshaft level

3 – Top end of frame

A – Coupling end

B -- Mid machine

C – Free end of machine

vibration measurements23
Vibration Measurements :

Locations for Rotating Machinery

  • Measurements at :
    • Motor Drive End
    • Motor Free End
    • Pump Drive End
    • Pump Free End
  • At each location:
  • a = Axial readings
  • x & y = Radial readings 90 deg apart in horizontal plane
vibration measurements24
Vibration Measurements :

Measured vibration levels are compared against acceptable levels and ratings assigned.

Acceptable levels adopted are derived from ISO Std. 7919, and from our past experience.

audit of maintenance practices
Audit of Maintenance Practices

The audit verifies that:

Maintenance routines are as per manufacturer’s recommendations and good engineering practice

Maintenance routines are carried out as per schedule and records maintained

A good system of Inventory Control for spares and stores exists for maintenance activity

in summary
In Summary…
  • IR- CAP is a comprehensive scheme for assessment of Tankers
  • The implementation of the scheme is also as disciplined
  • Well Accepted by our clients as a Value Adding Service
  • Another example of Quality Service from IRS