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CAP Sites. st19 .net. pools1419.net. cap1419.co.uk. my-steps.co.uk. newcastleroutes .co.uk. gatesheadprospectus.co.uk. General Introduction. MITAC has developed six area wide prospectuses - five include a Common Application Process (CAP) module.

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CAP Sites

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  1. CAP Sites st19.net pools1419.net cap1419.co.uk my-steps.co.uk newcastleroutes.co.uk gatesheadprospectus.co.uk

  2. General Introduction MITAC has developed six area wide prospectuses - five include a Common Application Process (CAP) module. Learners log in to create a Profile which when combined with saved course choices, provides the content for an online application. Learners and their online profiles and applications are managed by co-ordinators, tutors and Connexions PAs in schools using our Admin program. This program allows all partners to monitor, track and where necessary intervene to ensure transition. It also collects stats. Providers and other partners are notified on application and can choose to respond using the Manager program or download applications data to process in their own MIS. >

  3. What is CAP? An area-wide prospectus aims to provide independent online course advice and related information for 14-19 year olds. Allowing learners to login enables a profile to be created. When this profile is added to courses collected from the prospectus, an online application can be generated. Because the same process can be used in all schools the title Common Application Process or CAP or eCAP has been applied. Providers are notified when an online application is made so they can respond as appropriate.

  4. What is CAP Manager? The CAP Manager program provides management functions at multiple levels for area schools, course providers and Connexions. It is a separate secure program available from www.cap1419.co.uk. As well as a login box, this site has information and resources to support co-ordinators, admins, PAs and tutors. Providers logging in to Manager can check applications received, reply to applicants or export applications data to manage using their own IT systems.

  5. Feedback … opens a feedback form for user queries and comments. Go Back … takes you back to the previous screen. Navigation Logout … the correct way to leave the program Breadcrumb Trail … shows the route taken to get your current location … important to help you retrace footsteps Click once to select. Do not use browser controls Menu Lists … will list navigation options appropriate to your position in program … here applications categories are listed. Tabs … will list functions appropriate to your position in the program … eg at this level selecting the Overview tab shows current status of applications and messages.

  6. username password Logging In Provider Logins You will be given a single provider co-ordinator login by your area CAP Co-ordinator. Password Resets All passwords have to be reset on first login. Password Lock As a security measure, four incorrect attempts to login will lock the login. Area Co-ordinators or MITAC can reset.

  7. Area/Provider Context Providers’ first encounter is likely to be triggered by an email notification of applications. Logging in provides options to process. Select From login, click any tab to view further options. Shows Left menu shows numbers of applications currently being processed by application status. Functions Click …Category to see applications in that categoryExport/All to export incremental (since last export) or set of of all applications 1 2 1 1 2

  8. Area/Provider/Properties 1 1 Context Providers use this important tab to set preferences. Select From login, click the Properties tab to see options. Shows The tab shows a preferences form allowing setting of background information, export settings and response messages. Functions Click …Fields to add / edit dataMore see the following slides for more details 1 2 2

  9. Area/Provider/Properties 2 1 Functions Click …Export Settings to select the file format used to export applications data in Overview. Application Settings to turn on and off individual forms in the Profile section of the main CAP site. Custom Messages are used to accompany decisions you make about each application at each stage. 2 1 2 3 3

  10. Area/Provider/History Context Providers need to review each application and make a decision to move it forward. The Application tab allows this to happen Select Choose a category first (eg Incoming) and then any application from the left menu list of application. Shows A selected application with Advance options and details of the application itself Functions Click …Advance Application to choose how to move the application forward … options are showPrint / View to see and review application details … scroll down 1 1 2 2

  11. Where can I get support? * Many of the calls we take could be resolved using the Admin program’s features. Please also take a little time to look at resources and updates. This Powerpoint is available online and it will be supported by help-sheets and work-through videos. If you need help, please call our helpline (0191 645 4184) or email us with your query. We are also keen to receive feedback either directly or via your local CAP co-ordinator.

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